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The Barbican Art Gallery, London

is the venue for the exhibition

Pop Art Design.

The show is a wonderfully comprehensive examination

of this post war art movement (1950s – 1970s)

which explored and commented on a range

of contemporaneous societal transitions such as:

political ideologies

functionality of product

the introduction of branding

increase consumerism

technological advancements

production of new types of materials

The varied media used produced an array of objects –

each interpretive of elements

 shaping a new world.

Creatives of the pop art era were

innovators, which is not surprising for they

took inspiration from the then accelerated

societal, cultural and technical innovations.

There was an energy which was plugged into –

generating art from the everyday and ordinary

to the novel and untried.

Iconic works of the period’s noted artists/designers

are in the exhibition.

The pieces are presented in a viewing area which

lends perfectly to their showcasing.

The modern yet inviting space is bi-level

and of square configuration

with ease of flow and move-ability.

(images from theguardian.com):

A multimedia guide app to the exhibition is also available and

is download-able free onto the iPhone and other devices.

This is a fantastic exhibition featuring

art as social commentary







(image from the guardian.com):

Bocca sofa, 1970 by Studio 65

(image from nouse.co.uk):

Brillo Box, 1964 by Andy Warhol

(image from ifitshipsitshere.blogspot.co.uk):

Bob Dylan Paper/Poster Dress, 1967 by Henry Gordon

(image from daysoutguide.co.uk):

La Mamma/Donna, 1969 by Gaetano Pesce

(image from national galleries.org):

roy lichtenstein, in the car, '63

In the Car, 1963 by Roy Lichtenstein

(image from midmod-design.com):

achille catiglioni, sella stool http-_midmod-design.com

Sella Chair, 1957

by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

Pop Art Design

until 9 February 2014

Barbican Art Gallery, London