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The rucksack is no longer solely a carrier bag

for transporting camping and school gear.

It has evolved into a fashion statement piece,

an accessory to express personal style –

all while toting the day’s necessary items.

And the best part … jazz free hands!

(image from flickr.com)


Kate Sheridan:

About the designer …

Kate Sheridan is London-based accessories designer.



(image from hubshop.co.uk):


She studied at the prestigious Cordwainers College in East London.

Her pieces are impeccably crafted and are inspired

by London’s fashion-forward vibe.


(images from katesheridan.com):

Tan & Black Leather Popper Rucksack

tan and black leather popper rucksack
by Kate Sheridan

Leather Navy Popper Rucksack

navy leather popper rucksack by Kate Sheridan

Meredith Wendall:

About the designers …

Wife and husband creative duo,


(image from meredithwendall.com):



Meredith and Wendall German are the design

team behind the New York based accessories label –

Meredith Wendall.

Their pieces are  colourful,  sporty,  playful

yet practical.  Theirs is an aesthetics, which

they call ‘American resort style’

It is inspired from childhood memories

of summer holidays spent in West Virginia.

(image from garancedore.fr):

signature raffia rucksack by Meredith Wendall



(image from ohlike.com):

blue raffia rucksack by Meredith Wendall
(image from helenabordan.com):
leather rucksack by Meredith Wendall
(image from bonfaire.com):
textile/leather, print rucksack by Meredith Wendall


Statement backpacks for the gents


(images from pausemag.co.uk):


men’s tweed by Penfield


newsprint  by Rip Curl


camo by Quicksilver