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I met jewellery designer

Emma Ware

(images from http://www.emmaware.co.uk):

at the annual East London Design Show (ELDS) – 2013

held at the Old Truman Brewery, London.

On display was a representative selection of her work:

necklaces, ear rings, hand adornments

made from finely cut rubber tyres –

textured, some slightly coloured

achieving a look and feel of soft leather.

Ms. Ware is an innovative artist

trained in applied and fine arts.

Her vision conceptual, her process natural –

allowing the flow from work on a piece

to navigate instinctively towards final design details .

As result, the finished item is product of

simultaneous creating, exploring, discovering.

As an environmentally-aware artist,

Ms. Ware’s jewellery is

 up-cycled:  reuse of a material in its current state

sustainable:  of limited impact on the environment

The pieces are all handmade, delicate, beautifully crafted

with a sculptural element:  of form, angles, curves

and an organic quality:  of structural, uncomplicated artistry .

The Infinity Collection

Ware Infinity 2012-3.jpg

Ware Infinity 2012-4.jpg

Ware Infinity 2012-11.jpg

Ware Infinity 2012-13.jpg

Ware Infinity 2012-9.jpg

Ware Infinity 2012-15.jpg

The Oscuro Collection





The Re:cycle Collection

beth necklace.jpg

contra mohican.jpg

leaf cuff.jpg

scarf neck1.jpg

wave neck2.jpg

maria cuff.jpg

The Gravity Collection

Ware Gravity web 2012-5.jpg

Ware Gravity web 2012-9.jpg

Ware Gravity web 2012-3.jpg

Ware Gravity web 2012-7.jpg