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Consuela Castiglioni

the creative behind the Marni label

never fails to impress.

(image from wwd.com):


Her  s/s 2104 collection

is well thought out, expertly executed

resulting in clothes of exceptional

D-DNA (design-detail and attitude)

The collection gives a vigourous nod to the au courant of sporty fashion

combined with evident elegance that is bold and sure.

The winning accessories ‘ pumps up’ the attitude factor:

new look visors,  lady like hand bags with utilitarian shoulder straps,

embellished wedge flat-form sandals, statement jewellery and

belts which cinch in the total look.

The ‘wow’ has been factored into the equation!

Marni   s/s  2014

The Collection

(images from style.com):

marni floral dress tricolourMARC0075.450x675marni lippin belt_D7Q0114.450x675marni wedge sandals_D7Q0124.450x675

marni black top, grey oversized trousersMARC0143.450x675

gentle pleating, wide cuff trousers

marni red_black top grey skirtMARC0131.450x675

skirt with cut-out waist detail

marni green tiedskirt stylecomMARC0039.450x675

on fashion point:  tied skirt

accessories marni bag_bracelet stylecom_D7Q0062.450x675

green colour code:  clutch and bracelets

mari coral_black topMARC0106.450x675

marni floral applique jacket_graphic print skirtMARC0292.450x675

encore ensemble

marni floral applique bomber jacket_D7Q0518.450x675

explosive:  floral applique bomber

marni bag organge_black stripes_D7Q0537.450x675

orange/black grid graphic bag with gem encrusted strap

marni floaty cream dress, sleeve detailMARC0173.450x675

marni green jacket black outfitMARC0243.450x675

marni green jacket detail to colloar and visor detail_D7Q0453.450x675

perfetto! :  perforated green leather jacket with zipper detail

and embellished collar;

visor with coordinating colour adornments

marni floral tube top MARC0323.450x675

ultimate sport lux:  flirty,  floral,  fun

marni embellished clutch_D7Q0604.450x675

gem encrusted chocolate brown clutch and embroidered bum bag

marni black long top_wide trousersMARC0058.450x675

marni ballerina top sheer trousersMARC0164.450x675

AiB (All in Black):  fitted ballerina-esque top with sheer wide cuff trousers

marni black visor_D7Q0305.450x675

marni orange floral applique coatMARC0304.450x675 marni sheer black_green outfitMARC0257.450x675

botanical bounty

marni green_yellow bag with gem stone details_D7Q0466.450x675

gem stone panel / grid graphic bag with utilitarian shoulder strap

marni b_w MARC0233.450x675 marni perforated white bat_D7Q0435.450x675

perforated perfection:  dark chocolate brown jacket and white handbag

marni green outfitMARC0363.450x675

be-jewelled / be-dazzled

marni snow princess outfitMARC0370.450x675

‘white bright’

marni snow princess neclace_visor_D7Q0713.450x675 marni snow princess bag_D7Q0728.450x675 marni snow princess sandals_D7Q0743.450x675