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Fashion design is a form of revisionist historical study,

as inspiration often references the past.


Current Japanese street style

An east meets west

contemporary fashion interpretation

of geta footwear:

High top trainers on a wood platform

(image from style.com)

high top sneakers, wood platform, modern geta

The Geta:  

fashion history notes



Clog like shoes

Dates back to the Heian Period (794 – 1192)

Inaugurating  more “native”  Japanese dress sensibility

Elevated to fashion high status in urban areas during the

Edo Period (1603 -1867)

Fashion function:  offer elevation to keep hems of

expensive kimono off the ground

(image from allaboutshoes.com):

Woman wearing geta and man wearing zori with tabi. OsenSuzuki Harungobu, 1769© Brooklyn Museum of Arts/CORBIS

Woman ( standing) wearing the geta.

Suzuki Harungobu, 1769

Brooklyn Museum of Arts, New York