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Celebrated American fashion photographer

(image from vogue.it):

Deborah Turbeville

died on Thursday, 24 October 2013.

She was 81 years old.

Her talents were recognised as innovative

in execution and form.

 She worked with a variety of clients from

magazine editors  at

Vogue, W Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar

to designers/design houses such as

Karl  Lagerfeld, Comme de Garcons

and celebrity figures like the incomparable

Jacqueline Kennedy.

During the mid 70s, she gained

international recognition for her

inventive,  bizarre and oft times unsettling images.

Hers were visuals which told a narrative;

not of the fashion presented, per se

but of the people portrayed, the setting captured.

This perspective introduced a then avant garde

dimension to depicting fashion photographic images.

When once the garments were of sole focus

and the models void of expression –

through the lens of Ms. Turbeville

the models,  the setting,  the mood,

 generated an emotive response.

Her photos were  provocative,  broody,  pensive.

Her methods were unconventional:

purposely blurred figures, scratched surfaces.

The finished piece,  arresting:

beckoning/daring the viewer to take another look.

Ms. Turbeville’s work has been featured

in museum exhibitions around the world.

Of singular quality, it initiated

a new aesthetic of  the

photographic arts as applied to fashion –

 of mystery,  of intrigue,

of  unsettling beauty.

Deborah Turbeville

Her Art

(images from staleywise.com):

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(image from vogue.it):

Photo by Deborah Turbeville 2009

Photo by Deborah Turbeville 2006

(image from venusbuzz.com):

Photograph by Deborah Turbeville. Published in Vogue, December 1980.

Diana Vreeland, Editor-in-Chief

Vogue Magazine,  1963 – 1971

photo by Deborah Turbeville