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Pushing the envelop but not to the limit,

seems fair assessment of the design blueprint

of menswear label

Agi and Sam

Design duo, Agi Mdumullah and Sam Cotton

(image from liberty.co.uk):

create pieces that are

boldly splashed with colour – yet not kaleidoscopic

generously sprinkled with print – yet not frenzied

cleverly experimented with proportion – yet not cartoonish

Their garments easily transition from runway ready to

‘ready for street wear’

There’s a bit of the whimsical

(note the quirky two – tone footwear)

which makes the clothing fashion fun.

There’s a recognition of the practical

which makes it effortless to fit

the pieces into an existing wardrobe.

 Agi and Sam

recipients of the British Fashion Award for

Emerging Talent – Menswear:

a well-deserved win.

Congrats chaps!

The Collection, a/w 2013

(images from londoncollections.co.uk):