Gents take note! : an ensemble is not quite complete without on-point accessories


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A statement-worthy accessory is key to elevating an outfit

to great sartorial heights.

It  can be the spotlight, stand-out feature of an ensemble

or an integral, yet quiet element of subtle interest.



Whatever its unique dress role, as accented by:

a hat, a tie, a piece of jewellery, a pair of socks (or lack of),

a pair of shoes, a pair of specs,  a pair of gloves , a bag or case-


an on-point accessory (or two, or three)

is fashion de rigueuer for achieving an inspired look.





 For a/w 2014

 The accessories:

a necessary to complete the total look

 A few ideas


Runway Ready



(images from


accessories, men, scarf, rick owens, a14, style.com190.1366x2048


ninja head cover and structured scarf

from Rick Owens



accessories, oversized wool beanie, leather backpack, suede sliders Michael_Kors_006_1366.1366x2048Shoe Slides

oversized wool beanie

leather backpack

suede sliders (with wool socks!)

from Michael Kors


accessory, men, oversized mitts, a14 ,style com Michael_Kors_004_1366.1366x2048

Massive mittens

‘bear claw’ mitts

ditto the leather backpack and suede sliders (with socks!)

 from Michael Kors

accessory, men, bow tie, maryk mcnairy new amsterdam, a 14, style_LKV0734.1366x2048

Clark Kent of the 21st century

round specs

bow tie

bell-shaped hat

white Buster Brown shoes (and no socks)

gathered at ankle suit trousers

from Mark McNairy New Amsterdam  

accessories, men, round sunnies, mark mcnairy new amsterdam, stylecom_LKV0923.1366x2048

Ready to roll

navy driving (flat) cap

black driving gloves

charcoal grey suede desert shoes

from Mark McNairy New Amsterdam  

accessory, men, wool headbands, Mark McNairy New Amsterdam, a14 stylecom_LKV0699.1366x2048A nod to ivy league/ preppy dress

thick wool bi-colour head band (yellow/black)

stripped tie in different colour story (orange/blue)

teddy bear overcoat

black monk shoes

from Mark McNairy New Amsterdam

 scarf, haider ackermann

Sensational scarf fashion

complementing a ‘dandy-gent’ statement

from Haider Ackermann

accessories, men's, blanket scarf, bag, Burberry a 14

textile, rich print carrier

patterned, wool, blanket scarf:

one shoulder draped over a chocolate colour suede, fringe jacket

from Burberry

accessories, menswear, silk scarf, large leather bag

Andiamo a palio!

silk print scarf worn a ‘contrade di Siena’ style

large graphic print leather carrier

from Burberry

accessory, men, two tone suede trainers, Kolor, _UMB4573.1366x2048

grey patterned circle scarf

tan/chocolate suede trainers

from Kolor

accessory, men, Kolor,  belt, a14, _UMB4707.1366x2048

Belt focus

cornflower blue leather belt cinches in a gravel-grey trench

tan toe green trainers

from Kolor



accessories, men, john varvatos, aviator sunnies, a 14 DSC_0016.1366x2048

Dark knight

deep brown lens, aviator frame sunnies

skinny, black neck tie

fingerless black leather gloves

 from John Varvatos

accessory, mens, j.w. anderson, bucket bag, a 14, _ARC0080.1366x2048

‘Gender-bender’ fashion (and loving it!)

black wool knit collar

black bucket bag

white flatform shoes

from J.W. Anderson

accessories, j.w.anderson, plaftform loafers, a14, _ARC0289.1366x2048


black slip-on flatforms

from J.W. Anderson


accessories, men, stacked bangles, j.w. anderson,a 14, _ARC0123.1366x2048

colour-varied stacked bangles

box bag

from J.W. Anderson

accessories, men, stacked bangles, j.w. anderson,, a14 _ARC0092.1366x2048

bi-colour, round frame specs

red ‘grab-bag’ carry-all

from J.W. Anderson


accessories, mens, andrea pompilio, pocket kerchief, a 14 stylecom CG5Q0370.1366x2048

vibrant print pocket kerchief

The look? : mix & match

from Andrea Pompilio

accessories, men, a14 andrea  pompilio , fluffy white marching band-ish hat, CG5Q0097.1366x2048

And the band played on

drum major-esque white faux fur hat with black peak

white faux fur gloves

from Andrea Pompilio


accessories, sweater/scarf, Band of Outsiders

A ‘twin-set’

matching sweater/scarf combo

from Band of Outsiders

menswear, sweater/scarf combo, Band of Outsiders

A ‘triplet set’

In polka dot:   scarf, cardie, jacket

from Band of Outsiders

menswear, knit cap

B & B colour story

caramel hue knit beanie styled with peaks

worn as part of a B & B (black/brown) winter layered look:

black shirt, brown turtle-neck jumper, black leather jacket

and herringbone pattern trousers

from Ami

accessories, menswear, high top knit beanie, Ami

stone colored wool beanie worn ‘high top’ style

as part of an super cool/casual vibe

from Ami


accessory, men, statement trainers, walter van beirendonck, a14DSQ_1681.1366x2048

At attention

felt helmet hat with bow detail chin strap

vivid scarf

print/colour intense high tops

from Walter van Beirendonck

Street Styling

 (photo from Pause Magazine):

accessory, men, socks, pausemagazineanonymous948Red said

 colour impact socks



accessories, plaid gloves, from GQ

A perfect match

plaid gloves and plaid jacket

(photo from the urbanspotter):

accessories, men, chunky watch, leather bracelets, photo from the urbanspotter

Wrist action

chunky watch

leather bracelets

A fight to the end: ‘Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night’, a poem by Dylan Thomas


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Rail against life’s inevitable end.

Leave this world as equal to how entered:

with a lusty cry.


After a full life, one that was worth the living,

death should not be taken on in passive manner

but only succumbed to after a battle fight for life-

a son’s sentiments at his father’s deathbed vigil.





Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

by Dylan Thomas


Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rage at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.


Dylan Thomas, Welsh poet/writer


Dylan Mariais Thomas, 1914 – 1953
Welsh poet and writer



Sweet, sweet music: Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat Major, (2nd movement ) by Ludwig van Beethoven


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Ludwig van Beethoven, 1770 – 1827

is one of the most celebrated pianist -composer of classical music.

A prolific composer, he wrote a number of musical works including:

thirty-two piano sonatas (music written for solo piano),

nine symphonies (orchestral pieces)

and five piano concertos (written for the piano as accompanied by an orchestra).


(images from

Beethoven composing at the pianoLudwig van Beethoven

a master at his craft

Of his five piano concertos, Piano Concerto No. 5 in E Flat

is one of Beethoven’s best known and frequently performed pieces.

The concerto, written between 1809 – 1811,

is dedicated to Beethoven’s pupil and friend,  Archduke Rudolf.

It was first performed in Germany (1811).

The second movement, Adagio un poco mosso (slow/ a little moving)

is an exquisitely delicate, soothing moment of pure listening pleasure.

It is more than just ‘a little moving’.

Take a moment:  relax, unwind, enjoy

Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat Major, (2nd movement )

by Ludwig van Beethoven

piano solo performed by Arthur Rubinstein, 1887 – 1982

one of the twentieth century’s famed classical pianist.

Arthur Rubinstein performing on the piano

Arthur Rubinstein

performing at the piano

Ludwig van Beethoven’s

Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat Major, (2nd movement )

piano solo performed by Arthur Rubinstein

In movement: runway presentation of the collection by up and coming designer, Eddy Anemian


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Thanks to the sponsorship of Swedish

clothing-retail company H & M,

emerging designer Eddy Anemian

is now a distinct presence on the fashion radar.

As the 2014 recipient of of the H & M Design Award,

Mr. Anemian received a monetary prize and presented

a collection at Mercedes-Benz Stockholm Fashion Week.


The pieces are textural, structural, colourful and graphic.

Anemian drew inspiration from the works of

French painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

and Tilda Swinton’s character in the Italian movie I am Love.

The floral prints, used liberally throughout the collection, are a visual delight.

Radiating a sophisticated beauty, the collection is versatile

and includes a selection of garments:

a colour impact maxi-skirt

a concertina pleat matching top / trouser set

flowly, muted toned jumpsuits

inter-changeable tops, trousers and dresses as ensemble-wear.

The sum collection is sure to have massive appeal.


Elegance of movement

Catch a glimpse of the runway presentation:

The collection is now available in-store and on-line.

Another H & M / designer collaboration: meet emerging talent, Eddy Anemian


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High street stores / fashion designer collaborations have featured

established creatives, those already with an enthusiastic brand following-

the already recognised money-makers.

Well that has been the expected, that is until now.


Running parallel to its media frenzied partnership

with noted American designer Alexander Wang,

high street giant H & M, the Swedish multinational retail-clothing company,

has supported enthusiastically the work of

emerging French designer Eddy Anemian.

(image from

eddy anemain, portrait, from elle.bephoto-3-447x600

designer, Eddy Anemian

At only 24 years old, Mr. Anemian is currently a student at L’École de la Cambre,

one of the leading art and design schools in Belgium and

he is this year’s recipient of the third annual H & M Design Award.

The award is a cash prize of €50,000 and the opportunity

to present a collection at Mercedes-Benz Stockholm Fashion Week.

His collection for H & M is inspired by the 19th century

French neo-classical painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and

contemporary British actress Tilda Swinton in her role as

the wealthy Russian matriarch Emma Recchi in the film I am Love.

Inspiration gleaned:

(image from

ingres painting, designer eddy anemain inspiration-madame-moitessier, NG4821-fm

floral, volume

Madame Moitessier

by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

(can be viewed at the National Gallery, London)

(image from

tilda swinton, I am love photo, inspiration for designer eddy anemain, from iamlovemovie.comphoto_02

Tilda Swinton  as the character Emma Recchi

wearing a red shift dress

 elegantly/classically attired


Presenting  voluminous silhouettes, tiered slash work, and structural elements -

the pieces are beautifully crafted in floral and painterly accented fabrics.


What’s next for this for young Anemian?  He is fluctuating between launching

a label or honing his talent under further tutelage.  He states:

“I’m deciding between working for a fashion house in Paris or creating my own label,” he says. “I’m thinking about doing luxurious ready-to-wear or maybe starting a haute couture label.” (quote from

Whatever choice he makes, Anemian is set for further success.

(images from

Eddy Anemian for H & M

The Collection

   eddy-anemian_ h and m, teenvogue 02 eddy-anemian _ h and m, teenvogue-09 eddy-anemian _ h and m, teenvogue-13 eddy-anemian-_ h and m, teenvogue16 eddy-anemian_ h and m, teenvogue-15 eddy-anemian_ h and m, teenvogue-11 eddy-anemian _ h and m, teenvogue-10 eddy-anemian _ h and m, teenvogue -05 eddy-anemian _ h and m, teen vogue-03 eddy-anemian _ h and m, teenvogue-04 eddy-anemian_ h and m, from teenvogue-06 eddy-anemian_ h and m from teen vogue-08

As of 23 October 2014, the Eddy Anemian collection

is in-store at selected H & M locations and online.

Project Runway Threads: reality t.v. fashion competition featuring tweenie designers


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For many audiences, unscripted t.v. has become the norm for at-home viewing.

Be it a reality programme, which follows the lives of “celebrity” families,

or competitive shows, which pit contestants against each other

based on talent or brawn, and sometimes it seems a combination of both-

unscripted television shows have become standard.


Whatever the format, one feature seems key for

garnering high ratings: the verbal battles.

It appears that arguing between participants

is an essential for viewing pleasure.

Ratings seem to indicate as much,

especially given that shows with a healthy

dose of squabbling reign supreme.

Fair enough.  Who doesn’t like a bit of ‘drama’?

There are several unscripted shows,

which are based on a fashion industry theme.

A few that have been popular are:

- The Next Top Model programmes (U.S. and International series)

The original U.S. show, now in its 21st season,

was the brainchild of ex-model Tyra Banks.

The aim of the programme is to discover a future modelling talent.

Model hopefuls are judged/eliminated each week on the results of

photo shoots.  The winner receives a modelling contract.

Oh, and the models all live together,

a perfect breeding ground for many

off runway ‘battles of the beautiful.’

(image from

america's next top model, cycle 21

America’s Nest Top Model

current season-  Cycle 21

- Styled to Rock (U.K. and U.S. series)

The U.K. series featured young design talents battling

each week for the prize of creating a look for a prominent

music industry performer.  R & B/ pop  songstress Rihanna

was involved with the U.K. programme as executive producer

and British fashion designer Henry Holland was one of the judges

With critiques which were sometimes harsh,

dreams were crushed and made along the way to dressing a rock star.

Although the U.K. series was short-lived, viewers did gain insight into

the unique design/clothing requirements of a stage performer.


(image from

styled to rock, judges

Judges from Styled to Rock

- Project Runway programmes (U.S. and International series)

The orignal U.S. series, is hosted by model Heidi Klum

and is in its 13th year on air.

Fashion educator and consultant, Tim Gunn serves as mentor

to a group of 16 designers who are given, seemingly impossible,

design challenges.  Time management, design talent and sewing skills

are key elements to securing the prize:  to show at New York Fashion Week

and receive a monetary award to launch a label.

(image from

project runway, season 13

Project Runway

current season, Cycle 13

The  Project Runway series have been so successful, that its producers

have created a new ‘baby’ to join the Project Runway show family.

Project Runway Threads, which premiered in the U.S. on 23 October 2014

features not adult contestants,

but tweenies (pre-teens) and teen fashion designers.

The participants are aged between 8 and 16.

Might this be taking things too far?

Are participants this young capable of coping with the

stress of the challenges,

severity of critiques and

the key element on which unscripted t.v. thrives:

contestant squabbling?


Threads Flyer

Project Runway Threads:

casting call advertisement

The judging panel on Project Runway Threads includes fashion designer

Christian Siriano (himself a Project Runway winner-  Season 4),

Seventeen Magazine’s Fashion Director Gina Kelly,

Accessories Editor Jasmine Snow, and YouTube style expert Ingrid Nilsen

Vanessa Simmons, herself a reality t.v. alumna (Run’s House) hosts the show.

(image from entertainment weekly):

fashion t.v., project runway threads, judges

Judging panel of Project Runway Threads

host, Vanessa Simmons (r)

Each week, three new contestant will present two outfits:

one completed at home and the other a set challenge

to be completed on air.  Each contestant brings a supportive adult along

to offer encouragement and ideas.

Cue the stage mums and dads!

I suppose most of the verbal take downs will probably be between the parents.

(image from

project runway threads contestants

Contestants and their parents at judging

The prize:  $25,000 USD and a scholarship to the Fashion Institute of Design &

Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, California (USA).



Yet watching tweenie/teen fashion design-makers at work may be

of some measure of viewing interest.


(image from

project runway threads, contestant sewing

Sewing skills

(image from

project runway threads, model fittings

Model fittings

(image from

project runway threads, judging

At panel

Though as the season progresses, can all the adults involved

be trusted to remain ever mindful of

the delicate ages and impressionable minds of the contestants?

We’ll have to wait and see.

(image from

project runway threads, logo

Starting Thursday, October 30

Project Runway: Threads

moves to its regular time slot of 10 pm ET/PT on Lifetime TV

For the ladies: “Accessorize me!”, autumn 2014


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Accessories can be the defining element of an ensemble:

an style opportunity to inject that extra dose

of fashion individuality.


An awesome pair of shoes, a unique handbag,

a sensational scarf, a perfect piece of jewellery,

an on-trend hat, standout eyewear -

the options are as infinite as one’s imagination.


Consider a few  autumn ’14 accessory suggestions

to get started; and don’t forget to have some fun with it!

Footwear Fancies

(photo by the urbanspotter):

accessories a14, over knee boots, urbanspotter, MilanSS15Day3-5075


Over the knee:   fabric and patent leather black boots

accessories a14, ankle boots, two tone zara 7104301001_1_1_1


Spats-like:  black/white over-ankle shoe boots


shoe boots, Nicholas Kirkwood, patent leather from elleuk kirsty-dale-3-what-elle-wears-21-october-2014-silvia-olsen__large


High gloss:  black patent leather ankle boots with gold detail heels




accessories, shoes, zara, blucher shoes, 6320301040_2_3_1

Tassel and lace brogues from Zara

accessories a14, moccasins with gold metal plate, 7284301040_2_3_1

Slip-ons with gold plate detail from Zara

Faux Fur and Fabulous

(images from

accessories a14, bag, teddy bear bag, bimba y Lola, elleukcom-231014__large

Teddy bear curls from Bimba y Lola

accessories a14, bag, faux fur by helen moore from -231014__large

Blue hues:  navy and sky clutch

from British design label, Helen Moore

accessories, faux fur striped scarf, by ruby + ed, from -231014__large

Its a wrap:  steel grey  / powder blue  scarf

accessories, tippet, by jigsaw, from -231014__large

Shoulder rest:  dark coral pink tippet from Jigsaw

‘Throwing down the gauntlet’

oversized gloves

(images from fashionising):

accessories, a 14, balenciaga, fuzzy bag, fashionising-details-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw78accessories, a 14, balenciaga, mitts, fashion i sing-details-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw75accessories, autumn 14, balenciaga, fashion i sing-details-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw60

Colour, leather, and buttton details from Balenciaga

Bag it

(image from

felt bag, carrier, littala, by designer Harri Koskinen

The Meno

All purpose felt carrier by designer Harri Koskinen

(image from elleuk):

accessory, littala bag, elleuk eline-varmo-2-what-elle-wears-21-october-2014-silvia-olsen__large

The Meno bag on the go

(photo by Yu Yang):

ace card clutch

‘Ace it’ with a quirky clutch

(images from

accessory, burberry, small bag, graphic images, a14

In leather:  graphic design

accessory, burberry prorsum, a14e0de78f8a2420d0542ea99425598926b9d4e0a39

In textile:  graphic design

Bedazzled, Bejewelled

double side earrings

Total ear lobe adornment

worn by Donna Wallace, Accessories Editor at Elle UK

Hats off to Headwear

(images from


floppy felt hat

felt hat

Wide rimmed hats

Coordinate a look with sunnies

sunnies, a 14

Grey matters

sunnies, a 14

Colour coded

(image by the urbanspotter)

reflective sunnies, photo by urbanspotter

Reflective reflection

Scarf styling:  tucked and belted

(images from fashionising):

scarf, women, burberry prorsum, a14

On the runway:  Burberry Prorsum

by Christopher Bailey

(image from

scarf fashion, women, haider ackermann

On the runway by Haider Ackermann


scarf, women, a14, burberrry,

Out and about

(photo by Adam Katz Sinding):

scarf, head/neck cover, a 14,  photo by Adam Katz Sinding

Added warmth:  total head/neck cover

Be bold:  accessorise with colour (and lots of it!)

(photos by Adam Katz Sinding):

colour dressing, a14, ladies

stripped scarf, colour photo by Adam Katz Sinding accessory, colour, orange hue ensemble, 04-moscow-fashion-week-street-style_011

A sportswear look with a new perspective: by menswear designer Christopher Shannon


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“Kitted, like a football team,”

is how British menswear designer Christopher Shannon

describes his a/w 2014 collection.


(image from

menswear designer Christopher Shannon

menswear designer, Christopher Shannon

The pieces generate an urban, sportswear, contemporary vibe

tempered with a soft, effortlessness:  a blend of street attitude and lux ease.

The materials and patterns use tell the style-story of

a certain toughness with leather, a visual softness with florals

and an inventiveness with men’s knit silhouette.


(images from fashionising):

menswear, sportwear lux, christopher shannonmenswear, sportswear/floral, christopher shannonchristoper shannon, leather short trousers ensemble, a14

The jewellery, crafted by the legendary stylist/designer Judy Blame,

were striking statement pieces.

Men’s white toiletry bags as carriers added colour interest and style attention.

menswear, christopher shannon, jewellery by Judy Blame, a 14

bold, avant garde

jewellery by Judy Blame

men, christopher-shannon, fashionising, a14, sports lux-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2014-lfw23

accessorising: oversized white toiletry bag

A graduate of Central Saint Martins prestigious MA course in Fashion Design,

Mr. Shannon won the inaugural  BFC/GQ Designer Menswear Fund-

awarded in summer 2014.

The prize, bestowed by the British Fashion Council (BFC)

and GQ magazine, provides monetary and mentoring assistance.

A menswear designer on a perfect ascent,

Shannon is definitely one to watch.

Christopher Shannon

Menswear,  a/w  2014

The Collection


(images from fashionising):

mens, christopher-shannon, sports lux, fashionising, a14-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2014-lfw10menswear, sportwear lux, christopher shannonmens, christopher-shannon, sports lux, fashionising, a14-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2014-lfw22mens, christopher-shannon, sports lux a14, fashionising-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2014-lfw4

menswear, christopher-shannon, sportswear, 14, -mens-autumn-fall-winter-2014-lfw16 menswear, christopher-shannon, sports_leather, a14, fashionising-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2014-lfw14

mens, christopher-shannon, sports lux, a 14-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2014-lfw6

Baby, it’s getting cold outside: men’s overcoats for a/w 2014


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As the autumn season slowly fades and

winter weather whisks in,

the overcoat gains prominence as signature piece.

Its function is two-fold: to provide warmth and protection

against the cold clime and to make the wearer look fabulous in the process.


The gents have many choices from which to contemplate

the perfect winter overcoat, which speaks to total comfort

and style needs.

Menswear winter overcoat options,  2014

Wonderfully spoilt for choice


Runway Selection


(image from


Antonio Marras

mens overcoat, antonio marras, two tone, textured

So much in one look:

tweed patterning, trench-coat material to collar/sleeves

double breast, colour fading, ‘fuzzy-wuzzy’ hem

Umit Benan

menswear, overcoat, puffer, umit benan


oversized, baby blue, deep pockets

Diesel Black Gold

menswear, overcoat, slim fit, diesel black

high collar, slim fit, zipper pocket detail



(images from fashionising):


Raf Simons

mens overcoat, raf simons a 14

oversized, concealed button panel, colour bands to sleeve hem

mens overcoat, raf simons, a14

Artistic speak:

bleach-splash effect with elongated fabric stripes

menswear, overcoat, raf simons

With ‘helping hands’ :

dark fuschia pink, hood

rock and fanned finger print design

Billy Reid

menswear, overcoat, billy reid

long length, blanket texture, classic silhouette


by Alexander Wang

mens wear. overcoat, balenciaga

A winter-wear classic

the toggle coat

mens overcoat, balenciaga, a14, asymmetric close

asymmetric single close, zipper detail

Costume National

by Ennio Capasa

menswear, overcoat, costume national, blue/black

blue/black colour story


by American designers

Humberto Leon and Carol Lim

menswear,overcoat, kenzo a14, style.com_ARC0555.1366x2048

A scenic view:

colour pop landscape imagery inspired by

the landscape of the Pacific Northwest (U. S.)

Street Styling

menswear, camel coat

Well polished:

camel coat

and notice the two-toned green monk shoes!

(photo from

mens overcoat, brown/contrast black collar

fleck brown with contrast black collar

(photos by Tommy Ton):

menswear, overcoat, tt 1389796209375_street-style-tommy-ton-fall-winter-2014-milan-3-09

(l) double breast, khaki-brown  with fluff textured collar

(r) large plaid pattern

menswear, overcoat, in three, tt, 1389796209372_street-style-tommy-ton-fall-winter-2014-milan-3-06

Three gents, Three looks


menswear, overcoat, brown , tt1389826917569_street-style-tommy-ton-fall-winter-2014-milan-4-01

Signori da due

(l) wheat hued toggle with hood

(r) tan, three button, notch lapel

menswear, overcoat, blue textured, tt 1389796209371_street-style-tommy-ton-fall-winter-2014-milan-3-05

tactile blue

(photo by cyann):

menswear, overcoat, camel

‘Shoulder perched':

camel classic

‘Jack-ets’ to suit all trades


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There is a certain measure of  ‘je ne sais quoi’,

an almost indescribable special something

about a man sporting a well-fitted jacket.

Be it part of an ensemble of matching jacket and trousers,

cut from the same cloth for an intended constructed look or

an unique deconstructed look of seemingly discordant pieces,

yet which perfectly harmonise:

the effect is evident, a jacket is a definite style maker.




 As the autumnal chill sets in, consider a few jacket styling options:


 Runway style inspiration


Men’s jacket wear,  Autumn  ’14

(images from

Issey Miyake

by designer, Yusuke Takahashi

menswear, jacket, suit, issey miyake a14

Kaleidoscopic fashion groove

menswear, jacket, issey miyake, a14

Gloves as jacket design extensions

Costume National

by designer, Ennio Capasa

menswear, jacket, costume national

A colour cornucopia:

aubergine purple jacket

tomato red trousers

From British father and son design duo

Casely – Hayford

jacket, suit,  red/black checkered, casely hayford

Red suit with faint/fuzzy black rectangular print

worn with long length tee

jacket, casely hayford, a14

 Bespoke styling

jacket-on-jacket teaming

jacket, suit, casely hayford, a 14

Burnt siena hued suit with

contrast texture in lapel detail

By designer, Siki Im

menswear suit, siki im, a14

Form fit

Asymmetric concealed button closure


By designer, Todd Snyder

jacket, todd snyder, a14

A ’60s cool factor

By Belgian designer, Kris van Assche

menswear, jacket,  kris van assche, a14, stylecomYVL_9846.1366x2048

Soft sheen suiting

From the design team at Jil Sander

menswear, jacket, jil sander, a14

A bit boxed in

by Umit Benan

menswear, jacket, suit, umit benan, a14

Suited up!

a home run baseball uniform inspiration


by Billy Reid

menswear, jacket, billy reid, a14

Fun fabrication

blue textured jacket and blue velvet trousers



by Kean Etro, creative director of Etro Men


menswear, suit, plaid, etro, a 14

menswear, jacket, suit, etro a14, stylecom_UMB6644.1366x2048

Plaid plain speaking

Plaid, plaid and more plaid


Shipley and Halmos

by designers, Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos

menswear, jacket shipley halmos

Casual and carefree



 Jacket takes from

Out and About




(photos by Yu Yuan):


mens suiting, camo wear, photo by Yu Yung anonymous1003A camo suit sighting

menswear, suit options, from before sunrise tumblr_ndoxmtHmcw1sszpmyo1_1280

Showing how it’s done:

los tres amigos

mens, fashion parade, photo by yu yang tumblr_ndego4rvXv1sszpmyo1_1280

 Style options abound


(photos by Robert Spangle):

menswer, photo by robert spangle, braces tumblr_ncj5vriBBg1tb66mbo1_1280

 It’s all about the accessories:

braces and attached trouser belt-loop chain



mens, photo by robert spangle, red clothing, senior cyclist tumblr_ncl898mTWm1tb66mbo1_1280

Ruby red remark


  menswear, windowpane suiting, photo from before sunrise, tumblr_ndqy6tr2m51sszpmyo1_r1_1280

Taking in the view:

window-pane pattern, double breast suit


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