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Three aspects of Karen Walker’s a/w 2014 collection

promptly arrested my attention:

its inspiration:  the New Zealand suffragette movement

its clothing attitude:  the vibe, “I am confident”

its runway models:  of racial diversity

(image from zimbio.com):

designer Karen Walker

Karen Walker hails from New Zealand,

 which has the distinct honour of being the first country

in the world to grant women full voting rights.

This landmark law (1893) established New Zealand

as the beacon of suffragette efforts world-wide.

(image from nzhistory.net.nz):

Signatures on the Suffrage Petition, 1893

which was presented to the NZ Parliament 

New Zealand’s pioneering achievement set firm footing

on the first rung of the ladder towards

women’s  political and legal equality.

It was not until after WWI, that women in

the United Kingdom (1918- partial, 1928 -full)

and the United States (1920 – but not to Native American women)

finally gained voting rights.

(image arttel.co.nz):

Kate Sheppard, leader of the NZ suffragette movement

As a native New Zealander, Ms. Walker has much to be proud:

of past … NZ – a shining example in the annals of women’s political history

of present … her collection – shown during New York Fashion Week

Karen Walker,  a / w  2014

The Collection

(images from fashionising):

karen-walker-autumn-fall-winter-2014-nyfw23 karen-walker-autumn-fall-winter-2014-nyfw19 karen-walker-autumn-fall-winter-2014-nyfw15 karen-walker-autumn-fall-winter-2014-nyfw12