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The Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC)

Beyond Rebellion:  Fashioning the Biker Jacket

Beyond Rebellion: Fashioning the Biker Jacket examines high fashion interpretations of the black leather motorcycle jacket. It is organized by graduate students in FIT’s Fashion and Textile Studies program.

Closes 5 April 2014

(image from fitnyc.edu):

""Perfecto black leather jacket,  c 1980 

Charleston Museum (NC) |

Fashion in Fiction

Closes  6 April 2014

From the pages of classic literature comes the Charleston Museum’s latest exhibition Fashion in Fiction. It explores the fundamental role clothing and style play in some of our most beloved works of fiction. From Jane Austen’s sprigged muslin dresses to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s swinging flappers and dapper gents, fashion often becomes integral to a story and even helps to fix it to a particular time in history. Using clothing and accessories from their historic textiles collection as well as books and illustrations from the Archives, the Charleston Museum offers a light-hearted look at popular 19th and early 20th century fashions and shows off styles brought to life by some of literature’s most memorable characters.

(images from charlestonmuseum.org):






Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC) | 

Metropolitan Vanities: The History of the Dressing Table 

Closes  13 April  2014

Metropolitan Vanities focuses on the history of the dressing table, or vanity, exploring the antecedents presaging the modern vanity—beginning with ancient Egyptian decorative boxes used to hold cosmetic ephemera and Asian cosmetic carriers.

(image form met museum.org):


(images from azureazure.com):


The International City of Lace and Fashion (Calais, France) |

Iris van Herpen

Closes 13 April  2014

At just 29 years of age, this young Dutch stylist has already made an impression on minds and podiums with futuristic creations akin to sculpture. Iris van Herpen invites visitors to venture into the avant-garde world of this ultra-talented young fashion designer.

Ms. Herpen melds traditional techniques with innovative technology to create conceptual, multi-dimensional pieces.  Her aesthetics if comparable to the likes of Hussein Chalayan and the late Alexander McQueen.

(images from http://www.dezeen.com):

Iris van Herpen exhibition at the International Centre for Lace and Fashion



Iris van Herpen exhibition at the International Centre for Lace and Fashion

radiation invasion


Iris van Herpen exhibition at the International Centre for Lace and Fashion

skeleton dress


Iris van Herpen exhibition at the International Centre for Lace and Fashion


The Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC) l

Elegance in an Age of Crisis:  Fashions of the 1930s

Closes 19 April 2014

Presenting both men’s and women’s fashions, Elegance in an Age of Crisis: Fashions of the 1930s celebrates some of the most innovative and beautifully designed clothing made in the twentieth century.


swimsuit, c 1930 – Germany


Augustabernard dress

ivory gown, 1934 – USA



Anderson & Sheppard suit

London, 1935



man’s beach robe, 1935/’40 – USA

man’s swim suit, 1929 – USA

American Folk Art Museum (NYC) 

Folk Couture: Fashion and Folk Art

Closes 23 April 2014

Conceived as an encounter between two worlds of creative endeavor, Folk Couture features the work of thirteen established and emerging designers who have created an original ensemble based on a selection of paintings, sculptures, photographs, quilts, and furniture chosen from the museum’s outstanding collection.

(images from artnews.com):

Jean Yu’s chiffon dress has shoulder accents made from straw broom bristles and was inspired by David Alvarez’s sculpture Porcupine, ca. 1981 (below),  at the American Folk Art Museum in New York. METE OZEREN

dress by Jean Yu

inspiration –  ‘Porcupine’ (sculpture) 1981 by David Alvarez



Porcupine by David Alvarez


(image from studio international.com):

Charleston Museum (NC) 

Fashion Flashback: 1970s

Closes 27 April 2014

Fashion Flashback: 1970s  showcases everything from flower power patterns and paisley prints to the structured polyester leisure suit. This decade was a flamboyant period for fashion and style, full of often outrageous trends. Like other elements of 1970s pop culture, clothing was fraught with contradictions and extremes. Some styles reflected a romantic, nostalgic view of the past while others created a sharp, almost harsh vision of the future.

Polyester double knit leisure suit

polyester double knit leisure suit


Black silk dress with bold tie-dyed designs

silk tie-dyed dress


Evening dress of aqua satin overlaid with chiffon

satin / chiffon evening dress

The Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC) l


Closes 30 April 2014


By looking back at the multifaceted and dynamic history of trends,

Trend-ology aims to help visitors gain insight into the current state of the trend cycle.

(image from fitnyc.edu):


yellow silk dress, 1770 – USA

man’s yellow silk coat, 1790 – USA



wool knit ensemble, 1927 – France



(l)  multi-coloured kaftan – 1963,  Oscar de la Renta

(r)  printed silk dress dress – 1970, Emilio Pucci