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It’s a victory dance in the end zone

for Mona Kowlaska of A Detacher:

(image from stylelikeu.com):

Mona Kowlaska, founder/designer – Detacher

dress over trousers layering for her a / w  2014 collection –

with a bit of sports-wear fabrication and identifiers.


The Collection

(images from style.com):

a detacher 14 basketball shorts over joggers_LKV6662.1366x2048

made of mesh material:  basketball shorts over joggers 

a detahcer_LKV6870.1366x2048 a detacher_LKV6803.1366x2048 a detacher_LKV6763.1366x2048 a detacher_LKV6751.1366x2048 a detacher_LKV6746.1366x2048


a detacher a14 stadium blanket check_LKV6839.1366x2048


stadium blanket check

a detacher_LKV6699.1366x2048 a detacher_LKV6714.1366x2048

a detacher gatorade print_LKV6906.1366x2048


Gatorade-like lightening bolt print

a detacher_LKV6986.1366x2048a detacher_LKV6918.1366x2048