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London collections calling-

and we’re happy to accept.

It’s menswear fashion week

and at venues throughout the city,

London based best-and-brightest designers

showcased their offerings for spring/summer 2015.

There is something to intrigue for every dress sensibility:

from the experimental and novel

to classic with an inventive twist.


a few that caught my eye

(images from style.com):

by Astrid Andersen

reference:  Japanese inspired, colour vibrant

silhouette:  body conscious / form fit

mens s 15 astrid andersonKIM_8508.450x675 mens s15 astrid andersenKIM_8550.450x675

mens 15 a andersenKIM_8694.450x675

by father and son design duo



reference:  tailored, elegant, classic colours

silhouette:  leisurely layering

mens  15casely-hayford_ARC0431.450x675 mens casely-hayford_ARC0504.450x675 mens15 casely-hayford_ARC0226.450x675

by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon

Opening Ceremony


reference:  tropical flora

silhouette:  a bit of oversizing and layering

accessory:  note-worthy footwear

mens 15 Opening_Ceremony_002_1366.450x675 mens 15 Opening_Ceremony_020_1366.450x675 mens 15Opening_Ceremony_008_1366.450x675

by Craig Green


reference:  artistic articulation

silhouette:  contradictions-

Samurai warlike, yet Zen contemplative

loose fit , yet with an element of potential constraint (tangling ties)

mens craig greenYVL_5614.450x675 mens craig greenYVL_5661.450x675 mens craig greenYVL_5849.450x675

by Patrick Grant

for E.  Tautz


reference:  short trouser summary

silhouette:  suiting, stripes, simple

mens e tautz_ARC0012.450x675 mens s-15 e tautz_ARC0195.450x675 mens e tautz_ARC0034.450x675

by James Long

reference:  patchwork, texture, kaleidoscopic

silhouette:  casual-cool body comfort

mens james longKIM_1821.450x675mens james longKIM_1726.450x675mens james longKIM_1392.450x675