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Modern … still

The Jumpsuit

 a garment of liberating properties

a quick robe and disrobe

a perfect ‘one-sie’ dress alternative

a fashion statement maker

Designed by Italian artist and designer Ernesto Michahelles,

who styled himself  THAYTH,

and appearing on the fashion stage in 1920

the jumpsuit was considered distinct, modern,

innovative and avant garde.

THAYTH, a proponent of the Italian futurist movement

regarded his creation as a modern garment

for everyday-wear, for everyone

 a fashion inventive.

He called it La Tuta, the T-shaped tracksuit.

(image from newsblog.aboutitaly.net):

THAYTH wearing ‘La Tuta’

Intended for practical use,

the garment was quickly embraced as a fashion item.

La Tuta launched the jumpsuit trend

which continues to be celebrated today.

Truly an iconic piece.

Witness a few show-stoppers;

La Tuta:  re-interpreted for Summer 2013

(images from fashionising):

Max Mara, summer 2013

jumpsuit, tan, ss14, max mara

Rebecca Minkoff, Summer 2013

jumpsuit, white, ss13, rebecca minkoff

House of Holland, Summer 2013

jumpsuit, purple, print, ss13, HOH

(images from elleuk):

Stella McCartney, Summer 2013

jumpsuit, tube top

Donna Karan, Summer 2013

jumpsuit, knee length


Diane von Furstenberg, Summer 2013

jumpsuit, flowy, red


Valentino, Summer 2013

jumpsuit, red, valentino