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The Tate Modern, London is hosting a retrospective exhibition

on the works of American pop artist

Roy Lichtenstein (1923 – 1997)

(image from fineartamerica.com)

Prolific, Provocative, Perceptive

his paintings were of known images and motifs,

ordinary objects, comic characters, famous paintings:

an aerosol can, Mickey Mouse, a great Picasso …

transforming these visuals into his own aesthetics.

Re-interpreting, Re-creating, Realising

something new in his creative process.

(image from lichtensteinpaintings.com)

Roy Lichtenstein Look Mickey 1961

(image from tate.org.uk)

(image from tate.org.uk)

(image from npr.org)

Lichtenstein explored a wide spectrum of subjects:

landscapes,  nudes,  geometric forms

and materials:

ceramics,  steel, brass, perspex

He is probably best recognised for his painting series

War and Romance

These iconic images stemmed from

war comics and romance books

and were as much art as contemporary social commentary.

The palette is primarily bright primary colours

yellow,  red,  blue,  black, white

and use of Ben-Day dots to accomplish his unique style.

(image from tate.org.uk)

(image from scottzagar.com)

(image from guardian.co.uk)

(image from guardian.co.uk)

Lichtenstein produced iconic images,

which continue to probe, prod and challenge our sensibilities.

The sun has yet, if ever, to set on the appreciative response to

his collective body of work.


LICHTENSTEIN:  A Retrospective

at the Tate Modern until 27 May 2013

Take the BBC televised tour of the exhibition: