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Fashion-speak is a living language,

 ever evolving to better describe

images presented

And the word is:


norm ‘ core  (n)

1.   a style statement of dress anti-trend / anti- ostentation

2.   a parring down of excess

3.  simply styled with hints of  ’90s  Seattle-wear and 21st century sport look

4.  fashion philosophy:  inclusivity over exclusivity

5.  a few key clothing pieces:  bucket hat,  relaxed-fit  jeans,  flannel shirt

(image from asos.com):

hat bucket hat  asos

bucket hat

(image from theknowledgeblog.co.uk):

jeans men Relaxed-jeans theknowledgeblog.co.uk

relaxed-fit  jeans

(image from fashionbeans.com):

shirt men flannel  fashionbeans.com

cotton flannel shirt