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It’s a haircut and hair style that’s trending –

 a big to-do about this up-do:

the ’50s inspired pompadour in all its glory and manifestations.

Then:  Its origins

Attributed to Madame de Pompadour, 1721 – 1764

a mistress of the French monarch, Louis XV.

The hairstyle was popular at Court,

remaining in vogue well into the 1890s.

(image from flavorwire.com):

Madame de Pompadour by Francois Boucher

From its 18th century introduction to present day,

the pompadour has been evident in hair fashion

in one form or another.

Originally worn by women, in copying Madame de Pompadour,

by mid 20th century (1950s), the style was

adopted and adapted by the Danny Zuko types –

the ones … ‘mummy warned about’

(image from ladresse-hair.eu):

John Travolta as Danny Zuko in Grease

Now:  the look

Today the men’s pompadour takes its basic style cue from

the ’50s inspiration:

hair upswept, away from the face

 volume and height on top

combed and controlled –

Go Grease Lightening

Men’s Pompadour:  21st C cool

(image from fashionbeans.com):

 modern twist on a classic

(image from forums.xkcd.com):

too cool for school hair attitude 

(image from vintagebarbershop.tumblr.com):

buzz and fade

(images from menswearstyle.co.uk):

Domenico Gianfrate in Florence

‘Bond … James Bond’

Toni Tran in London

well coiffed 

(image from mens-hairstyle.com):

not a strand astray


(image from vogue.co.uk):

height maxed out

at a standstill