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Holi Hai! 

is Hindi for … It’s Holi!

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The Holi Festival is the Hindu Festival of Colours.

It is widely recognised as the most

anticipated, high-spirited, exuberant and  joyous

 event in India.




The Festival of Colours traditionally marks the end of winter

and celebrates the beginning of spring, the harvesting of crops.

It is a day of collective public thanksgiving, when

family, friends, neighbours, strangers … everyone

welcome each other, welcome all.



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It is a day to forgive the bad of past and

usher in the future with positive sentiment of hope and promise.



Brightly coloured clothes are worn.

Bonfires are lit.

There is music.

There is dancing.

There are the colours.



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(image from rt.com)


Revellers splash each other with coloured water.

Dyed powders are flung into the air, landing on all in a

kaleidoscopic random array of luminous colour.



(image from blogs.independent.co.uk)

(image from indiatvtoday.com)




The Festival of Colours

source of inspiration for

optimism, aspiration and yes even

fashion … of the effervescent, jubilant mode.



This year, The Holi Festival is officially marked on Wednesday, 27 March 2013.

The Holi Fesitival is celebrated  in many communities throughout the world.

There may be a Festival of Colours event scheduled in your area.



Happy Holi!