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WW 12/13

(Winter Weather 2012/2013)

is showing no sign of abeyance.

The frigid factor is still very much part of the climate equation.

The fashion challenge remains:  how to look fab while battling the elements-

consider graphic, quirky tights.  Have your say with eye-catching leg wear:

“WW 12/13 … woe begone”

with a bit of fashion fun injection from

 French design duo, Marion Dubois  and Olivier Gonnet,

the creative minds of flight and fancy behind hosiery label

Les Queues de Sardines.

(images from Les Queues de Sardines):


(image from  be.com):
(image from Seeking Creative Designers):
(image from maufeitio.pt) :
(image from Et pis cest tout Atelier-Showroom):