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Mary Katrantzou 

is a dynamic young designer

known for her signature

vibrant colours and innovative print motifs.

For her a/w 2013 collection,

Ms. Katrantzou embarked on a different design directive:

an absence of  colour.

As the palette is primarily monochromic, the emphasis is on

form, shape and silhouette.

This exciting collection is

inspired by the works of modernist American photographers

Edward Steichen and Alfred Steiglitz.

(images from metmuseum.org):

Voulangis by Edward Steichen, 1902        

The Pond – Moonrise by Edward Steichen, 1904

(image from getty.edu):

The Hand of Man by Alfred Steiglitz, 1902

(image from metmuseum.org):


The Steerage by Alfred Steiglitz, 1907

Through manipulation of light and shadow,

  Steichen portrayed images of haunting beauty.

This technique, referred to in art study as chiaroscuro,

produces arresting pictorials.

Steiglitz created visual narratives of provocative themes.

 Ms. Katrantzou’s combined referencing of these two progressive artists

is expertly achieved to dramatic and stunning effect.

Reminiscent of past Katrantzou are a few hints of colour, shine, print.

  Yet what this collection demonstrates is the versatility and range of

Ms. Katrantzou’s design sensibilities.

Mary Katrantzou, a/w 2013

edward steichen inspired printsedward steichen inspired print, column dressedward steichen print, calf length dressedward steichen print, knit dresssteichen print, trouserssteichen print, structural dress

steichen print, blue