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is a U.K. based clothing line,

launched during summer 2011

by a couple of friends who decided

to do a bit more than simply

‘sun and fun’  it

for the holiday months.

Using social media platforms to spread

the hype from here to there,

the label boasts a loyal following.

See what can be accomplished with a little bit of time on your hands!

The brand offers tees, hoodies, dresses and accessories

that are colour vibrant,  graphic vivid and street vibed

This summer,  don’t be left behind:   get in on the hype.

For the guys

(images from hypeclothing.uk):

HYPE_friut teeStore-Images-Guy_Gobinder_Jhitta-2014-3694

‘garden delight’

HYPE_oasis crewStore-Images-Guy_Gobinder_Jhitta-2014-3734

‘a view of the tropics’

HYPE_phoenix crewStore-Images-Guy_Gobinder_Jhitta-2014-3988

‘fire storm’

HYPE_floral bomberStore-Images-Guy_Gobinder_Jhitta-2014-3984

‘bomber bouquet’

HYPE_polka paradise teeStore-Images-Guy_Gobinder_Jhitta-2014-3915

‘kaleidoscopic with added polka dots’

HYPE_prism parrottore-Images-Guy_Gobinder_Jhitta-2014-4011

‘parrots in paradise’

hype bucket hat menb15_grande

‘golden bucket hat’

(images from asos.com):

hype dolphin tee asos menimage1xl

signature tee:  penguin parley

hype parrot tee men asosimage1xl

signature tee:  parrot party

For the gals

(images from hypeclothing.uk):

Hype clothinguk_womens-162

‘just watch me!’

Hype_cosmo hoodiewomens-199

‘cosmic kitty hoodie’

HYPE-baseball tee dressStore-GobinderJhitta-2014-6177_1_

‘signature baseball jersey dress’

HYPE-bucket hat girlsStore-GobinderJhitta-2014-6590

‘floral bucket hat’

HYPE-dolphin tee dressStore-GobinderJhitta-2014-6182

‘dedicated dolphin dress’

HYPE-jellfish bomber girlsStore-GobinderJhitta-2014-6538

‘galactic connections’

HYPE-prism parrotStore-GobinderJhitta-2014-6164

‘parrots prisms’

hype:  accessorise me

back packs and flip flops

hypefruits backpack66H08IMUL_large hype animal kingdom66H40IMUL_large hype antlers backpack66H12IMUL_large hype flip flop b41_grande hype signature flip flopb36_grande hype space flip flopb39_grande