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meappropriatestyle.com has donned a new and exciting look:

a background architectural image, a more colourfully presented layout, new pages under a red title banner

New pages:

-Read a little about me in,  About the ‘me’ behind meappropriatestyle

-Have a look at, What is meappropriatestyle?– to view an outline of the interesting contents covered

-Read,  Huffington Post UK articles … by ‘me’  with the links to each of my articles, which appeared in the Huff Po UK

-Note the page, Contact meappropriatestyle  which lists the links to meappropriatestyle facebook page, meappropriatestyle facebook profile, twitter and pinterest accounts and the meappropriatestyle e-mail

-And peruse the page,  Etiquette/Ethics which is brief but important

I hope you enjoy the new look

Enjoy.   Innovate.   Share.