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Yiqing Yin

at only 26 years old

is stellar on the Paris Fashion Week (PFW), Haute Couture showcase;

offering her first couture collection in January 2012,

her star continues its rapid ascent.

(image from jamesbort.com):

Her creations have been praised for their delicate, feminine and organic qualities.

There is a dual sentiment expressed in her work:  structure and fluidity –

effortless movement unencumbered by form achieved in the

lightness of the clothing.

For PFW 2013, Ms. Yin presented a collection, which further

expressed her design vision and also reflected

an ethereal beauty reminiscent of female mythological images

in a Botticelli painting.

Primavera or Allegory of Spring by Sandro Botticelli

La Primavera (Allegory of Spring), painted between 1477 – 1482

by Sandro Botticelli

The Three Graces, which are depicted to the left of the painting

are goddesses of such things as beauty, joy, creativity and elegance –

certainly appropriate descriptions for

Ms. Yin’s a/w couture collection.

(images from yiqingyin.com):

Yiqing Yin Couture, a/w 2013, Paris