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Kaffe Fassett

(image from goldfingers.info):

 American born

uber-inventive artist of

textile, fabric, tapestry, needlepoint, knitwear design.

During his childhood (1940s/1950s),

Kaffe Fassett’s parents owned a restaurant

The Nepenthe

(famous in its own right as a featured locale in the movie The Sandpiper)

located in the small, vibrant, artistic, beach community of Big Sur, California.

They welcomed frequent diners such as

folk singer Joan Baez, beat generation poet Jack Kerouac

and rebel actor Steven McQueen.

These luminaries were part of the collective voice

of a then generation determined to have its say.

This unique upbringing

  informed and nurtured Kaffe Fassett’s aesthetics, craft and humanism:

be big      be bold      be heard     be generous

and doing it all with colour

Since 1964, Mr.  Fassett has lived and worked in London.

His vivacious, colourful knitwear pieces were immediately praised

and his incredible career quickly launched.

Mr.  Fassett has shared his expertise of his work in

books, lectures, charitable endeavours, television presentations.

In 1985, the Victoria and Albert Museum- London honoured Kaffe Fassett

with an exhibition entirely devoted to his work.

During this spring museum season, the Fashion and Textile Museum- London

hosts a show spotlighting over 100 Fassett textile creations,

certain to be a joyful riot of  colour,  texture,   pattern,   beauty.

Kaffe Fassett – A Life in Colour

22 March 2013 to 29 June 2013

Fashion and Textile Museum, London


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Kaffe Fassett 

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Kaffe Fassett

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