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Paul Jackson Pollack

was an American artist integral to the post WWII

Abstract Expressionist Movement.

He was born in Wyoming, USA and spent

parts of his childhood in Arizona and California.

Failing to complete his high school career,

he left the west , travelled east and

commenced study of painting

at the Arts Students’ League (1929).

Pollack was influenced by the Mexican muralist painters and Surrealism.

By the mid 1940s his creative aesthetics was generally defined as

abstract and specifically identified by his ‘drip/splash’ paint techniques.

(image from swide.com):

diego-rivera-mural, mexico

by Diego Rivera, Mexican muralist (active 1922 – 1953)

(image from now.dartmouth.ed):

orozco mural

 mural by Mexican realist painter Jose Clemente Orozco

in situ at Dartmouth College, USA

joan miro Harlequins-Carnival-1924

Harlequin’s Carnival (1924 -19250,  by impressionist painter Joan Miro

(image from arthistory.about.com):

 dali remorse or sphinx embedded in the sand 1931

Remorse or Sphinx Embedded in the Sand

by Salvador Dali, 1931

Pollack’s inventive style became associated with “Allover Painting”,

 defined as a painting with canvas wholly covered with paint:

edge to edge / corner to corner.

There is no focal point of reference.

Rather the eye is free to wander/meander across the canvas  –

following a shape at one moment

picking up a colour trail to explore in another instance

investigating at leisure – lines, patterns

without indicator of starting or end point.


(image from artdiscovery.info):


pollack autumn image ex all over artdiscovery.info

Autumn Rhythm by Jackson Pollack

(an example of Allover Painting)

(image from studentartguide.com):

jackson-pollock at work studentartguide.com

Jackson Pollack at work

Pollack’s paintings are powerful:

vivid,   dynamic,  electric

The viewer remains engaged, in movement –

 visually traversing the imagery on canvass.

 Jackson Pollack’s life ended tragically and abruptly;

he died from injuries sustained in a car accident.

He left an impressive body of work by which he is remembered.

jackson pollack image arthistoryspot.com

Jackson Pollack (1912 – 1956)


… by Jackson Pollack

(image from artphoto-riostro.com):

Jackson_Pollock_Untitled ink on japanese paper artphoto.riostro.com

ink on Japanese paper

(image from artdiscovery.info):

pollack blue poll artdiscovery.info

Blue Poles II

(image from guggenheim.org):

pollack circumsion, 1946 guggenheim org.

Circumcision, 1946

(image from artdiscovery.info):

pollack Number 20 artdiscovery.info

Number 20

“drip/splash”:  the Pollack paint effect   –   on denim

(images from whowhatwear.com):

denim painterly jeans www

Denim Supply  by Ralph Lauren

denim painterly shorts by denim refinery www

shorts by denim refinery

denim painterly jeans 2 vintage dickie's

by vintage

denim jacket painterly by tibi www

denim jacket by Tibi

denim paint shirt by zara

khaki coloured denim shirt by Zara

(image from plazticmag.com):

painterly denim plaztikmag.com

(image from handbagoutletstores.com):

painterly jeans 1 handbagoutletstores.com Rich-and-Skinny-Legacy-Green-Graz-Monet-Dyed-Legging-Jeans

(image from polyvore.com):

painterly jeans christopher kane  polyvore.com

by designer, Christopher Kane

Just for fun

Create your own Jackson Pollack inspired drip/splash paint effect masterpiece.

Use as template inspiration for personalised denim design.

Visit the site below


Blank screen will appear

Touch mouse pad:

to begin

to change colours

to direct flow of colour placement


Voila … an art expressed!