At New York Fashion Week (2016), meet the designer: Claudia Li


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Born in China

Raised in Singapore and New Zealand

Studied at Central Saint Martins (London) and Parsons (NYC)

Lives in New York


Meet designer, Claudia Li.


Claudia+Li+ portrait, zimbiocom

(image from



After completing her studies,

Ms. Li honed her skills at various fashion houses

including work with British designer, J. W. Andersen.


She’s now launched her eponymous label

and will show for the second time

at New York Fashion Week, (February, 2016).


Her design aesthetic pulls inspiration from her cultural origins and travels;

the silhouette of her clothing:  loose, easy, unencumbered

a gentle fit / a gentle palette.



A Lookbook


Spring / Summer   2016

hand-woven pieces

airy presentation

paratrooper rings / straps

subdued chromatics

fringe detail

threading effect

 claudia li, lookbook+ss16-final3 claudia li, two piece, claudia-li com lookbook+ss16-final6 claudia li,, white coat_ trousers, lookbook+ss16-final10 claudia-li, , outerwear, lookbook+ss16-final5

claudia li, black fringe dress, claudia li com lookbook+ss16-final13

Accessorise with the

 Nui clutch

commodious carry-all bag

(the word nui means large in the Maori language)

claudia li, accessory, bag, lookbook+ss16-final15

(images from



Autumn / Winter    2016



stand-out design details / elements


kimono-esque:  reference to traditional Japanese dress

claudia li, soft denim, strap detail on trouser, wmag,claudia li,  strap detail top, w mag claudia li, kimono style, black_pink drape stolclaudia li, maxi tube dress, scarf, wmagclaudia li, kimono style dress, white, wmag 016Claudia-Li-, a 2016 super length sleeve, brown trousers, bow hem, wmagazineClaudia-Li-13, black dress, spaghetti strap, w mag

(images from

Colour Commit: single colour style


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To indulge in coordinating an outfit

solely in a particular colour and its shade variants,

wearing little if any other hue

in a head – to – toe single colour bias

is to ‘colour commit’.

Monochrome-wear is a visual treat:

an exploration of a single colour

and its light / dark tonal qualities.

For added sensory depth and textural impact,

fabric mix a colour commit dress statement.

Ready.  Set.   Colour Commit:

Choose a single colour for a single outfit.

Wear it in mix fabrication (leather, wool, cotton, silk, etc.)

Stick to it from h to t (head to toe) all in one go!


Styled:  colour commit


All in grey:  ‘groutfit’

with graphic detail

colour commit, men, grey_graphic, thetrendspotter, Street-Style-Milan-Autumn-Winter-2016

(photo from the trendspotter)

modern three-piece suiting

men, colour commit, grey

(image from fashionising)

Red said

olour commit, lady, red trouser suit, photo by diego zuko

(photo by Diego Zuko)

color commit, red, men, thousand yard style

(photo from thousand yard style)

colour commit, ladies, red brick, hair, lips, coat, wmagazine,  Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-

(photo by Adam Katz Sinding)

colour commit, burgundy, lady, trouser suit_ shoes, diego zuko

(photo by Diego Zuko)

Reds and Pinks Link

colour commit, pinks, reds, ladies, w mag Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Paris-Mens-Fashion-Week-Fall-Winter-2016-2017

colour commit, ladies, pinks_reds, w magazine AKS

(photos by Adam Katz Sinding)

Browns:  chocolate / mustard

colour commit, mustard brown, browns, men,

(photo from the trendspotter)

In a ‘blue’ mood

colour commit, lady, blue.patterns, diego zuko

colour commit, lady, blue, diego zuko

Taupe is “dope” –

that’s a good thing!

men, colour commit, taupe

(image from fashionising)

Wearing whites for all seasons

colour commit, men, winter whites, w magazine Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding

(photo by Adam Katz Sinding)

color commit, men, white shirt_trouser, blush pink blazer, thousandyardstyle

(photo from thousand yard style)

A green scene

fabrication mix:  cotton, wool, leather


colour commit, lady, green, diego zuko

Accessorize Me! : from ear to ear


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French jewellery designer

Sophia Hansjacob

is an up and coming artist

who has created a range of ear-rings,

worn from ear to ear with necklace between

in hinged suspension.


Jewellery designer, Sophia Hansjacob

models one of her ear-to-ear creations

 jewellery designer, sophia hansjacob

(image from

Handcrafted in Paris, under her label COSH-

Ms. Hansjacob

has made daring, singular pieces with an agender attitude.

ear rings, collier d'oreilles, 20151217-COSH

(image from

The pieces are made in gold, rose gold and silver

Connected from ear-to-ear


Jewellery design from COSH

by Sophia Hansjacob

double strand chain with

diamond shape pendant

earrings, from ear to ear, from cosh, njal the_collier_doreilles_intimite_08_earrings_notjustalabel_1237099339

a chain of 15 delicate rows

earrings, from ear to ear, collier d'oreilles earring, njal the_collier_doreilles

ear cuffs with necklace of  ornate construction

earrings, from ear to ear, collier d'oreilles earring, njal the_collier_doreilles

(images from


On closer inspection

multi-strand piece in rose gold

ear rings, collier d'orielle,

(image from

ear cuff piece in gold

of intricate detail

earrings, ear cuff piece, collier d'oreilles,

(image from

single chain in silver

ear rings, njal, single strand, the_collier_doreilles_intimite_01_earrings_notjustalabel_1108497068

(image from

An OOTD (outfit of the day) shoutout: all seen in olive green


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A head to toe, ‘right-tight’ styled ensemble-

in shades of olive green:

overcoat with silver-grey faux fur collar

trousers with red side piping and arched hem trimmed in mustard-yellow



injection added colour dimension-

mustard-yellow jacket and dark wash denim shirt



accessorised with thought-

mustard-brown frame sunnies

black clutch with red star applique

hunter-green lace up shoes





Soft greens on the fashion scene

men, olive green and hint of mustard ensemble, fashionising

(image from fashionising)

“You’re a shining star!” : musical interlude in tribute to Maurice White


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Singer, producer, song-writer, performer extraordinaire

Maurice White

has passed after succumbing to the effects of Parkinson Disease.



Mr. White was a founding member of the celebrated R & B band

Earth, White and Fire.



Maurice White (centre)

performs with fellow bandmates

earth wind and fire, usamagazine

Established in 1969, the group would sky-rocket to international stardom

amassing number one hits and music awards along the way.

The band’s horn section is legendary;

their stage performance electric.



In Memorium

Maurice White (1941 – 2016)

maurice white, earth wind fire, artistdirectcom

Earth, Wind and Fire performs

Shining Star





(images from and

Bonnie and Clyde style-defined: ladies trouser suiting by design label Baartmans and Siegal


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The 1930s

in the U. S. A.  :

the  decade of severe economic depression

which eclipsed the lives of all


the decade which the Star Spangled Banner

was approved as the national anthem and seemed

almost hymn to unite a nation


the decade during which Franklin Delano Roosevelt

won two of his history-making four terms as

President of the United States



the decade in which Jesse Owens

a Black American Olympiad

won four gold medals at the 1936 Summer Olympic Games, Berlin-

attended by Adolph Hitler, German Führer and head of the Nazi party



the decade during which Bonnie Parker

and her co-hort in crime, Clyde Champion Barrow

committed interstate crimes of burglary, kidnapping, murder.

Wanted, hunted and later killed by FBI agents (1934)-

the two were the stuff of which tales are told for generations.

Bonnie and Clyde

involved in a notorious crime spree

manhunted by FBI agents

eluded capture for two years

bonnieclyde, c

(photo from

For autumn 2016,

fashion label Baartmans and Siegel

founded by design duo, Wouter and Amber

(graduates from London College of Fashion, 2010) –

showcased a collection which included ladies trouser suiting

with a definite ’30s Bonnie and Clyde-esque “wanted” by the

FBI (fashion briefed individual) edge!

It’s a style combination of

Bonnie’s fearless attitude and

Clyde’s tailored suits.

‘Catch Me if You Can’

Andro-chic style:  ladies trouser suiting


Baartmans and Siegal for  a / w  2016


trouser suiting, ladies, baartmans and siegel, a16, vogue ukbaa_lb_fw16_009_426x639 trouser suiting, ladies, baartmans and siegel, a16, vogue uk baa_lb_fw16_005_426x639

trouser suiting, ladies, baartmans and siegel, a16, vogue uk baa_lb_fw16_008_426x639


(images from vogue uk)

A fashion collaboration: design label Rodarte partners with high street store, & Other Stories


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Sibling design duo Kate and Laura Mulleavy

the creative force of fashion label


has collaborated with high street shop

& Other Stories

on a Spring 2016 capsule collection, available in store from March 2016.



Sister Act

designers, Kate and Laura Mulleavy

rodarte, portrait, sisters,

(image from



Known for their feminine, fantastical, forward design aesthetics,

the Mulleavy sisters create clothing of whimsy

not necessarily for the faint of heart.

Their work with & Other Stories produced clothing which stays true

to the Rodarte brand,

yet offers options of versatility in wearability and fabrication.

Staying within the current retro resurgence

(evident in the Rodarte s / s  ’16 runway offering)-

there is a definite ’70s vibe to the collab collection:

shine / sparkle:  cue the lurex and sequins

inviting /  tactile:  feel the faux fur, velvet and silk

The Rodarte brand has amassed an A-list celebrity clientele.

Now due to teaming with & Other Stories

(part of the family of stores under the H & M umbrella)

their clothing will reach a wider audience of fashion statement makers.

The sister’s Spring collection 2016

which walked the runway during New York Fashion Week,

gives hint of the flavour expected of the high-street

partnership with & Other Stories.

To whet the fashion appetite:

Rodarte, s / s  2016

On runway

And scene:  That ’70s show:


rodarte-spring-summer-2016, fashioni sing rodarte-spring-summer-2016-, fashion i sing, nyfw9 rodarte-spring-summer, fashionising -2016-nyfw15

(images from fashionising)

Spring style options are looking brighter!

Rodarte  X  & Other Stories

expected in store March 2016

at & Other Stories locations

‘Where the buffalo roam’: men’s full-on faux fur coats, from Dolce & Gabbana for a/w 2016


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Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

the design duo of the eponymous label Dolce & Gabbana (D & G)

are known for their distinctive design directive:




inevitably ornate


often quirky


sometimes inspired by historical/cultural references


stunning fabrication





never subdued, or one-dimensional

a bit of the wild, weird and delightfully wonderful.



For their a/w  2016 menswear collection, D & G presented overcoats

with more than a hint of  ‘Grizzly Adams’ fashion flair:

super-size oversized and faux fur overflow

for much tactile comfort and necessary warmth against

the winter chill.






Leg-wear notes:

close-fit knit trousers and faux fur full ‘Buffalo’ trousers 





Dolce and Gabbana

Menswear Collection,    a/w 2016

dolce & gabbana, men f 2016, buffalo coats, dolce & gabbana, men f 2016, buffalo coats, dolce & gabbana, men f 2016, buffalo coats,

‘Buffalo’  faux fur  trousers

dolce & gabbana, men f 2016, buffalo coats,

Close-fit knit trousers

dolce & gabbana, men f 2016, buffalo coats,


dolce & gabbana, men f 2016, buffalo coats,

(images from and vogue uk)

OOTD (outfit of the day) shoutout: urban foundation on country ‘footing’


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Clothing:  Urban Foundation

AiB  (All in Black)

overcoat with asymmetric closure

leather leggings

agender aesthetics



Accessory:  Country ‘Footing’

red Li’l Abner ankle boots



An OOTD (outfit of the day) shoutout:


shoes, little abner in red, before sunrise

(image from before sunrise)

Favlook-Lookfav Focus: Gents attired on-point


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Whether in casual wear:

hoodies, leather jackets, bombers, tees, shirts untucked,

jeans, knit caps, berets, wide rim feathered hats



or sharp suited in:

elegant three pieces, traditionally knotted ties,

pocket kerchiefs, wide band fedoras-



some gents make the point of being ‘on-point’

fashion fabulous, style statement makers

and seeming effortlessly so!


Favlook – Lookfav Focus


Gents, on- point

The Cool Casuals

asual wear, men, before sunrise

The Smart Suits

men in suits, beforesunrise,

(photos from before sunrise)


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