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Jeffery Costello and Robert Tagliapietra

costello tagliapietra designer image s14YVL_4658.1366x2048

are the creatives of the eponymous label

Costello Tagliapietra.

Known and appreciated for their personal dress signature:

rugged, plaid and bearded

they are masters at delicate design, which celebrate

the female form.

Their clothes are characters of their design story:

Ease.   Colour.   Fluidity.   Simplicity.

A happy tale.

For s/s 2014, they remained true to the plot

with particular success in the trouser elements of the collection.

Of note, was the injection of their signature dress style of plaid –

(rugged and bearded excluded)

(images from style.com):

costello tag s14YVL_4545.1366x2048 costello tag s14YVL_4414.1366x2048 costello tag s14YVL_4384.1366x2048 costello tag s 14YVL_4278.1366x2048

costellotag dress useYVL_4400.1366x2048

costello tag s 14YVL_4252.1366x2048 costello tag s14YVL_4320.1366x2048 costello s14YVL_4291.1366x2048


Unfortunately, not as successful was the cumbersome layering of

belted cardigans over dresses.

costello tagliapietra belted sweater s14YVL_4608.1366x2048

costello tagliapietra belted sweater s14YVL_4504.1366x2048

A vibrant, colourful collection.

Stay tuned for the next design chapter from

the bearded duo in plaid

Costello Tagliapeitra.