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Fashion designers take inspiration from … well from everything

what is seen … the varied colours of a bird’s plumage

what is felt … the softness of a textile type

what has been … an historical period

what is current … street wear

what is heard … on the radio

Designer Jean Paul Gaultier, once known as the

‘enfant terrible of pop couture’ –

because of his often considered outrageous

 avant garde irreverence of traditions in fashion –

has inked a lasting mark on the pages of fashion history.

The designer cranked up the volume for his  s/s  2013

and created a runway extravaganza, which paid homage to

the stage fashion of famed ’80s music icons.

Remember – it was Gaultier, who collaborated with

Madonna on the wardrobe for her Blond Ambition Tour –

producing the infamous cone bra and setting in motion

the trend of underwear as outerwear.

(image from bbc.co.uk):

madonna in gaultier cone bra bbc.co.uk

Madonna, in Gaultier’s cone bra

Mr. Gaultier has been in the forefront of fashion innovation since

his rise to international acclaim in the 1980s.

It seems fitting that his collection, which spotlights

the fashion genius of music legends,

 should shine on those who

strutted their stuff in the ’80s

Let’s Dance!

(images from fashionising):

David Bowie … zig zag, ziggy stardust


Madonna … anything but, a virgin



Boy George … Cluture Club -ing, a la chameleon


Grace Jones … androgynous style, to another level



Annie Lennox … sweet dreams, who could disagree?


Michael Jackson … one glove wonder