An agender agenda? : menswear by designer Hermione Flynn


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Agender fashion:

clothing designed, styled, defined as representative of gender fluidity-

pieces which look beautiful on both the male and female form.





New Zealand designer

Hermione Flynn

created pieces for a menswear collection,

which evoke a strong attitude of gender non-specific fashion:


effortless, uncomplicated, universal.




Not he or she

but a ‘fashion we’



designs by Hermione Flynn

hermione flynn, men, agender, njal indifference_sampin_trousers_notjustalabel_531845430 hermione flynn, men, agender, pinstripe apron, njal, indifference_aprons_black_pinstripe_notjustalabel_21377696 hermione flynn, men, agender, njal, indifference_dressing_gown_coat_white_pinstripe_notjustalabel_1207999016 hermione flynn, men, agender, white top_bottom, njal indifference_straps_vest_white_pinstripe_notjustalabel_357733472  hermione flynn, men, agender njal, indifference_long_apron_skirt_notjustalabel_682859777

(images from



hermione-flynn, men, agender, -apron-skirt-blk-2 hermione-flynn, men, agender, -wrap-front-pants-blk-4_1

(images from the

The Night Flowers: Damien Frost’s photographic portraits of London’s nocturnals


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is a living language

ever evolving to describe

au courant style images.

And the word is

night flowers

Night flowers (n.)

is a term of self – description

used by participants in London’s underground club scene.

Theirs is a world of the extraordinary-

alternatives in music, extreme street-style fashion, non-conformist lifetstyle:

a pronounced mode of self-expression and individuality.

‘Styled after dark’

photographic portraits by Damien Frost

night flowers,

(image from

night flowers,, portraits, thehearlad.comau

(image from the

night flowers, portraits,


(image from

Reflection of the photographer, Damien Frost

 in the face mirror accessory of the wearer

night flowers, portraits, frost in mirror,

(image from

night flowers, portraits, thenightflowers. tumblr

(image from tumblr)

For additional imagery of London’s ‘night-flowers’

have a glance through a captivating book,

authored by photographer Damien Frost-

Night Flowers:  Avant Garde to Extreme Haute Couture.

The book features over 300 portraits of those who ‘blossom’ after dark-

during the mid-night hour.

From the sublime to the sensational: the hats have it! It’s Ladies Day at Ascot 2016


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Royal Ascot

the annual thorough-breed horse racing and fashion event-

is a much anticipated fixture on the English summer social calendar.


Occuring over a five day period each June

the most eagerly awaited point on the Ascot schedule is

Ladies Day

when attendees wear hats and headwear of singular

design detail and dimension.



The hats have it!

Ladies Day

Royal Ascot,  2016

Play on!

piano keys inspired hat

ascot, ladies day, 2016, piano keys, express 142997

Sweet sensation

marshmellow embellishments

ascot, ladies day, 2016, marshmellow, express

All a- Buzz

black / yellow colour scheme

ascot, ladies day, 2016, bee express co uk

Butterflies are free

‘canoe’ shaped hat with butterfly and flower adornments

ascot, ladies day, 2016, butterfly adorned, express 1


champagne flowing / glass filled

ascot, ladies day, 2016, champagne bottle_glasses, express

Tartan and feathers

ascot, ladies day, 2016, tartan_feathers, express

(photos from

Her Majesty

Queen Elizabeth II

in melon orange and egg-shell blue

ascot, ladies day, 2016, queen, telegraph

Of national pride

heraldic symbols of Wales:

a fierce dragon and a proud lion

ladies day, asot , 2016, dragon_lion symbols of wales, uk, footie, telegraph

‘Riding to the hounds’

ascot, ladies day, 2016, hound purple_w


a hat of blue / orange plummage

with bird of matching colours a top

ascot, ladies day, 2016, blue_orange feathers, telegraph 100870670_Editorial_use_only_No_merchandising_For_Football_images_FA_and_Premier_League_restrictions-xlarge_trans++kUE_BTgBOQu3VWKvpDGX9Yo2a2KTgFhj3E_9Q4PM37M

(photos from

For an afternoon tea party

hat of check table-cloth and tiered cake stand

ascot, ladies day, tea tiered caddy, dailymail 355AE61900000578-3644555-A_model_wears_an_afternoon_tea_inspired_hat_with_florentines_fro-a-94_1466096225140

A trio of fascinating fascinators

ascot, ladies day, 2016, trio ornate fascinators

(photos from

‘ello, ‘ello, London calling- It’s showtime! London Collections: Men (LC: M) for s/s 2017


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It’s June.

It’s 2016.

It’s London Town.

It’s a month of jubilation:

Her Majesty’s 90th birthday celebratory festivities and

the bi-annual showcasing of fabulous menswear fashion –





It’s London Collections: Men  (LC:  M) for spring/summer  2017!



A Few Runway run-away favourites


deconstructed trench

with oversized sleeves

from Xander Zhou

LCM, ss17, Xander Zhou,

Re-imagined suiting

deconstruction / re-construction


from Tiger of Sweden

LCM, tiger of sweden, reimagined suiting, deconstructed

LCM, tiger of sweden, reimagined suiting

Don’t ‘skirt’ the issue

agender fashion

skirt suiting

mixed fabrication:  patent leather / cotton

from Wales Bonner

LCM, wales Bonner, men in skirts, ss17

LCM, wales bonner, ss 17, white skirt, black patent coat

In stitches:  holding it all together

deconstructed design

stitch / un-stitch detailing

from Craig Green

LCM, ss17, craig green deconstructed mac

LCM, ss17, craig green, print, deconstructed

Animation proclamation

Alladin cartoon imagery

playful prints

athleisure-wear layering

from Bobby Abley

LCM, ss17, bobby abley, oversized, alladin images

LCM, ss17, bobby abley, layering

Off-duty trending

athleisure pieces

skirt selection

socks ‘n sliders

from Astrid Andersen

LCM, ss17, astrid andersen, knit skirt, oversized top, athleisureLCM, ss17, astrid andersen, lace design short trousers, athleisure,

“Who wears short shorts?”

shirt / shorts  fashion combo

T-strap plimsolls

from E.  Tautz

LCM, e tautz  , ss 17, short shorts LCM E Tautz, short shorts, ss 17

Floral display


shirt / trouser matching outfit

from Agi & Sam

LCM, ss17, agi & sam,

Super-size Me!

oversized, check coat

from Lou Dalton

LCM, oversized coat, Lou Dalton

Poncho punch

graphic print

from MCM   X  Christopher Raeburn

LCM, graphic poncho, MCM X Christopher Raeburn

Mixing it up

print presentation

from Casely – Hayford

LCM, Casely-Hayford, ss17, adorned, prints

(images from

It’s all about me! and the fashion term is ‘meta – dressing’


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a word of Greek origin, which translates to mean ‘self’.




In current vernacular, meta- dressing (meta-clothing)

refers to garments with images/words

which directly reference the wearer, a bit of narcissistic fashion-

or with images of symbols, people, words of connection to the wearer.



Apropos synonyms

(as labeled by meappropriatestyle)

‘selfie fashion’

‘narcissistic wear’

‘narcissistic fashion’

‘I’m a celebrity clothing’

(You get the idea!)

Meta – dressing

It’s all about me

Kardashian clan

wearing tee-shirts with image of their mother

meta dressing, kris jenner kiss tee short, worn by daughters, daily mail

Kylie Jenner wears a bandana of self-reference: ‘King Kylie’

meta dressing, king kyle bandana, www

(images from

Kanye West wearing

what else?

Kanye West

meta dressing, kanye-west, wetpaintcom

Paris Hilton in selfie fashion

Paris Hilton wears a t-shirt with her own image on it

(images from


Gotta have it! : off-shoulder fashion (and then some) from designer, Kym Ellery


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For spring / summer 2016 –

body part on fashion feature are

the shoulders.


Off-shoulder exposure wear has been reviewed on runway

spied on street fashion and is the

on – trend design detail for the warm weather season.




Australian fashion designer Kym Ellery

has created the Delores

a blouse of exposed shoulder appeal

deconstruction aspect

slight cropped hem

structural sleeve detail and ruffles:

on – point, on – trend, on – ‘the get it list’.

gotta have it ellery Delores top

(image from whowhatwear)

Ms. Ellery boasts a few star credentials:

alumna of prestigious Central Saint Martins College

former fashion editor of Australian magazine RUSSH

director of eponymous label Ellery

which is noted for distinctive dimensional design details.

The Ellery Delores top

is in keeping with the label’s design directive of

multi-element yet un-fussed with a nod to

flirty, feminine, fun features.


Gotta have it!

for spring / summer 2016

The Delores

by designer Kym Ellery


gotta have it ellery Delores top

(image from whowhatwear)

gotta have it, ellery-navy-ruffle-sleeve-delores-top-blue-product

(image from lyst uk)

gotta have it ellery Delores top

(image from



gotta have it ellery Delores top

(image from

All hail, it’s “raining men”: the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is venue for ‘Reigning Men: Fashion in Menswear 1715 – 2015’- an exhibition chronicling 300 years of men’s fashion!


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Throughout history, men’s fashion has been

a compass of direction for style trend setting.

From ancient to contemporary times,

there has been distinct periods during which

menswear has gloried in “peacock” display.


Celebrating menswear design of the

flamboyant, avant-garde, revolutionary and style-making

the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

hosts a new show entitled:

Reigning Men:  Fashion in Menswear 1715 – 2015


from then, to now

lacma, reigning men,

(image from


This exhibition traces the development of singular elements of men’s fashion.

It is an intricate examination of menswear

beginning with the opulence of 18th century dress:

jacket, long waistcoat, knee breeches;

and culminating with study of the innovative genius

of leading contemporary menswear designers:

Yohji Yamamoto, Hedi Slimane,

Thom Browne, Walter Van Beirendonck and more.


18th century men’s dress

shirt with ruffled collar/sleeves

to the knee brocade jacket

matching long-length waistcoat and breeches

mens fashion, 18th century,

(image from

It’s a groovy kind of thing!

outfit by

by Belgian designer, Walter Van Beirendonck

for a/w  2001

lacma, reigning men Walter Van Beirendonck outfit, a_w 2001

(image from

Showcased are 200 looks which serve to highlight

the five specific subject areas which serve as foci of the exhibition:

Revolution and Evolution

East and West


Body Consciousness

The Splendid Man

Given, that in current fashion vernacular

menswear is translated into a dress directive adopted by all

this exhibition is of much import and relevance:

a definite must-see.

lacma, reigning men, daily trojancom

(image from

Reigning Men: Fashion in Menswear 1715-2015

10 April to 21 August 2016

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Los Angeles, California


For further details, visit


Mark your diary! : an exhibition chronicling 300 years of fashion history (18th C. – present) at Musée des Arts Décoratifs- Paris, France


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Musée des Arts Décoratifs (Museum of Decorative Arts)

housed at the Palais du Louvre (Paris, France)

is the venue for an extraordinary exhibition, which chronicles

three hundred years of French fashion from the 18th century to present day.



The show,  entitled

Fashion Forward, 3 siècles de mode (1715-2016)


runs from 7 April to 14 August 2016.


On display are 300 articles of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing

which are taken from the museum’s extensive and permanent collection.




In addition, jewels and textiles from the timeline highlighted will be on view.


Fashion then

sapphire-blue brocade suit with gold leaf motif

circa 1730 – 1740

musee des arts decoratifs, suit, 1730-1740, brocade,

(image from

Fashion now

In red hues

avant-garde, structural, provocative silhouette

from Comme des Garçons

summer 2015

musee des arts decoratifs, elle fr

(image from elle. fr)

The show offers a comprehensive and historical narrative of fashion specifics:

an informative and visual treat, not to be missed.



Fashion Forward, 3 siècles de mode (1715-2016)

at the Musée des Arts Décoratif

from 7 April to 14 August 2016

For further details, visit:




Accessorise Me! for s/s ’16 : the choker/scarf combo à la the Christian Dior runway


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Picture perfect accessorising is the “zwugy” visual

of spring/summer fashion 2016.

(zwu’ gy:  means on-point ; rhymes with mo’ vie)



The looks that have fashion radar registered are neck adornments.

Of noteworthy mention is the choker / scarf combo presented on the

Christian Dior spring/summer ’16 runway.

Take the fashion cue and make it your own!



Accessorise Me!

collar / scarf combo

Christian Dior,  s/s  2016




choker_scarf, dior s 16 vogue_A2X0041_426x639 choker_scarf, dior s16 _A2X0177_426x639 choker_scarf, dior, s16, vogue _A2X0092_426x639 choker_scarf,dior, s16 _A2X1220_426x639 choker, scarf, dior, s16 _A2X0542_426x639

(images from vogue uk)

Fashion-speak: and the word is ‘maximalist’


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Fashion-speak is a living language,

ever evolving to better describe

dress images presented

And the term is





max ‘ i ‘ ma ‘  list 

(adj. / n. depending on context)

1   Referenced from the book:

Brooklyn Street Style:  The No-Rules Guide to Fashion

by Anya Sacharow & Shawn Dahl, photographs by Sioux Nesi-


2    To describe the wearing of multiple pieces of a single jewellery type-

(rings, necklaces, bracelets)

of varying materials / designs with a style directive of

‘more is more and then some’ !

3   An emphasis on accessorising as key component of creating

a unique/personal fashion statement

4   For ladies and gents,  an added element of interest to an over-all look

Layering/stacking multiple pieces of jewellery is a style trend that ‘keeps giving’;

make it your own for spring / summer 2016.




Accessorise Me!


Maximalist Aesthetics


Multiple rings




maximalist, rings, fashiondivadesig

(image from fashiondivadesign)

maximalist, multiple rings,

(image from

maximalist, stacked rings, men, men

(image from

maximaslist, Stacked-Rings

(image from

Stacked bracelets

maximalist, bracelets,

(image from laurenmessiah)

maximalist, bracelets,

(image from weheartit)


London fashionweek SS 2016 day 2

(photo by Sandra Semburg)




Layered necklaces

maximalist, necklaces,fabfashionfix

(image from fashionfix)

maximalist, necklace, freepeople

(image from freepeople)


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