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Fashion-speak is a living language,

ever evolving to better describe

images presented

And the word is:


cy’ber’goth  (n)

1.   antithetical to the dark hued hair, clothes, makeup with Elizabethan/Victorian dress influences associated with Goth subculture

2.   sub-genre of Goth

2.   likes vivid colours-  neon/pastels

3.   looks to the future rather than the past for inspiration

4.   have a fascination with technology

5.  a few key pieces:  elevated shoes/boots,  googles,  gas masks,  reflective strips,  metal panels,  colourful hair extensions,  bright coloured clothing

(image from weheartit.com):


meapp dict entry cybergoth harajuku girls, tokyo

(image from sodahead.com):

cybergoth_answer_4_xlarge from sodaheadcom

(image from izismile.com):

cybergoths guy:gal izismile.comnew_goths_fashion_640_03