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Japanese conceptual fashion designer

Kunihiko Morinaga

(image from wwdjapan.com):

is the creative behind the RTW label


a fusion of real and unreal, the expected and the unexpected –

combining inventive design elements that  are

at once in contradiction and yet wonderfully in sync.

Consider the Anrealage  s/s 2013 collection,

presented during Tokyo Fashion Week

 and fittingly called


It was of an aesthetic of hard and soft elements:

an exo- skeletal, grid exterior encasing

a fragile, delicate interior :  the ladylike tea dresses –

a juxtaposition of opposites.

(images from style.com):

Anrealage, s/s 2013

Morinaga is a master of light/fibre optics technology,

which was used for the exo-skeletal structures.

He expertly integrates innovative elements

into his design to further the narrative.

His s/s 2013 collection was a tale of imagery:

hard/rigidity with soft/delicacy.

The Anrealage a/w 2013 collection seems also to incorporate

the idea of contradictions in harmony.

The collection is titled

A Colour Un Colour

As to be expected from Morinaga …

expect the unexpected.

There is an eerie mix of playfulness and austerity.

It is how this is achieved, which wowed the show’s attendees and

as always, intrigues the aficionados of Morinaga’s work.

In his a/w 2013 runway show, Morinaga presented

pieces reminiscent of  the playful, progressive

1920s fashion sensibilities:

straight-line chemise, shifts, no waistline for dresses

menswear inspired tailoring for trouser suits.

There was a severe factor – accomplished by the models’ stern expressions

and the rigid headdress.

Models wore hard, helmet-like coifs chiselled into

1920s-esque finger curls.


This play on opposites in harmony, seems presented in the collection

as a combining of:

 youth paired with maturity

rigidity paired with flowing

stern paired with soft

as expressed through the effects of colour,  print, pattern, styling

As expected, Morinaga used optic technology,

to enhance the visual impact of the runway show.

Yet, what was wholly unexpected was the execution.

What initially appeared as monochrome pieces

were transformed into pastel and sherbert hues.

 As models stood at unflinching attention,

the clothes subtly and softly changed in colour   –

a visual feat accomplished by use of

photo-chromatic dyes…


Anrealage a/w 2013

Watch the runway presentation:

A Colour Un Colour

Anrealage – Runway Show

a/w 2013