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The master of asymmetry, voluminous layering,  Zen-like clothing and

black as statement colour –

Yohji Yamamoto

(image from wwd.com):

offers a collection of colour and print vibrancy,

 a graffiti-esque,  painterly quality

which remains true to the expected of

Mr. Yamamoto’s design aesthetics.

The pieces were of exaggerated proportions –

larger than life,

so to the imagery of the prints.

Some prints seem reminiscent of a Hieronymus Bosch painting –

though not based on interpreting a narrative of a Bosch work, rather

capturing the intent:

on style … chaos, frenetic energy

on manner … fantastical

on scale … abstract/unreal

(image from cargocollective.com):

The Garden of Earthly Delights (detail) 1503/04

by Hieronymus Bosch

(image from everyhistory.org):

Last Judgement (detail) 1504-1508

 by Hieronymus Bosch

There appears also elements of surrealism akin to Salvador Dali:

(image from tufts.edu):

painting, the persistence of memory, dali

The Persistence of Memory (1931) by Salvador Dali

Mr. Yamamoto also features knitwear in this collection,

which he has presented in the past –

and to a similar effect:  body conscious and inventive.

Yet it is the liberal use of colour and

the manner in which it translates, which provokes/intrigues.

 The intense use colour and imagery ignites

new discussion on Yohji Yamamoto’s design philosophy.

Yohji Yamamoto

Paris Fashion Week,  a/w  2014

The Collection

(images from fashionising):

yohji-yamamoto-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw21 yohji-yamamoto-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw25 yohji-yamamoto-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw41 yohji-yamamoto-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw42 yohji-yamamoto-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw31 yohji-yamamoto-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw38