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Born in China in 1962 contemporary artist

Zhuang Hong Yi

has resided in The Netherlands since 1992.

His work beautifully interprets a harmony of art influences

of the traditional Chinese and specific Western characteristics.

(image from lesliesackscontemporary.com):

zhuang hong yi artist portrait  lesliesackscontemporarary.com

Presently, his latest pieces can be viewed at the

Hua Gallery of Contemporary Chinese Art, Battersea – London.

The exhibition, appropriately entitled

Blossom:  the art of Zhuang Hong Yi

expresses the wealth of rich, lush colours

reminiscent of Dutch tulip varieties.

Mr. Yi is immensely inspired by floral chroma

of his adopted country.

In this recent collection, he draws heavily from aspects of impressionist art

in the use of natural colour/hues, in addition to

the use of impasto (thickly applied paint) to elicit:

texture,  dimensionality, asymmetrical surface, intensity.

Balanced with these integrals of Impressionism

is his use of Chinese materials:

acrylic paints,  inks,  rice paper.

The combination as featured in these works, is breathtaking.

There is a vibrancy, an energy to Mr. Yi’s works, which draws the viewer in –

for a more closer, lingering examination.

In partnership with Aria Art Gallery, Florence

Hua Gallery of Contemporary Chinese Art presents

Bloom:  the art of Zhuang Hong Yi

Until 30 May 2014

by Zhuang Hong Yi


(images from hua-gallery.com):


zhuanghongyi pink hua-gallery.com


zhuanghongyi_05 rice paper, ink and acrylic on canvas

colour depth


asymmetry:  uneven surface

zhuanghongyi_03 hua gallery

use of impasto technique



vibrant colours




qualities of expression:  pure, natural

zhuanghongyi_16 multi use from hua-gallery.com


a luxurious variety of floral hues