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The visual impact of Lichtenstein iconic images

have been popularised through products of contemporary fashion.

From garments to nail art  – his legacy continues to


American designer Lisa Perry has a keen love for pop art (1960s/1970s).

Her work offers bold colours and minimalist design

reminiscent of this art genre.

She has merged successfully her art and fashion sensibilities

into a simple, sleek, modern design aesthetics.

For her 2011 collection, Perry produced a limited edition of dresses and tees

based on Lichtenstein images.

lisa perry, on dress, with dorothy lichtenstein, newyorksocialdiary.com

On dress, worn by

Dorothy Lichtenstein (l),  widow of artist, Roy Lichtenstein

and designer Lisa Perry (r)

On dress, Lisa Perry 2011

Roy Lichtenstein, 1962

(image from pinterest):

dress, pop art,

No Thank You! dress

Lisa Perry 2011

Roy Lichtenstein, 1964

Spray dress

Lisa Perry 2011

Roy Lichtenstein, 1962

isa-perry-white-roy-lichtenstein-hot-dog-tank, lyst.com

Hot Dog tank shirt

Lisa Perry 2011

(image from chi-stylemaven)

All wearing Lichtenstein pop art dresses by Lisa Perry

Other Lichtenstein-inspired pieces



(image from flickr.com)

ear rings

(image from beograund.com)


(image from kidcraze.com)

carry- all bag

(image from shop.tate.org.uk)

(image from squidoo.com)

Nail Fashion a la Lichtenstein

(image from talontedlex.co.uk)