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A fashion creative’s design inspiration

can originate from a variety of references,

singular or collective:

a work of art

an artistic movement

an architectural structure

a music genre

an historical era

a personal muse

a natural phenomenon

an element in nature

a myriad of things past, present and imagined .




Kunihiko Morinaga,

the creative of avant garde label,  Anrealage

presented an innovative  s/s 2013 collection, which he called





The collection is inspired by the idea of

form, framework, structure, pattern

The grid-like shells, which outline the garments are

like exoskeletons:   a hard covering, encasing a soft interior.

The same detail is echoed in the accessories:

headwear, socks, shoes. 





Provocative.  Organic.  Colourful.  Conceptual.

Anrealage,   s/s 2013



(images from http://www.anrealage.com)