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George Bryan ‘Beau’ Brummell

set the standard for mid-19th century men’s  fashion.

He was a fashion visionary and risk taker.

Having introduced the suit and tie, which

became a staple in menswear,

he has secured his spot in the annals

of fashion history.

(image from fashion.telegraph.co.uk):

Creative director of Alexander McQueen –

Sarah Burton

offered a distinctive, modern take on men’s suiting,

for autumn/winter 2013.

Reminiscent of a  Beau Brummell approach

to men’s fashion,  the collection is:


avant garde

out of the box

classic  material with unconventional patterning

and in instances unique silhouette /styling.

The effect is immediate.

A man wearing a statement suit attracts attention.

So gentlemen, what are you waiting for?  …

(image from hdfbcover.com):

Alexander McQueen


Sarah Burton

Menswear,  a/w  2013

The Collection

(images fashionising):

alexander-mcqueen-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2013-lfw16alexander-mcqueen-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2013-lfw19 alexander-mcqueen-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2013-lfw20 alexander-mcqueen-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2013-lfw24 alexander-mcqueen-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2013-lfw14