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London Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2014

Georgian born designer

(image from en.newstyle-mag.com):

David Koma

stayed true to his signature aesthetics of

framework,  form,  fit

with a collection inspired by

ancient Japanese samurai dress.

(image from gallery.sjsu.edu):

The samurai were the warriors of

medieval and pre-modern Japan.

During the Edo Period,  which lasted for

almost three hundred years (1603 – 1867)

they held the elevated status as the

highest ranking class in

Japanese hierarchical society

(image from tumblr.com):

Adhering to a strict code of ethics based on

Confucian and Zen Buddhist teachings

the era of the samurai valued the martial arts

as vehicle for self discipline, loyalty and honour.

With his  s/s 2014 collection, David Koma creates anew

 the aura of power,  the precision,  the silhouette

 of samurai armour all while maintaining a

defined, assured femininity …



The Collection

(images from style.com):