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Legendary couturier Paul Poiret

(image from perfumeprojects.com):

The designer in his studio 

revolutionised fashion sensibility of the early 20th century.

His clothing celebrated the female body

in designs of comfort, beauty, colour and elegance.

He was the first couturier of his time to rid his creations

of the corset, which rigidly shaped the body into a most

unnatural and painful S-shape.

In contrast, his creations were of

movement, glamour, intrigue and sensuality.

M. Poiret was a modern thinker of design and enterprise.

In addition to his couture line, he diversified into

the decorative arts and perfumery.

He kept his business concerns ‘all in the family’ –

with his daughters at the helm of each:

Martine, the youngest as head of Atelier de Martine

and Rosine, the eldest as head of Parfums de Rosine.

Atelier de Martine designed several of the bottles for Parfums de Rosine.

Today these perfume bottles are prized collector’s items.

 M. Poiret invited leading fashion illustrators of the time

to sketch his creations.

Many of his designs are today readily identifiable from these drawings,

which are as beautiful as the fashion they represented.

Lookbook – back:  The Work of Paul Poiret in Illustration

(images from memoryprints.com):

Les Robes de Paul Poiret by Paul Iribe

At The Theatre, from Les Choses De Paul Poiret

At the Theatre

A woman posing with a long dress, by Paul Iribe

A Woman Posing by Paul Iribe

Le Pouf, Robe de Soir, by Paul Poiret

Le Pouf, Robe de Soir by Paul Iribe

(images from antiquesandfinearts.com):

Paul Poiret: Furnishing the Fashion Industry by Laura Layfer

from Les Choses de Paul Poiret by George Lepape (1911)

Paul Poiret: Furnishing the Fashion Industry by Laura Layfer

from Les Robes de Paul Poiret by Paul Iribe (1908)

(images from http://www.histoire-costume.fr):

Les Robes de Paul Poiret, racontées par Paul Iribe, 1908

by Paul Iribe (1908)

Georges Lepape, Les Choses de Paul Poiret, 1911

by George Lepape, (1911)

(images from artophile.com):

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by George Lepape

by George Lepape


(image from wornthrough.com):

Denise Poiret (wife of Paul Poiret) by George Lepape

at dance in iconic harem trousers designed by Poiret

(image from ctgpublishing.com):

Paul Poiret Fashion Designs with Illustrations by George Lepape circa 1911

by George Lepape (circa 1911)

(image from flanelpaulistana.com)