Shine on in lustre – wear for spring/summer ‘ 14

(images from style.com):

Marc by Marc Jacobs

shiny 1 m by mj jumpsuit stars

all a-twinkle

shiny b:w star jumpsuit m bj mj

celestial gleam

shiny marc by marc jacobs men silver bomber, gold clutch

silver varsity jacket and gold clutch

shiny m by mj sports shorts jacket red

cheery cherry red

shiny m by mj pink glitter mini dress

rose – pink glitter mini dress with champagne – rose silk hem

shiny m by mj powder blue trouser suit

powder blue trouser suit

shiny m by mj sequin dress

blue lights

(image from asos.com):

from Ted Baker

shiny brogues ted baker asos

gold metallic brogues

from Lanvin

shiny clothes 14 lanvin silver jumpsuit  style.com

rocket man jumpsuit

shiny clothes lanvin copper jumpsuit stylec

shiny penny jumpsuit

shiny clothes lanvin pinks

magenta lights

shiny clothes lanvin purple jacket


purple hues agleam


(image from matchesfashion.com):


shiny lanvin jacket matchesfashion.com use

polished  pink 

(image from overstock):

from Saint Laurent

shiny cluthc red and magenta saint laurent overstock.com

red / magenta clutch 

(images from stylel.com):

by Zimmerman

an Australian clothing brand

designer,  Nicky Zimmerman

shiny copper crinkled trousers zimmerman stylec

rose gold crinkle effect trousers

 shiny copper cutout mesh dress from zimmerman cosmopolitan.com

shiny ‘copper – penny’ cut out mesh dress

shiny zimmerman ring master silver top style.com

“Ringmaster”  silver top

shiny zimmerman ringmastersilver skirt style.com

“Ringmaster” silver twirl skirt

shiny zimmerman silver asymmetric style.

silver asymmetric

(image from converse.com):

from Converse

shiny sneakers chuck taylor gold metallic hi converse.com

of golden feet

Chuck Taylor high tops




(image from threefloorfashion.com):

from Three Floor

a British on-line fashion clothing brand

launched in 2011

shiny 'midas touch' skirt british online clothing com Three Floor threefloorfashion.com

“Midas touch skirt”

(image from miista.com):

from Miista

designed by Laura Villasenine

fashion footwear brand based in Hackney, UK

shiny miista bronze, miista.com SS14_Lookbook13-1024x723


shiny green shoe miista, miista.com zoe_dragonfly1_0-400x352

“Dragonfly” – green iridescent brogues

(image from numberbcn.com):


lavender luminosity