London Town: Looking ‘a Lot’ like Christmas!


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Holiday window and street decorations

elevate the joyous, anticipatory mood of the festive season.

Nowhere is this more evident than in London, U.K. :

Lights a – twinkle

Baubles suspended

Trees adorned

People out and about

The holiday hustle and bustle.



A bit of a walk about

London Town

Looking good for the holiday season

(photo by JGD):

Trafalgar Square

London town, hols 2014 , trafalgar square

A 70 ft Christmas tree, the annual gift

from the people of Norway to Britain for

the Allies’ assistance during WWII


A majestic Hanukkah menorah

(photos by meappropriatestyle):

Oxford Street

london town, hols, 2014

Shop, shop, shop and then shop some more!


London town, Hamleys toy store, hols 2014

The world’s oldest toy store, founded 1760

Regent Street

london town, hols  2014

Side path off Bond Street

london town, hols 2014

Bells announce the holiday season!

Promenading down Carnaby Street

london town, carnaby street, hols 2014

london town, hols 2014, carnaby street

london town, hols 2014 , cowshed shop, carnaby street

london town, hols 2014, carnaby street


Liberty (department store)

london town, hols 2014

london town, liberty, hols 2014

Christmas trees aligned, lights a-glow

Marylebonne Lane:

london town, hols 2014, wreathslondon town, hols 2014, wreathslondon town, hols 2014, wreathslondon town, hols 2014, wreaths

Wreaths varied and a-plenty

london town, hols 2014, jam shop, window dressing

Ye ole shop

london town, hols 2014, shoe tree

Shoe tree

Midnight stroll down Old Bond Street

london town, hols 2014

london town, hols 2014

london town, hols 2014london town, hols 2014

london town, hols 2014

Bond street, by daylight

St. Christopher’s Place

london town, hols 2014, christopher street

Baubles overhead

Agent Provocateur

london town, agent provacatuer window display, hols 2014

For a ‘cheeky’ holiday season

Santa Claus:  scaling new heights

london town, hols 2014, santas scaling walls

Isn’t it easier to get in by chimney?

Seven Dials

IMG_5076 IMG_5100

West End meeting point

Seven Dials, road junction-  Covent Garden

Can’t get enough of Jose Feliciano! : a ‘Light My Fire’ performance


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The song Light My Fire

was originally recorded by The Doors, 1967.

When released in 1968 by Jose Feliciano,

it became his signature tune for which he will be forever associated.





Jose Feliciano, sings Light My Fire -

t.v. performance, 1968



Light My Fire (lyrics)

You know that it would be untrue
You know that I would be a liar
If I was to say to you, hey
Girl, we couldn’t get much higher

Come on, baby, light my fire
Come on, baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire

Mm, the time for hesitation’s through
There’s no time to wallow in the mire
Darling, we could only lose
And our love become a funeral pyre

Come on, baby, light my fire
Come on, baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire

Well, you know that it would be untrue
And you know that I would be a liar
If I was to go and tell you
Mama, we couldn’t get much higher

Yeah, come on, baby, light my fire
Come on, baby, light my fire, yeah
Try to set the night on fire, hey

Hey, come on, baby, light, light my fire, yeah
Come on, babe, light my fire
Don’t you know it’s all right?
Light my fire, light my fire, light my fire
Oh, light my fire, light my fire, light my fire, yeah, girl
Girl, you better light my fire, yeah
You better light, you better light, you better light my fire
And we’re gonna get much higher
Oh, come on, girl
You know I love you, girl
You know I need you, babe
Come on, light, light, light, light my fire
Light my fire
A-light my fire
Light my fire, light my fire, light my fire
Light, light, light, light, light my, light my fire

Get into the festive spirit: ‘Feliz Navidad!’, sung by Jose Feliciano


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Jose Feliciano is a composer, singer, guitarist extraordinaire.

Born in Puerto Rico (1945), he was blind from birth

and viewed the world through the lens of music.


His talent was evident from an early age.

While growing up, he was greatly influenced by a

variety of musical genre:  jazz, soul, rock-n-roll.

In addition, he taught himself to play the guitar.

Later he studied classical guitar,

which augmented his musical range.


(image from

Jose Feliciano, young  Jose


The young Jose Feliciano,

always with a guitar in hand

Jose Feliciano is best known for his rendition of

Light My Fire (by The Doors)

and the holiday sing along favourite

Feliz Navidad!  (Spanish for Happy Christmas!).

(image from

Jose Feliciano, recent


Music virtuoso, Jose Feliciano

Vamos a cantarcon Jose Feliciano

Feliz Navidad!



Nail decorations: extending the glitz of the festive season


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Tis the season to be all-a-glitter

from head to toe and finger tips:

elevate a mani to nail artistry status

for the holidays … and beyond!



Holiday Mani Mania


nail beauty, black, gold borders

Onyx and gold

nail beauty, black/white polka dots

Playful fancy

black varnish and white polka dots

nail beauty, glitter tips

Glitter moon (of the nail, that is!)

(image from

nail beauty, patterns, turquoise/white /silver

Of geometric proportions:

turquoise and white colour sections 

separated by silver borders

nail beauty, snowflakes


pale, delicate

(image from

nail beauty, ornate, silver

Ornate ornamentation

(image from

nail beauty, red/white peppermint

Hols red/white peppermint

nail beauty, bejewelled nail beauty, peacock colours, zoom

Nocturnal jewellery

nail beauty, musical note, cool nail design pics-PutB


“Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la”

nail beauty, animal print tips, from acrylic nails designs-rZxi-300x225

Animal print tips

nail beauty, peacock, -nail-painitng-design-ideas

Peacock tail colour patterns:

swirls of blue, green, gold

(image from

nail beauty, byzantium

Byzantine art colour application

of reds and golds

The Lanvin-look: Menswear, a/w 2014


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In 2015, the House of Lanvin will celebrate its 125th anniversary.

Established in 1890 by Mme. Jeanne-Marie Lanvin, the label

is now under the creative direction of designer, Alber Elbaz.


(image from

alber elbaz, portrait with name

Alber Elbaz

Creative director, Lanvin

For the menswear collection, a/w 2014

M. Elbaz presented ensembles, which successfully

combined hints of signature Lanvin elegance

with an injection of genuine fashion fun.

Elements of the ‘Lanvin’ – look

Menswear,  a/w  2014

“Wowee, Kazawee” Robin side-wing slip-ons

(from the original ’60s Batman television show!)

(image from thehanalog):

'Robin shoes' from the original Batman '60s tv show

Robin, wearing Mercury-esque footwear

Statement tees

‘Look at me’  belts

Pink colour story

Stripes and zany patterns/prints


Modern suiting

Nearly-to-the- floor sweeping scarves

Varied carrier bags

Without doubt Mme. Lanvin,

herself a fashion forward thinker and business astute,

would be pleased with the

design direction undertaken by M. Elbaz.



(runway images from



Menswear,  a/w  2014



lanvin, men, a14 style _ON_0349.1366x2048


lanvin, men, a14 style_ON_0284.1366x2048

lanvin, men a14_ON_0416.1366x2048

 ‘Look at me’  belts

lanvin, men a14, style_ON_0199.1366x2048

lanvin, men, a14, style _ON_0341.1366x2048

Pink colour story


lanvin, men, a14 style _ON_0275.1366x2048 lanvin, men a14, style _ON_0253.1366x2048

Stripes and zany patterns/prints


lanvin, men a14, style _ON_0218.1366x2048  lanvin, men a14, style _ON_0168.1366x2048

Modern suiting


lanvin, men a14, style _ON_0149.1366x2048 lanvin, men a14, style _ON_0119.1366x2048 lanvin, men a14, style _ON_0096.1366x2048

Nearly-to-the- floor sweeping scarves


lanvin, men a14, style _ON_0081.1366x2048 lanvin, men a14 style_ON_0038.1366x2048

Varied carrier bags

lanvin, menswear, a14


lanvin, men a14 style_ON_0063.1366x2048


Mark your diary ! : For a retrospective exhibition on French couturière, Jeanne-Marie Lanvin


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The Palais Galliera:  Musèe de la Mode, De La Ville de Paris

is a museum devoted to the exhibition and study of

French fashion and costume-  dating from the

eighteenth century to contemporary design.


(image from

Palais Galliera, Paris- museum of fashion/fashion history

The Palais Galliera

Paris, France

Located in the fashionable 16th arrondissement of Paris, France

the Palais Galliera only presents temporary exhibitions.

It is closed to the public during the interim period between exhibition dates.

These closures are due to conservation concerns

over the delicate garments on display.




The Palais Galliera is set to re-open in March, 2015

with a much anticipated retrospective show

on the work of couturière Jeanne-Marie Lanvin (1867 – 1946).

Mme. Lanvin started her fashion house in 1890,

which in 2015 will celebrate its 125th anniversary.

Jeanne Lanvin, portrait

Mme. Jeanne-Marie Lanvin

Mme. Lanvin started her career in 1889 as a milliner.

A year later, she established The House of Lanvin

and oversaw its operation for over fifty years.

House of Lanvin holds the distinction as the oldest fashion house in the world.


(image from hprints):

jeanne lanvin hat, 1933


(r) a Jeanne Lanvin  hat creation (1933)

(image from

photo of Mme. Lanvin and her daugher Marguerite, image inspired company logo

(l) photo of Jeanne Lanvin and her daughter, Marguerite

(r) House of Lanvin logo, which was inspired

by the photo of the designer and her daughter.


Marguerite would later take over the helm of the House of Lanvin.

Mme. Lanvin was a creative force and an astute business woman.

Her incredible drive speaks to the successful longevity of her career

and the permanence of the fashion empire she built.

Starting with women’s fashion, she quickly expanded into

design of clothing for men and children.

She also extended a creative hand into furniture design .


(image from hprints):

jeanne lanvin, girl's dress, 1917

Young lady’s day dress (1917)

jeanne lanvin, evening gown, 1928

Rose petal

ladies’ evening dress (1928)

Mme. Lanvin is recognised as one of the first designers

to show every season, presenting more than 200 looks

for each.  The extent of her prolificacy is astounding.

Mme. Lanvin drew inspiration from aspects of art

and elements of other cultures-

creating pieces with the precision of perfection expected of a master couturière.


Sketchbook images

by Jeanne Lanvin

(images from harpersbazaar, luxurydaily, national post):

jeanne lavin, sketch, black dress, large front bow

.jeanne Lanvin, sketch-125-Pinterest-Bluejeanne lanvin,, sketch -sketch

Dress to Impress

House of Lanvin

(image from

jeanne lanvin, 1936, silk, chiffon, leather evening gown


silk chiffon, kid leather, gilded,

cream coloured evening dress (1936)

jeanne lanvin, evening dress, silk, velvet, chiffon,purple, 1935

Purple passion

silk chiffon long sleeve evening dress

 wide collared velvet jacket (1935)


(image from

jeanne lanvin, Winter 22/23, sil, silver lame, purple, colour block full length dress

Colour block

 silver lamè, full-length purple dress (Winter, 1922/23)

(image from

jeanne lanvin, black, silk taffeta with metal plaques, bolero, kimono interpretive , 1934

Global perspective

 silk taffeta black dress 

bolero with red lining and metal applique

in a kimono inspired silhouette

jeanne lanvin, black, fox trim genghis khan element 1936

Warrior princess

black silk, full length skirt

gold lamè, fur trimmed ‘Genghis Khan’ jacket (1936)

jeanne lanvin, steel grey silk taffeta, embroidered with metallic, sequins, pink beads, Cyclone dress

The Cyclone Dress

two-tiered taffeta dress in steel grey

gold halter/bodice top

In celebration of her daughter’s Marguerite’s thirtieth birthday (1927),

Mme. Lanvin introduced her fragrance Arpège.

By diversifying her business/creative endeavors:

clothing/furniture design, perfumery-

Mme. Lanvin was certainly ahead of her time.

She was a woman of many talents.

(image from

jeanne lanvin, perfume bottle 1925

An original Arpegè perfume bottle

with the Lanvin mother/daughter logo

Until the 1990s, House of Lanvin was under family control.

Today, designer Alber Elbaz serves as creative director;

a position he has held for the past thirteen years.

(image from

alber elbaz, portrait, creative director, lanvin

M. Alber Elbaz

Creative Director,  Lanvin

M. Elbaz closely collaborated on the exhibition with Olivier Saillard,

who is Curator of the Lanvin retrospective and Director of the Palais Galliera.

The show will feature over one hundred pieces from the Lanvin archives.

For future details on this upcoming exhibition, visit:

Fashion-speak: dictionary entry, and the word is ‘groutfit’


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Grey matters in all its varying hues for Fall 2014.

As an alternative to the standard subdued spectrum of 3B’s:

black, brown, blue

grey is the au courant autumn colour.



Be fashion-forward savvy,

in full-on grey monochromatics as a signature look.



And the word is


grout’fit   (adj.)

1.  an adjective:  to describe wearing slate grey hued clothing from head to toe

(as noted in

Phonetic pronunciation

Word reference:  grout-  “thin mortar used to fill cavity between tiles”

Synonyms:  cement grey,

Groutfit on the runway for autumn/winter 2014



(images from



A no brainer

grey matters

Groutfit fashion for the ladies


groutit, women, sonia rykiel, knit top matching bottom

 V-neck knit top and matching trousers

from Sonia Rykiel

groutit, women, isa arfen, a 14

Double-breast coat/trouser suit

coat:  fabric covered buttons

trousers:  cropped, wide leg

accent:  pointed toe, gold boots

by Isa Arfen

groutfit, women, dress viktor& rolf

Asymmetric knit dress

by Viktor & Rolf

groutfit, women, a14, edun, knit emsemble

Gotta have it!

(meappropriatestyle approved)

Trainer fashion and the layered look

from Edun

Groutfit fashion for the gents

groutfit, men, a14, ermenegildo zegna, check suit

Check suiting

with oversized hooded overcoat

from Ermenegildo Zegna 

groutfit, men, thom browne, a 14, suit

Mad hatter suiting

by Thom Browne

groutfit, men, a14, fendi, casual wear

Keeping it casual

from Fendi

groutfit, men, a14, ami


from Ami

A ‘special-meal-deal’ : jewellery made from KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) bones


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Meg Carroll is an American jewellery designer

who was raised on Long Island, New York

and now lives/works in Lexington, Kentucky.

Of late, she’s keen on two things:

eating Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

and creating jewellery from the bone remains.

A bit creatively odd and of intrigue.


After consuming a fried chicken meal (wings preferred, courtesy of the Colonel),

the bones are thoroughly cleaned, painted, dipped in copper and gold

to create unique 14 karat gold plated pieces.

Only a limited number of KFC jewellery items were produced,

clearly a ‘special-meal-deal”.

jewellery, KFC bones, wishbone necklace, 14kt gold plated by Meg Carroll

Wishbone necklace


(image from


jewellery, ear rings, KFC bone, designer Meg Carroll

‘KFC’ chicken bone ear ring

Gotta have it! : the palm cuff


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The palm cuff is an innovative design piece,

which brings new attention to hand adornment.

Embrace it as a signature to add

new dimension to jewellery-wear.


Worn singularly or as part of a hand jewellery ensemble:

stacked bangles, watches, rings and things-

be palm cuff, jewellery-wear creative!


The palm cuff




(image from


jewellery, palm cuff,

 Intricate pattern, copper hue

with stacked pinkie rings

(image from

palm cuff, single gold bar

‘Fort Knox’

single gold bar

(image from

palm cuff,

(image from

palm cuff, variety pack

Variety pack


palm cuff,  silver wrap

Silver wrap

(images from

palm cuff, one among many

One among many

silver serpentwine

palm cuff, gold serpentwine

Stack ‘em up!

gold serpentwine

palm cuff,

Mirror images

in silver and gold

(image from pinterest);

palm cuff, bird  wing interpretive, with watch time flies

Time flies

bird wing interpretive

Northern Lights Celebration 2014: L.L. Bean Flagship Store – Freeport, Maine


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Each holiday season the L. L. Bean Flagship Store  located in Freeport, Maine

is the venue for a joyous musical light show,

which features one of the largest Christmas trees in Maine.

(image from

L. L. Bean, northern lights image

For details on viewing of this year’s L.L. Bean Northern Lights Celebration

(until 31 December 2014 at the Flagship Store, Freeport, Maine)


L.L. Bean Northern Lights Celebration, 2012


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