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British jewellery designer,

Alice Cicolini

(image from tribuneindia.com):

trained at London College of Fashion and

completed an MA in Jewellery Design from

Central Saint Martins.

Her pieces presented during London Fashion Week, a/w 2014

are delicately crafted.

The rings and necklace pendants are sparingly, simply

set in gold with gemstones,

pearls and enhanced by enamel decorative elements.

Reds,  greens,  shadings of purple,  pale pinks, whites  –

define the collection’s multi-chromatic palette.

Ms. Cicolini  design aesthetics is a combination of influences

from ancient cultures of Asia and the Middle East.

 She integrates the enamel-making traditions of

Persia (present-day Iran) into her design schemes.

This type of enamel-making is called minakari.

 Heat fused coloured glass paste

is used to decorate metal surfaces.

Gold is traditionally used for the setting

in minakari jewellery.

The wearing and manufacturing of

minakari jewellery can be traced to

the Persian courts of the 16th and 17th century.

It remains today, a much desired jewellery type

particularly in the Middle East and India.

Ms. Cicolini’s designs are all hand-made in India –

a region where minikari artistry still thrives.

(image from flickrhivemind.net):

Red Minakari Heart and Antiqued Gold Necklace (DJAjewels) Tags: red necklace heart jewelry pendant antiquedgold minakari

Red minakari heart

(image from exoticindianart.com):

Persian-Blue Mughal Meenakari Necklace and Earrings Set with Floral Motif

Perisan blue minakari necklace and earrings set floral motif

 Ms. Cicolini is intriged with patterns.

She incorporates concepts/materials

of the Silk Trade Route into her designs.

The Silk Trade Route (also called The Silk Road)

is an ancient trade route connecting China and the West (Rome).

Beginning from third century B.C. (300 BC – 201 BC),

it allowed for the exchange of goods and ideas

between the East and the West.

Also evidenced in her work is the traditional Japanese aesthetics of

pattern with circular form.

Ms. Cicolini successfully translates ancient/traditional forms into

modern interpretive design elements, celebrating

 age old artistry techniques made anew.

Alice Cicolini

LFW , a/w 2014

The Collection

(images/slideshow from londonfashionweek.co.uk):

Kimono Tahitian Ring

23.5 ct enamel balls

18 ct gold band with pink and yellow diamonds

polished white opal and Tahitian pearl

Memphis Ring in Brandy Citrine

fairtrade silver, lacquer, brandy citrine (rare quartz)

14 ct bold bezel setting

hand lacquered in the UK

band pattern inspired by

Ettore Sottsass Memphis design movement

(post-modern, colourful)

Silk Trade Route Tassel Sautoir

 sautoir – a French term for a long necklace

that suspends a tassel or other ornament

Pieces combining traditional jewellery designs

inspired from Persia and Japan

– Minakari enamelling

 – Japanese pattern of circular form

Kimono Opal Ring

23.5 ct gold enamel ball (motif based on a kimono print)

18 ct gold band set with pink and champagne diamonds

polished pink and white opal beads

Kimono Pendant Cluster Necklace

23.5 ct gold enamel ball, 18 ct gold loop set with diamonds

polished white opal, Tahitian pearl

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