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The fashion industry celebrates visual beauty in two:

the clothing worn and  the body it adorns.

Yet the appreciation expressed of what is body beautiful

is far from all encompassing –

often limited to a specific descriptor of

Euro-centric features, above average height, super-slim physique.

Thus, essentially negating the total scope of beauty,

which exists in the general populace.

If beauty is in the “eyes of the beholder’,

surely readers of fashion publications and attendants of runway presentations

would delight in seeing beauty, which mirror aspects of themselves in

models employed

clothing silhouette designed

images displayed

There is a public (and to some extent – an industry) hue and cry,

which is steadily gaining momentum –

challenging visuals of beauty, which steadfastly adhere

to historical preferences of an expected and accepted image status quo.

Fashion bloggers, are the trailblazers who are

 paving the path towards a more inclusive imagery of beauty/style.

Meet a few of these fashion ‘democratic demographics’ bloggers.

Danielle Vanier

Styling, make-up advice from Londoner Danielle Vanier


blogger danielle vanier uk

blogger Danielle Vanier

Curvy Girl Chic

 Californian Allison Teng, authors Curvy Girl Chic


“a plus size fashion blog full of outfit posts, product reviews, trend and

shopping spotlights, and discourse on current events in the fashion community.”

blogger curvygirlchic

fashion blogger Allison Teng

Grown and Curvy Women


a fashion blog for the “plus size diva” … enough said!

blogger grown and curvy woman

fashion blogger Georgette authors Grown and Curvy Woman

A Curious Fancy


a style/beauty blog which chronicles a personal journey of

battling/conquering body image concerns,

offering practical advice/tips

blogger curious fancy

blogger Ragini Nag Rao authors A Curious Fancy

garnerstyle:  THE CURVY GIRL GUIDE


authored by Georgia native, author and on-trend fashionista,

Chastity Garner Valentine

“(offering) complimentary inspiration and advice to plus size women wanting to achieve style.”

blogger garnerstyle

fashion blogger Chastity Garner Valentine channels a Kelis – inspired look