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Beauty is the domain of the young …

Don’t mention this to Chilean designer

Gabriel Vielma

a Central Saint Martins graduate who shows at London Fashion Week,

 and has launched a new campaign for his fashion label VIELMA

which features the stunning octogenarian model and former actress

Jennie Rhodes

(image from the womensroomblog.com):

At 81 years old Ms. Rhodes is the new face for VIELMA.

In an article which appeared in msn living, Mr. Vielma observes that

beauty is varied and clearly not

 confined to an age-specific demographics.

Why choose an 81 year old lady to front a major fashion campaign?

Why not?

The designer explains his bold and laudable decision:

“Her presence tells a story and this is inline with my collection.

The clothes sit just as well on this woman as they would a 17 year old.

There should be more models like this that ooze character rather than having to paint

it onto them.  The human form in all genders and ages is magnificent.”

Vielma is inspired by life’s accumulated experiences which

crafts its own unique beauty.

Jenni Rhodes models 

Beautiful End of the World Collection by Gabriel Vielma

(images from msn.com):

Photo: Courtesy of VIELMA

Photo: Courtesy of VIELMA

Photo: Courtesy of VIELMA

Ms. Rhodes is part of a collective of models whose timeless beauty

has attracted a growing number of designers and fashion labels

willing to challenge the industry’s regard for youth as the beauty standard.

A Los Angeles Times article suggests that

the increasing interest in mature models have been sparked by

the purchasing might of the baby boomers who

aren’t motivated to spend from images of models

“… to young to buy a martini …”

As this model trend continues to gain momentum,

it is anticipated that more senior stunners will grace the

fashion runways and magazines.

Carmen Dell’Orefice

hailed as the world’s longest working model, for a career which has spanned

almost seventy years.  Ms. Dell’Orefice walked in

two runway shows during

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, s/s 2013:

Norisol Ferrari and Marimekko

(images from zimbio.com):

Model Carmen Dell'Orefice walks the runway at the Norisol Ferrari Spring 2013 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Studio at Lincoln Center on September 10, 2012 in New York City.

Ms. Dell’Orefice (82) in Norisol Ferrari, s/s 2013

Carmen Dell'Orefice - Marimekko - Runway - Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Ms. Dell’Orefice in Marimekko s/s 2013

(image from telegraph.co.uk):

Carmen Dell'Orefice, 81, takes to the catwalk for Marimekko.

Ms. Dell’Orefice in Marimekko s/s 2013

(image from nydailynews.com):

 Verushka von Lehndorff  (74)

who has modelled since the 1960s

walked for Giles Deacon, London Fashion Week 2011

(image from stylelist.com):

Spanish fashion designer Juan Duyos older models Madrid Fashion Week

Spanish designer Juan Duyos booked models, who were aged over 60, for his

runway presentation at Madrid Fashion Week 2011

(image fro vogue.it):

Daphne Selfe (84)  in Sykes, s/s 2010

Ms. Selfe has been modelling since the 1950s.