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The history of the backpack was one of need and practicality.

Needing a sensible means of transporting

bulky/heavy belongings, the first backpacks

were of welcomed assistance.

From ancient times, a backpack type carrier was used

to carry heavy loads.

These first primitive bags were made out of animal skins.

In 1908, Norwegian Ole Bergan (1876 – 1956)  manufactured

the first patented backpack, which was modelled on an 1880 design

sekk med meis  (bag with frame) –

constructed of an external frame and

 used as a carrier for mountaineering activities.

(images from beforeitsnews.com):

backpack hist pics norwegian sekk med meis %22bag with a frame' dates to 1880

Norwegian sekk med meis  (1880)


 backpack hist bergan 1909 patented design

patented backpack design (1909),  by Ole Bergan 

The Norwegian military (1913),  some Mount Everest expedition climbers

and many outdoorsmen used Bergan designed backpacks.

backpack everest climbers

Bergan backpack, used by climbers in Mt. Everest expeditions

American, Asher ‘Dick’ Kelty (1919 – 2004) is credited with

designing and manufacturing a lightweight backpack (1952) for

wholly civilian purposes, thus setting the trajectory for

backpacks in everyday use.

backpack hist kelty

Kelty backpack (1952)


backpack kelty first 1952 nect 1970 quick release hip belt buckle

Kelty backpack (1970)

Backpacks, once associated as essential gear

for the military and outdoors types,

became an alternative carrier bag for

book-lugging students

paper-totting  office workers

grocery gathering homeward bounders –

 anyone who desired an easy/comfortable means of

transporting the weight of day’s essentials.

(image from expo weekly.com):

backpack soldiers expoweekly.com

soldiers with full packs 

(image from rebelroar.net):

backpacks students rebel roar.net

the backpack:   cool for school  …  essential carrier of student choice

Today the originally hardworking backpack have been upgraded

to smart fashion accessory.

Consider a few statement options for spring/summer 2014!

(images from asos.com):


Fashion Backpacking

backpack odin wings men sprayground by david be david DBD----

winged Son of Odin backpack 

from Sprayground by American designer David Ben David (DBD)

backpack men new money sprayground

New Money backpack

from Sprayground

backpack bubble bag by Isolated Heroes

red bubble backpack

from Isolated Heroes by Samantha McEwen

Young Designer of the Year nominee

Scottish Fashion Awards, 2012


Reason to sport a fashion item from Isolated Heroes:

“(Isolated Heroes) causes wearers to escape to a hyper – realistic dystopian world.

We empower wearers, transforming them into a surrealist,

avant-garde tribe of future primitives.”

backpack isolated her blue bubble

blue bubble backpack

from Isolated Hero by Samantha McEwen

backpack Dunaway Betsy by Gola, Liberty London floral print

Dunaway Betsy backpack

in Liberty London cornflower yellow floral print

by British sports label, Gola

backpack by gola

Dunaway Betsy backpack

in Liberty London raspberry red floral print

by British sports label, Gola

backpack cath kidston in the jungle

‘in the jungle’  backpack

by British designer Cath Kidston

backpack kidston rose

Aubrey Rose backpack

by Cath Kidston

backpack herschel fish

‘fish’ backpack

from Canadian rucksack design label, Herschel 

founded in 2009 by brothers –  Jaime and Lyndon Cormack

backpack mens Herschel grey

grey cotton backpack with brown leather details

from Herschel

backpack Herschel yellow:white polka dots

yellow backpack with white polka dots

from Herschel

backpack men eastpak VHS motif

VHS box motif backpack

from Eastpak, American bag manufacturer