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Spring is a fickle season –

some days gloriously warm, in anticipation of summer

other days disappointingly chilly, in memory of winter just past.

Yet one thing remains constant … the power of pink.

Whatever the spring temp, dress in shades of pink

for a fashion weather vane – point in the right direction

The pull of pink may have something to do with its colour meaning.

Pink is a secondary colour mix of

red (action, passion, energy)  and

white (wholeness, completeness).

It is said to represent unconditional love, compassion, reassurance.

Pink has a soothing, calming effect on the senses.

It signals hope and positivity.

This Spring make sure  ‘to be in the pink’

(images from whowhatwear.com):

Day 3

cool and hot pink colour gauge


Shaggy Faux Fur:

Tip Of The Day: Mix and Match

amaranth (reddish rose) highlight

(image from graziadaily.co.uk):

fuzzy wuzzy coat .. cupid pink blocked with black

accessorised with pale pink T – strap patent heels –

material mix

(images from fashionfinder.asos.com):

london fashion week added by TheNyanziReport

ultra pink trench

london fashion week added by TheNyanziReport

orchid pink wide-legged/cuffed trousers

london fashion week added by TheNyanziReport

frosted tulip pink colour blocked sweatshirt,

skater skirt and trainers … sportiva diva

london fashion week added by TheNyanziReport

champagne pink leatherette pencil skirt

and camo combo … ready for anything

LFW Day I Look - The Khan added by Silk and Suits

deep pink suiting

(images from fashion.telegraph.co.uk):


(image from itslavida.com):

pink 7

pink 20

cherry blossom pink glow

pink 14

pink 23

layered in pink … from head to toe (well, almost!)

(image from and lollipops.com):


bubble gum pink court shoe with gold detailing – fun luxe

(image from shopstyle.com):

raspberry pink billows in the breeze

On the runway

(images from thefashionisto.com):

Christopher Raeburn