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Royal Ascot

(held this year 2014: Tuesday, 17 June to Saturday, 21 June)

is one of the highlights

of the British summer social calendar.

Ladies Day

(held on Thursday, 19 June)

is the occasion’s undisputed fashion highpoint.

Never mind the horse racing events,

Ladies Day

is all about the


in all shapes, shades and sizes.

Royal Ascot,  2014

Ladies Day


(images from dailymail.com):


royal ascot all DMarticle-2662351-1EEC39C200000578-396_964x640

hats in full bloom

royal ascot dailymail article-2662351-1EEC025B00000578-169_470x676

 yellow petals of prodigious proportions

royal ascot daily mailarticle-2662351-1EEB202E00000578-301_310x485– and in blue!


royal ascot daily mailarticle-2662351-1EEB222300000578-857_470x600

Jamaica representing:  yellow, black, green 

colours of the Jamaican flag



royal ascot daily mailarticle-2662351-1EEC3EE500000578-798_964x665

floral fantastic


royal ascot dailymail 2014article-2662351-1EEB219400000578-593_310x485

blue hues

royal ascot dailymailarticle-2662351-1EEB5E3700000578-203_470x694

dove grey fascinator


royal ascot dailymailarticle-2662351-1EEB8AA700000578-750_964x703


Elizabethan dress, whimsical headpieces

royal ascot dailymailarticle-2662351-1EEB8B8D00000578-385_470x552Stetson persuasion



royal ascot dailymailarticle-2662351-1EEB392F00000578-933_964x640

  pretty as a peacock:  beauty in numbers



royal ascot dailymailarticle-2662351-1EEB398000000578-501_470x613

monochromatic embellishment



royal ascot dailymailarticle-2662351-1EEB899800000578-78_964x698

knit one, pearl two

royal ascot dailymailarticle-2662351-1EEC1BA500000578-978_470x756

hats in multiples

royal ascot dailymailarticle-2662351-1EEC1C6200000578-56_470x756

’50s-inspired vivaciousness

royal ascot dailymailarticle-2662351-1EECB9A100000578-144_964x647

belles of the ball

(images from guardian.co.uk):

royal ascot guardian.com12633469-1c5a-4c8d-b5d3-ffa1e8df6603-680x1020

  a red blaze of glory

royal asot guardiancomd1807dee-eed3-4ea3-be5a-f5eaf2100408-680x1020

painterly a la Jackson Pollack

royal ascot guardian0a9f16a7-e3ee-400e-bbeb-ea5e3cd2431f-1020x612

BFF:  bounty of feathers and flowers

royal ascot guardian8e48f1fb-77b3-42f2-87d1-5c8c6ff7840f-1020x803

ivory corral reef

royal ascot guardianca3dc9de-1cd0-41a5-86ea-6ceaaff49aa7-680x1020

 a glass of Pimms:

the offical drink of BST (British Summer Time)

royal ascot guardianbee65736-685b-41ec-ad64-2841d3e8c04b-635x1020

on winning turf

(images from mirror.co.uk):

royal ascot mirror2Ladies-Day-at-Royal-Ascot

global currencies

royal ascot mirror3Ladies-Day-at-Royal-Ascot-2014

beautiful bouquet

royal ascot mirror4Ladies-Day-at-Royal-Ascot

a jellyfish bell

royal ascot mirrorLadies-Day-at-Royal-Ascot

an English rose

Royal ladies

Ladies Day,  Royal Ascot  2014


(images from dailymail.com):


royal ascot queen DMarticle-2662330-1EEC825500000578-338_964x642

HRH, Queen Elizabeth II

royal ascot princess anne DMarticle-2662330-1EEC5F2200000578-465_964x557

Anne, The Princess Royal

royal ascot wessex DMarticle-2662330-1EECAC7700000578-660_470x770

Sophie, Countess of Wessex