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Be it in bold statements or

hushed tones,

jewellery adds the all important ‘last word’  to any ensemble.

Consider the message of these jewellery designers:

by renown Italian costume jewellery designer, Angela Caputi

to speak in powerful accents

(image from item.rakuten.co.jp):

 j designer angela caputi image from item.rakuten.co.jp

designer, Angela Caputi

(image from vogue.it):

jewellery vogue.it angela-caputi-giuggi---68093_0x440

(image from artigianocontemporaneo.it):

jewellery angela caputi artigianocontemporaneo.it

(images from regalisfiziosi.it)

jewellery angela caputi necklace reglisfiziosi.it giuggiu_granchio2

a mix of materials

jewellery angela  regalisfiziosi.it  caputi_bracciali

(image from chic24hours.com):

 jewellery angela caputi  chic24hours.com  resin link bracelets

resin link bracelets

(image from 1stdibs.com):

jewellery angela caputi 1stdibs.com

of the sea:  shells, corrals, pearls impressions

Materia Design

by Italian designers, Rosalba Galati and Laura Santi

fluent in variety of materials used

(images from materia-design.com):

j designer rosalba galati materia-design.comj designer laura santi materia-design.com

designers, Rosalba Galati (l)  /  Laura Santi (r)

(images from vandashop.com):

 jewellery materia pvc necklace  vandashop

PVC necklace in violet blue

jewellery materia design leather petals vandashop.com

leather petal necklace in dark moss green 

(image from walker art.com):

jewellery materia design technogel bracelet pliable polyurethane.. image from walkerart.org

techno-gel bracelets 

(made from soft, pliable polyurethane)

(image from momastore.jp):

jewellery materia design from momastore.jp

by Italian designer, Silvia Rossi

 working primarily with crystal acrylics

to express a lightness of being.

(images/quote from silviarossigioielli.com):

j designer image silviarossigioielli.com

In discussing her craft, Ms. Rossi explains:

“Creating with my hands reconnect me to my primordial part.

For me making jewelry represents the search for proportion, scale,

sense of balance, harmony of shapes, and beauty.

Elements we constantly find in nature and mankind

have always tried to interpret through the arts.”

jewellery silvarossigioeilli.com aryclic

mosaic bracelet

jewellery silvia rossi acyrlic silver earrings

acrylic and silver ear rings

jewelly silvia rossi

jewellery silvia rossigioielli arcrylic necklace

necklaces of shape,  colour,  dimension

by British designer, Disa Allsopp

translation of a bygone age

(image/quote from thenewcraftsmen.com):

jewellery designer image from thenewcraftsmen.com Disa-Allsopp-Goldsmith-647x431

designer, Disa Allsopp


(images from primaverauk.com):

     jewellery ring from primaverauk.comdisa-allsopp2

hammered gold / amber gemstone

jewellery disa allsopp primaverauk.com ring

stack ring with gemstone inlaid

(image from primaveragallery.com):

jewel disa allsopp primaveragallery.co.uk necklace

hammered gold necklace:  varied in texture and shaped units

(images from openeyegallery.co.uk):

jewellry disa allsopp  from openeyegallery.co.uk garnet-necklace

garnet necklace

jewellery disa allsopp openeyegallery.co.uk strand-goldsilverring

gold / silver strand ring

(image from vandashop.com):

jewel disa allsopp earring vandashop.com

geometric-shaped silver ear rings

(image from craftscouncil.co.uk):

jewellery disa allsopp stack ring from craftscouncil.org.uk

stack ring

(image from disaallsopp.com):

jewel dis allsopp.com ring tagliatelle-ring-9-coils

silver “tagliatelle”  ring

by French designer,  Stephanie Ravel (for Cilea-Paris brand)

let nature do the talking in

whispers,  wit and whimsy


(images from cileabijoux.com): 

jewel cilea bumblee brooch broche-bourdon

bumblebee brooch

   jewel cilea vegetable man brooch

“walking vegetable man” brooch

jewel cilea geranium ring

green “geranium” ring 

jewel cilea geranium ear ringboucle-oreille-geranium

yellow “geranium” ear ring

jewel cilea earring %22carine

“carine” ear ring

jewel cilea jewllery stephanie ravel vam.ac.uk peas in pod pendantjewellery-necklaces_610x344

peas in a pod pendant

(image from heather collectables.com):

jewel cilea from heathercollectables.com peas pod

pea pod brooch