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According to scientific theory

it took 4.5 billion years for Earth to form.

According to biblical reference

it took 6 days to create the Earth.

(image from telegraph.co.uk):

According to French photographer

Alexandre Duret-Lutz

he can create a world

“… in just a few hours.”


Mr. Duret-Lutz creates mini-planets;

a photographic technique, which can use up to 100 photographs

to form a single image in spherical perspective .

The process called stereographic projection,

 uses Photoshop software –

an image editing programme.

(images from dailymail.co.uk):

Stereographic projection makes the Colosseum - one of the greatest works of Roman architecture - look even more impressive

Stereographic image of The Colosseum  –  Rome, Italy

At the physical location for his mini-planet,

Mr. Duret-Lutz  snaps as many photographs as possible,

“before making them into a wee world.”


This inventive approach can produce

amazing images of recognisable landmarks

offering a unique panorama or used

to manipulate imagery of everyday scenes.

The 'BBQ with friends' planet is the perfect home if you want to leave those work worries behind

“BBQ with Friends”  

An alternative universe:

more mini-planets by Alexandre Duret-Lutz


The center of this mini-planet … The Eiffel Tour


The Pope could lead the Catholic Church from his own Vatican sphere

This mini-planet revolves around the Holy See  –  The Vatican

Alexandre's 'wee world' based on the Radisson Resort in St Martin looks like a world of relaxation

A mini-planet holiday destination   –  Radisson Hotel, St Martin

Iconic London landmarks including the Gherkin are brought together onto 'the City' world

Mini-planet of London landmarks

The London Eye and the Thames are captured on one of Alexandre Duret-Lutz's 'wee worlds'

Mini-planet as seen through The London Eye

(image from kuer.org):

Mini-planet focus … The Statue of Liberty

The effect is hypnotic,  dream-like,  other worldly  …  as intended.

(images from 2photo.ru):