A fashion ‘dream team’ scores again! : the Missioni X Converse collaboration


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Get into sneaker fashion with the Missioni  X Converse collaboration for Fall ’14:

trademark Missioni impact of colour,  knit design

(the collection features the zig-zag raschel knit technique)

combined with signature Converse high/low top styled trainers.

What’s not to love, love!

The six sneaker mini-collection is yet another installment of the

creative partnership between the two fashion labels.

A ‘dream team’,  which started back in 2010.


The collection will be widely available by 28 August,

retailing at affordable prices (starting at 85 USD, 50 GBP)

for those who are budget conscious and style savvy!

Win – Win!

(images from teen vogue):


converse-missoni-06 converse-missoni-05 converse-missoni-04 converse-missoni-02 teen vogue converse-missoni-01


Favlook – Lookfav Focus: super – length sleeve sweaters


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For Fall ’14, gloves for added warmth to hands

may be of secondary consideration,

as the  ‘to fingers and beyond’  length sweater sleeves

have the job covered.

Go for over-all body super size sweater,

note examples from The Row collection, or

stay slim in body and long at sleeve, as presented by Marc Jacobs.

Whatever the body fit, get on trend with super-length sleeve sweaters

for a bit of added knitwear dimension.

Favlook – Lookfav Focus:

Super-length Sleeve Sweaters

Fall ’14

Celine,  pre-fall

to finger sweater celine prefall nymag use5.nocrop.w1800.h1330

Junya Watanabe,  menswear

to finger sweater j watanabeWAT_0433.450x675 to finger sweater j watanabeWAT_0413.450x675 to finger sweater watanabeWAT_0402.450x675 to finger sweater junya watanabeWAT_0392.450x675 to finger sweataer men junya watanabe WAT_0386.450x675

M Missoni

to finger sweater M Missoni style_009_1366.450x675


to finger sweater marni styleMAR_0430.450x675

The Row

  to finger sweaterRow_002_1366.450x675 to finger sweater The Row style_001_1366.450x675

Marc Jacobs

to finger sweater marc jacobs style_17G0159.450x675 to finger sleeve sweater marc jacobs stylecom_17G0167.450x675

Reflecting upon life and memories: ‘The Sun Used to Shine’, a poem by Philip Edward Thomas


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In memory of moments past, no matter how simple or mundane

but which gave much joy.

In memory of soldiers in war, their thoughts, feelings and sacrifices .

In celebration of living, as appreciation of each day given.

The Sun Used to Shine
by Philip Edward Thomas
The sun used to shine while we two walked
Slowly together, paused and started
Again, and sometimes mused, sometimes talked
As either pleased, and cheerfully parted
Each night. We never disagreed
Which gate to rest on. The to be
And the late past we gave small heed.
We turned from men or poetry
To rumours of the war remote
Only till both stood disinclined
For aught but the yellow flavorous coat
Of an apple wasps had undermined;
Or a sentry of dark betonies,
The stateliest of small flowers on earth,
At the forest verge; or crocuses
Pale purple as if they had their birth
In sunless Hades fields. The war
Came back to mind with the moonrise
Which soldiers in the east afar
Beheld then. Nevertheless, our eyes
Could as well imagine the Crusades
Or Caesar’s battles. Everything
To faintness like those rumours fade—
Like the brook’s water glittering
Under the moonlight—like those walks
Now—like us two that took them, and
The fallen apples, all the talks
And silence—like memory’s sand
When the tide covers it late or soon,
And other men through other flowers
In those fields under the same moon
Go talking and have easy hours.
(image from the guardian):
the poet, Philip Edward Thomas, 1878 – 1917

A central theme of his poetry was on war.

In 1915, Thomas, “the poet – soldier”

joined the British Army to fight during World War I.

He was killed in action during the  Battle of Arras, 1917


Your shout: fashion e-commerce, does it fit?


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New to meappropriatestyle will be articles in which

readers can weigh in on a topic.

This first subject concerns fashion, e-commerce and technology.

(image from dorm room biz):

onlineshopping from dorm-room-biz

Fashion e-commerce has become the go to shopping experience

for many consumers, and the numbers continue to rise.

For most it is the convenience factor:

- quick access to a myriad of online clothing labels

- ease of price comparison research

- stress free browsing, the not having to deal with crowded stores

- no waiting in endless queues

- the ‘save option’ for a later purchase

- early preview of sales

- special offers targeting online shopping only

- and all done from the comfort of home or office.

The benefits seem an endless happy list.

Yet, there is the unfortunate down-side:

the annoyance of having to return an item of clothing due to improper fit.

This has become the bane for e-retailers and e- shoppers alike.

(image from daily mail):

tight clothingarticle-1181997-04F2E97B000005DC-732_233x471

For e-retailers:  it’s the cost factor,

as most provide consumers with free shipping for returns.

After absorbing the initial cost for outbound shipping,

reports indicate  that between 30% – 50% of garments

are returned due to ill fit.

In addition, some items are returned in a condition,

which unfortunately prohibits resale.

For e-shoppers:  it’s the emotional factor,

as an anticipatory high of expecting a new purchase

is dashed by an disappointing low when the garment doesn’t quite fit.

In addition, there is the mild irritant (for some worse than for others)

of waiting in dreaded queues at the post office

to mail back the unloved / unwanted clothing.

Yet, wasn’t a few of the original intentions of the e-shop experience,

that of saving time, avoiding queues … a leisurely, stress free approach ?

How to guarantee a win – win for all concerned:

the e-retailer and the e-shopper.

The solution is in finding the correct answer to the customer query:

what is my size from everything4pagenats

Nothing screams,  “Poor styling!”

than poorly fitted clothes, which is to be avoided at all costs;

so as to avoid ‘all costs’ in later trying to set things right.

(image from prime magazine):

clothes fit prime magazinedont-wear-clothes-that-dont-fit

For the past few years, the fashion e-commerce community

has been working with technology experts to sort out

the clothes fit concern in effort to reduce loss revenue

and to maintain customer satisfaction and site re-visits.

Two years ago, the virtual tape measure was introduced.

This was then an innovative software created by London College of Fashion

in partnership with the University of Surrey.

“(A) web-based body-scanner would take detailed measurements of the body via webcam or smartphone, create a 3D image of the user, then advise on which size garment to buy whenever (an online shopper) visit the website of a participating retailer.”

Sounds good, right?

virutal tape measure dailymail.co.ukarticle-2236194-1625257F000005DC-928_634x410

(image/info from dailymail.co.uk)


Yet, two years hence, and the problem still plagues.

With fashion on-line shopping booming

a viable solution to the problem of

up with proper fit of garments and

down with multiple returns 

must be found.

The business of solving the problem

is fast becoming a thriving business in its own right.

Many new companies have been sighted on the techno horizon

“(s)ome, like TrueFit, which works with Macy’s and Nordstrom, leverage algorithmic solutions to analyse fit data and recommend which size a consumer should select. Others, like Metail and Fits.me, have developed digital fitting rooms that use virtual mannequins to mimic a shopper’s dimensions and display what a certain garment might look like when worn. Still others rely on shoppers to input their own measurements, matching this data with specific garments.”


Clotheshor.se | Source: Clothes Horse

(image/info from the business of fashion)

The perfect solution, as in the perfect fit garment,
still seems in need of, well …  some adjusting.
Or maybe acceptance that the tried and true of
trying on in store before purchase,
is the only assured method.
Has technology hit the hurdle on this one?
Join in on the discussion:
‘Squeeze’ your opinion into the discourse.
If you’re a fashion online shopper, what suggestions / ideas
do you think might help the better fit/less return conundrum?
As is said,  the customer is always right!

A musical interlude: by American pop/soft rock band … Chicago


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Formed in Chicago, Illinois (USA), 1967

legendary, Grammy-award winning band


is one of the most successful musical groups of all time.

(image from frontdoor.com):

chicago 1973 from frontdoor.comcdn.frontdoor.com

The band in 1972

With a distinct sound

rich in influence from a mishmash of musical styles

blues, jazz, big band, pop, Motown -

 with emotive melodies and lyrics -

delivered in powerful vocals and instrumentals-

their music captured a generation

and will always remain significant.

Back in the day:

Chicago concert performance of

‘Colour My World’ (r.  1970)

lead vocals,  Terry Kath

flute soloist,  Walter  Parazaider

One of my favourite Chicago tunes (Grammy Award, 1976):

 ‘If You Leave Me Now’

lead vocals, Peter Cetera

Surprise! Surprise! Suprise! : Yohji Yamamoto, a/w 2014


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Black is signature colour for designer Yohji Yamamoto,

(image from vogue.fr):

yohji_yamamoto vogue.fr__9695_north_380x

whose clothing seem the product of

contemplative calm and dress freedom created by:

gender-less identification:  silhouettes which suit both men and women

deconstruction:  a shift away from “perfect fashion”

over-sizing:  the big is beautiful factor

minimalist:  low-key / tranquil aspect

a succinct summing up of the aesthetics expressed by

a typical Yohji Yamamoto collection.

For his menswear  a/w  2014 offering

Mr. Yamamoto veers, in bold measure,

from his traveled design path and follows a road of

colour vibrancy, print, sharper tailoring and fit.

Yet, elements of the Yamamoto essence are in evidence:

layering, voluminousness, gender non-specific fashion .

This combination of fashion factors:  the unexpected and the expected

 resulted in a vivacious collection.

The element of design surprise intrigues.

I wonder what’s to be “expected” next , or not

from one of my favourite creatives

Yohji Yamamoto

Menswear, a/w  2014

Yohji Yamamoto

The Collection


(images from style.com):


yamamoto men ON_0213.450x675yamamoto a14 men_ON_0118.450x675yamamoto men _ON_0342.450x675yamamoto_ON_0074.450x675yamamoto_ON_0034.450x675yamamoto_ON_0801.450x675yamamoto_ON_0145.450x675






View the runway show

Favlook – Lookfav Focus : get it twisted!


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An au courant Favlook – Lookfav Focus style inspiration is

the fabric twist – look, which introduces

added dimensionality and texturing to the

structure of clothing and body form.

A definite wow factor aspect!

(images from who what wear)

Sidewalk scene

fabric twist2 www main.original.585x0


fabric twist www main.original.585x0

fabric twist main.original.585x0

(images from style.com):


a/w  2014

by designer, Yohji Yamamoto


fabric twist men yamamoto_ON_0727.450x675

Viktor & Rolf

by designers, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren

fabric twist viktor & rolf couture_KIM0297.450x675 fabric twist viktor & rolf couture a14_KIM0229.450x675

Marc by Marc Jacobs (MBMJ)

designers, Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier

fabric twist marc by marc,  style _ARC0297.450x675 fabric twist marc by marc a 14_ARC0496.450x675

J. W. Andersen

by designer, Jonathan Andersen

fabric twist jw andersen a14 style_ARC0076.450x675 fabric twist Jw andersen a14 style_ARC0100.450x675

by designer, Carolina Herrera

fabric twist carolin herrera a14 styleCAR_0331.450x675

Fotografiemuseum, Amsterdam (FOAM) presents a new set of fashion image-makers


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Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam (FOAM)

(image from artplein-spui.nl):

foam-foam from artplein-spui.nl-photography-museum-in-amsterdam_28_550x370_20111026154617

is an internationally renowned museum,

which exhibits all genres of photography in a

beautiful mid-19th century building along a canal-side setting.

In addition to displaying a wide variety of works,

by both world-famous artists as well as up-and-coming talent,

the museum serves as a creative hub where

photographers can network as well as participate in scheduled symposia.

The museum rotates its shows on a regular basis (every 2-4 months).

Both still photography and multi-media exhibits are displayed.

Guest curator Magdalene Keaney

has organised one of the current exhibitions:

Don’t Stop Now: Fashion Photography Next


The show explores contemporary methods of creating fashion images

as expressed by a now emerging generation of fashion photographers

who challenge the perspective of how the body is seen and clothing worn.

(list of exhibiting photographers from metro imaging):

This group exhibition showcases the work of many of the rising stars

in contemporary fashion photography including:

Daniel Jackson, Julia Hetta, Saga Sig, Erik Madigan, Alice Hawkins, Chad Moore, Samuel Hodge, Tyrone Lebon, Chardchakai Waikawee (Air), Jamie Hawkesworth, Mel Bles, Daniel Sannwald, Axel Hoedt, Laetitia Negre, Jonathan Hallam, Harley Weir, Daniel Riera, Charlie Engman, Hanna Putz, Baker & Evans, Laetitia Hotte, Jacob Sutton, Immo Klink, Ruvan Wijesooryia,  Tung Walsh and Robi Rodriquez

A selection of previous work:

(image from stussy.com):

by Tyrone Lebon

Stussy, a/w  2013

tyrone lebon for stussy fall 2013 stussy.com-lebon-13-header-final

(image from its nice that):

by Hanna Putz

hanna putz from itsnicethat.com4

(image from julian watson agency):

by Tung Walsh

ASOS, 2012

tung walsh for asos 2012 LHT_sncyth01

(image from the fashion spot)

by Axel Hoedt

axel hoedt canalblog51313127

(image from oaka zine)

by Saga Sig, July 2010

saga sig 2010 oaka zine 11_sagasig22-521x475

(image from encens magazine):

by Jonathan Hallam, 2005

clothes by designer, Yohji Yamamoto

joathan Hallam from encens magazine 2005 clothes by yohji Yamamoto img002

by Alice Hawkins

Love Magazine,  Spring 2012

alice hawkins, for Love magazine s 2012 from another africa16-nggid042491-ngg0dyn-620x413x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010

by Laetita Hotte

Laetitia hotte from so present .comH_c_4

by Jacob Sutton

for ‘Danceteria’, 2009

jacob sutton from the fashionsitodanceteria4

Don’t Stop Now: Fashion Photography Next

FOAM, Amsterdam

until 7 September 2014

For additional details:


A musical interlude: ‘Agitata da due venti’ (from La Griselda) composed by Antonio Vivaldi, performed by Cecilia Bartoli


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Antonio Vivaldi (1678 – 1741) was born in Venice, Italy.

(image from guardian.com):

Portrait of Antonio Vivaldi

composer, Antonio Vivaldi

An accomplished violinist, an ordained priest,

Vivaldi was a prolific, progressive and eminent composer

of the Baroque period;

writing over 500 concertos, 22 operas

and more than 60 works of religious music.

Vivaldi’s opera La Griselda is set three acts.

The aria of act two, ‘Agitata da due venti’

has become a popular concert piece of the

Italian mezzo-soprano, Cecilia Bartoli -

whose exquisite voice and performance vigor is total delight.

(image from telegraph.co.uk):

Cecilia-Bartoli_from telegraph.co.uk1531261c

mezzo-soprano, Cecilia Bartoli

Agitata da due venti

composer:  Antonio Vivaldi

performer:  Cecilia Bartoli


Ancora una volta!

Danish fashion features: a few highlights for autumn ’14 and spring ’15


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Copenhagen Fashion Week

takes place twice yearly:  in February and in August.

It is a showcase to present the best of Danish fashion to

an anticipatory and appreciative international audience.

Some of the labels to track on your fashion radar are:

(images from copenhagenfashionweek.com):

Wood Wood

a/w 2014

urban dress innovation

wood wood a14_dsc9012_0 wood wooda14 _dsc8936_0 wood wood a14_dsc8823_0 wood wood a14 _dsc8815_0

by desinger, Ivan Grundahl

a/w 2014

fabric mix

hard / soft styling

ivan grundahl a 14_dsc1033 ivan grundahl a14_dsc0932 ivan grundahl a14 _dsc0827 ivan grundahl a14 _dsc0787

ivan grundahl_dsc0747

by designer, Anne Sofie Madsen

a/w  2014

futuristic vibe

anne sofie madsen_dsc0464

anne sofie madsen_dsc0320anne sofie madsen_dsc0347anne sofie madesen_dsc0410anne sofie madsen_dsc0361


Britte Kai Rand

a/w  2014

mod squad

bitte kai rand a14_dsc3774 bitte kai rand a14_dsc3628 bitte kai rand a14_dsc3577bitte kai rand a14_dsc3561  bitte kai rand a14 _dsc3512

by designer, Bettina Bakdal

a/w  2014

classic cut

autumnal hues

bettina bakdal a14 dsc_3627_0 bettina bakdal a14 dsc_3586_0 bettina bakdal a14 dsc_3524_0Bettina Bakdal a14 dsc_3517_0

Baum und Pferdgarten

by design duo,  Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave

s/s 2015

playful,  flirty,  graphic

baum und pferdgarten ss15_g7z1065 baum und pferdgarten_g7z1028 baum und pferdgarten ss15_g7z0957 Baum und Pferdgarten ss15_g7z0921

by designer Barbara I Gongini

s/s  2015




barbar I gongini ss 1524 copenhagen fashionweek  barbara I gongini ss15 12

barbara i gongini 16

barbar i gongini 01

by designer, Freya Dalsjo

s/s  2015

asymmetric detail

subdued seduction

freya dalsjo ss15_g7z9848_0

freya dlasjo_g7z9933 freya dlasjo_g7z9998

freya dalsjo ss15_g7z9893freya dlasjo_g7z9941


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