Yohji, Jr.? Meet designer Teppei Fujita of menswear label Sulvam

Teppei Fujita, graduate of the famed Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo,

is the creative force behind menswear brand Sulvam.

He is a fashion disciple of consummate designer Yohji Yamamoto.

Prior to the launch of Sulvam in 2013,

Mr. Fujita worked as a pattern maker for Yohji Yamamoto.

While in this role, he refined his craft for melding fine tailoring with elements of

urban streetwear aesthetics and styling:  a signature Yamamoto characteristic.

designer, Tappei Fujita

sulvam, designer, bw image Teppei Fujita pitti immagine _portrait2

(image from pitti imagine)

Mr. Fujita, shows both in Paris and in Tokyo.

He is particularly  keen to further international interest

in Tokyo Fashion Week, which no doubt will be generated by enthusiasm

over his future creations.

His is a design principle of a fashion fluid attitude:

oversized silhouette

tailored details

various textile content / colours

agender aspect (a non-gender specific look)


by Tappei Fujita

a/w 2017

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(images from pause magazine)

SSS: Sweater as Scarf Styling

Sweaters draped over the shoulders and

tied around the neck with a single knot or sleeve loop-

has long been a statement styling feature,

particularly signature of preppy/collegiate fashion.





(images images from Gentlemen’s  Gazette and IRSC Culinary Institute)



This look of  sweater as scarf has evolved,

with styling options of varying twits and turns.



It is an all encompassing fashion feature

for all seasons

for all genders

for all ages.



Incorporate SSS (sweater as scarf styling)

as a staple accessory item and fashion nod:

sleeves wrapped in multiple layers around the neck; tied diagonally crossbody

or attempt to channel something unique to a personal style.




(Images from before sunrise, whowhatwear, runway looks from vogue)

Go for the Gold: Layering with athleisure wear for Fall/Winter 2016


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Athleisure wear has evolved from a fashion trend to a fashion staple;

influencing dress options for work, fun and smart casual.

Gender neutural, age neutral-

athleisure wear continues to dominate runway presentation and street style.

Create a signature, on-point look for autumn / winter fashion 2016;

incorporate key elements of athleisure attire:

track suit tops/bottoms, hoodies, sweatshirts, leggings,

trousers with contrast colour side stripes,

jersey sports top, immaculate white trainers,

pieces from sportswear  labels (Adidas, Puma, etc.).

Gentle layering forms a sleek silhouette while keeping the chill at bay-

keeping warm and looking good!

Be sublte with athleisure pieces or go bold for gold

for a winning style statement.

Ladies Lookbook

Trousers/ Joggers

with contrast colour side striping


(image from Cassie Daves)

With it in faux fur gilet


(image from vogue.com)

from A.W.A.K.E , a/w ’16


Labour and Leisure (work and play)

 from Balenciaga, a/w ’16

front zip hoodies



(images from vogue.com)

Skirt scene

pencil skirt with contrast colour side striping


(image from Cassie Daves)

Sweat shirt suiting

in matching grey top / trousers with red trim

Evelate the look with pointed stiletto silver pumps!


(image from the fashion spot)

A little bit of everything

in a red/white colour story

zip front Adidas jacket and spotless white trainers

worn with a sheer top detail maxi dress / asymmetric hem


     (image from whowhatwear)

AiW (all in white)


from Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto


Sweat-shirt dress

design details:  roll neck collar, “jumper tied at waist/hip” features


(runway images from vogue.com)

Casual Cool

outfit:  grey hoodie, oversized sweat trousers with rolled hem

black mules / black crossbody bag


(photo from nss magazine)

Ornate long-length overcoat

accessorised with Adidas trainers


(photo from the urbanspotter)

Colour bright

white joggers

layered with white roll neck and yoke-yellow jumpers

topped off with burgundy velour long-length coat

(worn shoulder-perched!)


(image from whowhatwear)

Gents Style Guide

A tiered ensemble

by Gypsy Sport,  a/w ’16


Athleisure /  Military  Fashion Fusion

from Casely Hayford, a/w ’16


Metallic Fantastic details

from Pyer Moss,  a/w  ’16


“Rocky Balboa” effect

with full length Yeti-esque coat

from Pyer Moss,  a/w  ’16


Boardroom agenda

pinstripe oversized short trousers with leggings

from Dries Van Noten,  a/w  ’16


Grey suiting

Christopher Raeburn,  a/w   ’16


(runway images from vogue.com)

Hoodie style Habit


(photo from Adam Katz Sinding)


Welcoming the new season: ‘Autumn’ , a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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A poem which evokes a dynamic visual of

the colour rich Fall season …


(image from shutterstock)





by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807 – 1882)


Thou comest, Autumn, heralded by the rain,
With banners, by great gales incessant fanned,
Brighter than brightest silks of Samarcand,
And stately oxen harnessed to thy wain!
Thou standest, like imperial Charlemagne,
Upon thy bridge of gold; thy royal hand
Outstretched with benedictions o’er the land,
Blessing the farms through all thy vast domain!
Thy shield is the red harvest moon, suspended
So long beneath the heaven’s o’er-hanging eaves;
Thy steps are by the farmer’s prayers attended;
Like flames upon an altar shine the sheaves;
And, following thee, in thy ovation splendid,
Thine almoner, the wind, scatters the golden leaves!

New kids on the block: designers Virgil Abloh (Off White) , Shayne Oliver (Hood by Air) and Demna Gvasalia (Vetements) set a new tune to fashion


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Shayne Oliver, Demna Gvasalia and Virgil Abloh

are three young creatives who are redefining

the look, feel and attitude of current fashion.

Their respective interpretives have emobodied and embolden

a modern expresssion of fashion, which challenges the norm-

setting a new standard of dress, determined by

streetwear aesthetics.

On Hood by Air


Shayne Oliver

(image from w magazine)

American designer Shayne Oliver,

founder of the label Hood by Air-

infuses streetwear, gender fluid fashion and futuristic imagery

into clothing, which vibrates with a ‘what’s next’ sensation.

Hood by Air

A / W  ’16

Gender fluid fashion




Mixed fabrication

faux fur / leather





On Off White


Virgil Abloh

(image from upscalehype.com)

Multi-talented Virgil Abloh is

the creative force behind the Milan-based label, Off White.

Abloh is known also for his design collaborations with Kanye West

and his DJ talents.

His designs imbue streetwear vibe with lux elements-

acknowledging the colossal influence of streetwear fashion,

which has strongly impacted contemporary dress / style sensibilities.

Off White

A / W ’16





Denim on Denim






Oversized outerwear

menswear collection, a’16


On Vetements


Demna Gvasalia

(image from vogue. fr)

Demna Gvasalia is the head and co-founder

of the design collective, Vetements

(in addition to his new role as creative head at Balenciaga).

His is an impressive list of accomplishments:

educated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp and

heading design groups at both Maison Martin Margiela and at Louis Vitton.

The Georgian born designer has injected

new life into the Paris runway fashion scene.

His is a sharpened perspective on modern attire:

a distinct urban edge punctuated by super sized garments

which play on propotion,  dimension and silhouette.


A / W   ’16

Camo and Tweed

If you please,



Canada Tux

with floral embroidery



Supersized plaid shirt



Ring holder

hands-free accessory


(runway images from vogue.com)

Oliver, Abloh and Gvasalia

are part of a design movement, which has overhauled the fashion focus

from on-runway cues to off-runway, streetwear directives.

The word on the street is FASHION!



I spy with a fashion eye: Fall trends 2016


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As the rhythm of summer time ebbs

and the tempo of the autumn season increases

it’s time to assess runway and streetstyle looks for

Fall wear inspiration.


Chillier Clime Cometh


a few fashion fun Fall looks

A/W ’16


Suiting options:

velvet fabrication in jewel tones

from Costume National

garnet red, slouch fit


(image from vogue.com)

emerald green, cinched at waist


(image from whowhatwear)

“Power Puff Girl”

puffer outwear and quilted pieces

from Balenciaga

crayola red puffer jacket worn off-shoulder


from Stela McCartney

quilted short trousers

puffer coat


from Balenciaga

oversized, quilted scarf


(images from vogue.com)

from Asos

teal-blue, long-length bomber


(image from asos.com)

quilted cape-collar with zipper detail


(image from vogue uk)

On your toes

ballet-wear inspired

from Zara

cropped, cross band jumper

tulle skirt

ballet shoes


(image from Zara)

from Valentino

ballet slipper shoes:  nude, leather


(image from brownsfashion.com)

sheer dress with delicate layering


(photo by Phil Oh)

from Miu Miu

On the move:  ballet flats with double buckles and constrasting straps

miu miu ballet flats a16

(image from popsugar.com)

Embroidered jeans

colourful patches

from Zara


(image from Zara)

wide leg, ’60s vibe


(photo by Phil Oh)

Athleisure wear

colour block athletics zip front top


(photo by Phil Oh)

from Cedric Charlier

track trousers inspired with inner seam striping


(image from vogue.com)

It’s a cinch!

waist defining corset pieces

from A Détacher

belt buckled


from Prada

embellished with silver roses / spikes and small purse


(images from vogue.com)

jacket with corset design detail


(image from whowhatwear)

Slip dress layering

transition wear from summer to fall

from Valentino

layered with roll neck top


teamed with t-shirt and jeans


under an overcoat


(images from whowhatwear)

At attention

softer stance on military vibe

from Sacai

jacket:  sheer fabrication, epauletts, straps

fall-a16-sacai-military-elements-jacket kt-detail-from-brading-vogue-

(image from vogue.com)

Eye-catching legwear

fish net tights / ankle socks

from Max Mara

under knitted shorts


(from vogue.com)

from Magda Butrym

under a patterned skirt


(image from magdabutrym.com)

as sock fashion


(image from whowhatwear)

Attached at the waist

hands-free carrier accessories

from Off White

metallic gold belt bag


from Vetements

a ring thing

coat carrier attached to belt


An agender agenda? : menswear by designer Hermione Flynn


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Agender fashion:

clothing designed, styled, defined as representative of gender fluidity-

pieces which look beautiful on both the male and female form.





New Zealand designer

Hermione Flynn

created pieces for a menswear collection,

which evoke a strong attitude of gender non-specific fashion:


effortless, uncomplicated, universal.




Not he or she

but a ‘fashion we’



designs by Hermione Flynn

hermione flynn, men, agender, njal indifference_sampin_trousers_notjustalabel_531845430 hermione flynn, men, agender, pinstripe apron, njal, indifference_aprons_black_pinstripe_notjustalabel_21377696 hermione flynn, men, agender, njal, indifference_dressing_gown_coat_white_pinstripe_notjustalabel_1207999016 hermione flynn, men, agender, white top_bottom, njal indifference_straps_vest_white_pinstripe_notjustalabel_357733472  hermione flynn, men, agender njal, indifference_long_apron_skirt_notjustalabel_682859777

(images from notjustalabel.com)



hermione-flynn, men, agender, theunconventional.co.uk -apron-skirt-blk-2 hermione-flynn, men, agender, theunconvention.co.uk -wrap-front-pants-blk-4_1

(images from the unconventional.co.uk)

The Night Flowers: Damien Frost’s photographic portraits of London’s nocturnals


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is a living language

ever evolving to describe

au courant style images.

And the word is

night flowers

Night flowers (n.)

is a term of self – description

used by participants in London’s underground club scene.

Theirs is a world of the extraordinary-

alternatives in music, extreme street-style fashion, non-conformist lifetstyle:

a pronounced mode of self-expression and individuality.

‘Styled after dark’

photographic portraits by Damien Frost

night flowers, slate.com

(image from slate.com)

night flowers,, portraits, thehearlad.comau

(image from the herald.com.au)

night flowers, portraits, mjournal.com.br


(image from mjournal.com)

Reflection of the photographer, Damien Frost

 in the face mirror accessory of the wearer

night flowers, portraits, frost in mirror, theherald.co.au

(image from theherald.co.au)

night flowers, portraits, thenightflowers. tumblr.com tumblr

(image from tumblr)

For additional imagery of London’s ‘night-flowers’

have a glance through a captivating book,

authored by photographer Damien Frost-

Night Flowers:  Avant Garde to Extreme Haute Couture.

The book features over 300 portraits of those who ‘blossom’ after dark-

during the mid-night hour.

From the sublime to the sensational: the hats have it! It’s Ladies Day at Ascot 2016


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Royal Ascot

the annual thorough-breed horse racing and fashion event-

is a much anticipated fixture on the English summer social calendar.


Occuring over a five day period each June

the most eagerly awaited point on the Ascot schedule is

Ladies Day

when attendees wear hats and headwear of singular

design detail and dimension.



The hats have it!

Ladies Day

Royal Ascot,  2016

Play on!

piano keys inspired hat

ascot, ladies day, 2016, piano keys, express 142997

Sweet sensation

marshmellow embellishments

ascot, ladies day, 2016, marshmellow, express

All a- Buzz

black / yellow colour scheme

ascot, ladies day, 2016, bee express co uk

Butterflies are free

‘canoe’ shaped hat with butterfly and flower adornments

ascot, ladies day, 2016, butterfly adorned, express 1


champagne flowing / glass filled

ascot, ladies day, 2016, champagne bottle_glasses, express

Tartan and feathers

ascot, ladies day, 2016, tartan_feathers, express

(photos from express.co.uk)

Her Majesty

Queen Elizabeth II

in melon orange and egg-shell blue

ascot, ladies day, 2016, queen, telegraph

Of national pride

heraldic symbols of Wales:

a fierce dragon and a proud lion

ladies day, asot , 2016, dragon_lion symbols of wales, uk, footie, telegraph

‘Riding to the hounds’

ascot, ladies day, 2016, hound purple_w


a hat of blue / orange plummage

with bird of matching colours a top

ascot, ladies day, 2016, blue_orange feathers, telegraph 100870670_Editorial_use_only_No_merchandising_For_Football_images_FA_and_Premier_League_restrictions-xlarge_trans++kUE_BTgBOQu3VWKvpDGX9Yo2a2KTgFhj3E_9Q4PM37M

(photos from telegraph.co.uk)

For an afternoon tea party

hat of check table-cloth and tiered cake stand

ascot, ladies day, tea tiered caddy, dailymail 355AE61900000578-3644555-A_model_wears_an_afternoon_tea_inspired_hat_with_florentines_fro-a-94_1466096225140

A trio of fascinating fascinators

ascot, ladies day, 2016, trio ornate fascinators

(photos from dailymail.co.uk)

‘ello, ‘ello, London calling- It’s showtime! London Collections: Men (LC: M) for s/s 2017


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It’s June.

It’s 2016.

It’s London Town.

It’s a month of jubilation:

Her Majesty’s 90th birthday celebratory festivities and

the bi-annual showcasing of fabulous menswear fashion –





It’s London Collections: Men  (LC:  M) for spring/summer  2017!



A Few Runway run-away favourites


deconstructed trench

with oversized sleeves

from Xander Zhou

LCM, ss17, Xander Zhou, londoncollections.co.uk

Re-imagined suiting

deconstruction / re-construction


from Tiger of Sweden

LCM, tiger of sweden, reimagined suiting, deconstructed

LCM, tiger of sweden, reimagined suiting

Don’t ‘skirt’ the issue

agender fashion

skirt suiting

mixed fabrication:  patent leather / cotton

from Wales Bonner

LCM, wales Bonner, men in skirts, ss17

LCM, wales bonner, ss 17, white skirt, black patent coat

In stitches:  holding it all together

deconstructed design

stitch / un-stitch detailing

from Craig Green

LCM, ss17, craig green deconstructed mac

LCM, ss17, craig green, print, deconstructed

Animation proclamation

Alladin cartoon imagery

playful prints

athleisure-wear layering

from Bobby Abley

LCM, ss17, bobby abley, oversized, alladin images

LCM, ss17, bobby abley, layering

Off-duty trending

athleisure pieces

skirt selection

socks ‘n sliders

from Astrid Andersen

LCM, ss17, astrid andersen, knit skirt, oversized top, athleisureLCM, ss17, astrid andersen, lace design short trousers, athleisure,

“Who wears short shorts?”

shirt / shorts  fashion combo

T-strap plimsolls

from E.  Tautz

LCM, e tautz  , ss 17, short shorts LCM E Tautz, short shorts, ss 17

Floral display


shirt / trouser matching outfit

from Agi & Sam

LCM, ss17, agi & sam, londoncollections.co.uk

Super-size Me!

oversized, check coat

from Lou Dalton

LCM, oversized coat, Lou Dalton

Poncho punch

graphic print

from MCM   X  Christopher Raeburn

LCM, graphic poncho, MCM X Christopher Raeburn

Mixing it up

print presentation

from Casely – Hayford

LCM, Casely-Hayford, ss17, adorned, prints

(images from londoncollections.co.uk)