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Generation 2 Creative

 meappropriatestyle phraseology for designers

who have followed in the fashion industry footsteps 

of their parents:

designer, Simone Rocha (daughter of John Rocha) is

member of this singular group.

(image from tattler.com):

simone and john rocha portrait - tatler.

designer, John Rocha and his daughter

Generation 2 Creative

designer, Simone Rocha

For  spring/summer  2014

Ms.  Rocha created a collection, which incorporated her trademark

futuristic aesthetics

textile inventive

hint of drama

quiet femininity

(images from style.com):

Simone Rocha,  s/s  2014

The Collection

textile innovation:  plasticized crochet

simone rocha s14 style.com

simone rocha 2

s rocha 3

s rocha 4

s rocha 5

s rocha 6

s rocha 7

s rocha 11 cream trouser suit

pearl top knee-highs:

s rocha coat. tulle hem

s rocha 10

s rocha s:s 14

s rocha 11

s rocha 13

s rocha s14 black suit

s rocha 15

a hint of drama:

s rocha 16

s rocha 17