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For his Fall 2013 RTW collection

Italian designer Antonio Marras

(image from vanityfair.it)

drew inspiration from the

free- thinking

free- living





 Bloomsbury Group

 the early twentieth century association of

London intellectuals who defied the norms.

Marrying varied prints, textures and forms

Marras captured the diversity of

aggregate talent

colourful expression

creative energy

 of the Bloomsbury set.

The garments exude femininity and strength, acknowledging

the women and the then women’s concerns,

which were integral to the Bloomsbury message.

Marras  presents smart andro-chic trouser suits

as well as dress silhouettes, which

celebrate the female form.

His attempt to interpret and to present

a cohesive collection which evokes a

Bloomsbury-esque aesthetic

hits a successful note.

(images from fashionising):

The Collection

Antonio Marras, a/w 2013


antonio-marras-autumn-fall-winter-2013-mfw32 antonio-marras-autumn-fall-winter-2013-mfw19 antonio-marras-autumn-fall-winter-2013-mfw16

antonio-marras-autumn-fall-winter-2013-mfw13 antonio-marras-autumn-fall-winter-2013-mfw10 antonio-marras-autumn-fall-winter-2013-mfw8 antonio-marras-autumn-fall-winter-2013-mfw6 antonio-marras-autumn-fall-winter-2013-mfw3

antonio-marras-autumn-fall-winter-2013-mfw44  antonio-marras-autumn-fall-winter-2013-mfw41