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What is your favourite colour and what is its colourspeak?

colour wheel

(image from fudgegraphics.com)

A few to ponder:

brown:  conventional, orderly;   wear brown to show neutrality

orange:  thoughtful, sincere, fun-loving;   wear orange to increase creativity

red:  colour most favoured by extroverts;   wear red to project energy, to show vitality

yellow:  intellectual;   wear yellow to exhibit cheerfulness, to promote clarity of thought

blue:  stable, calm, soothing;   wear blue to promote better communication

green:  patient, open;   wear green to overcome obstacles, promote harmony

black:  independent, strong-willed;  wear black to add mystery, to show self control

pink:  kind, friendly;   wear pink to show serenity, to appear non-threatening

grey:  mature, dependable;   wear grey to suggest efficiency, reliablity