Designed for function, not decoration

modern post-war Scandinavian furniture

has an organic quality:

referencing natural elements

and the human form –

made to serve the purpose for which they were designed.

The pieces are of quiet, unadorned beauty

Simple.   Minimal.   Practical.

Of Scandinavian Design Aesthetics


(images from danishdesignstore.com):

by Arne Jacobsen

– key figure of the minimalist Danish style

– created a series of iconic chairs during the 1950s

Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair

Egg chair

Jacobsen Ant Chair - 3 legs

Ant chair

Jacobsen Lily Armchair

Lily armchair

Series 3300 Lounge Chair

Lounge chair

Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair

Swan chair

by Charles and Ray Eames

– husband and wife design duo

Eames La Chaise

La chaise, 1948

– for sitting and lying

– designed for a Museum of Modern Art competition

by Borge Mogensen

Børge Mogensen Hunting Chair

Hunting chair, 1950

– designed for Copenhagen Cabinetmaker’s Guild

Børge Mogensen Spanish Chair

Spanish chair, 1958

– inspired by chairs of Moorish design influences

by Hiromichi Konno

scandanavian design, rin chair by hiromichi konno

Rin chair

– references a bird’s nest

by Thomas Pedersen

Stingray Rocker

Stingray rocker,  2002

– designed for varied sitting positions

Volther J110 Chair

J110 chair

– a high backed dining chair

by Komplot:  Boris Berlin and Poul Christiansen

Nobody Chair

The nobody chair

– made from textile over a frame, molded in one piece

– textile can be removed and can stand on its own

– can “remember” shape of chair frame

by Hans Wegner

chair design impressario

Wegner Wishbone Chair - Wood

Wishbone chair, 1949

(image from lamodern):

ox chair, hans j wegner, lamodern.com

Ox chair

– inspired by the art of Pablo Picasso and the Cubist Movement

by Casey Dzierlenga

(image from remodelista.com):

Afustonna bleach maple rocker

by Tadao Ando

The Dream Chair oak side

The dream chair

– sculptural

– combines Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics

– made solely of three-dimensional plywood

– Ando advocates for products to be made from one material

as respect for conservation and environmental concerns

by Poul Volther

(image from fuleague.com):

scandinavian chairs, Corona-Chair paul volther, fuleague.com

Corona chair, 1958

–  the human spine