Favlook – Lookfav Focus: slip into pointed toe sliders


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As the weather heats up

summertime shoe fashion options abound.

Consider adding a pair of pointed toe sliders –

(aka:   pointed toe, flat mules)

to your footwear collection.


Favlook – Lookfav Focus

Pointed toe sliders



(image from whowhatwear):


shoes, ladies, pointed toe flat sliders

Snakeskin pattern

(image from asos)

pointed toe flat mules, grip tread

Champagne hued leather shoe

white grip treads

from Whistles

(image from houseoffraser):

pointed toe flat sliders, b/w  animal print

B/W (black/white) animal print, gold metallic detail at heel

from Aldo

Musical interlude: Eric Clapton performs ‘I shot the Sheriff’ (2010)


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An all time favourite-


I shot the Sheriff

The song was written and orginally recorded in 1973

by famed Reggae artist Bob Marley.

Eric Clapton recorded his cover version in 1974.

It was the most successful rendition of the song-

and in 2003 was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Eric Clapton performs

I shot the Sheriff   (2010)

An evening with Eric Clapton





a warm spring day in London Town

bright sunshine

blue, cloudless sky

pleasant, calm breeze.




in celebration of his 70th birthday

British musican,  Eric Clapton

guitarist extraordinaire, distinct vocalist, prolific songwriter

returns to the Royal Albert Hall, London

and performs many of his chart topping tunes

to a sell out crowd.


On stage at the Royal Albert Hall, London

Eric Clapton



(photos by meappropriatestyle)


A powerful performance by the incomparable Eric Clapton.

A day in London Town, finished as it started –


(image from uncut.co.uk):

Eric Clapton, portrait,

Eric Clapton is a master of his art:

a rock and blues singer/songwriter

recognised as one of the greatest guitarist of all time

inspired by the great B. B. King

recipient of 18 Grammy Awards

awarded a CBE (Commander of the British Empire) for his contribution to music

a legend, who at 70 years young, can still electrify an audience.




Mark your diary ! for summertime viewing : ‘Joshua Reynolds, Experiments in Paint’- an exhibition at The Wallace Collection, London


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Recognised as the leading British portraitist of the 18th century

Joshua Reynolds (1723 – 1792)

was acclaimed during his lifetime for an innovative approach to painting

the famed and famous of British society.

His inventive techniques of paint composition/application

as well as an exceptional ability to capture aspects

of the sitters personality/character

assured the rendering of distinct and beautiful portraits.


He was the first president of the Royal Academy of Arts (established in 1768)

and was greatly influenced by study of works of the Italian Renaissance

as well as paintings attributed to masters such as

Rembrandt, Rubens and Van Dyck.

The Wallace Collection, London

is currently showcasing portraits by Joshua Reynolds in its exhibition-

Joshua Reynolds, Experiments in Paint.

Displayed in an intimate two-room setting,

the paintings are representative of Reynolds’ genius

and painstaking attention to exacting details.

Upon completing a portrait,

he was known to change elements of the sitter’s costume

to reflect the fashion which was most au courant.

This exhibition on the works of Joshua Reynolds is multi-informational:

a study of his artistry

an insight into the lifestyles of the glitterati of the time

a glimpse at contemporaneous fashion

(images from wsimag.com):

joshua reynolds, elizabeth seymour-conway, wallace collection

Lady Elizabeth Seymour-Conway, 1781 – 1784

Reynolds updated the hairstyle to that

which was en vogue at time of finishing the painting

The Seymour-Conway family were the founders

of the Wallace Collection

Frances, Countess of Lincoln by Joshua Reynolds, wallace Collection 1783 -84

Frances, Countess of Lincoln,  1783 – 1784

Sister of Lady Elizabeth Seymour-Conway

posed a ‘penseroso’

as in deep thought, with chin resting in hand

(image from nationalfundingscheme):

Mrs. Susanna Hoare and child by joshua reynolds, wallace collection

Mrs. Susanna Hoare and Child

The painting depicts an imagery of

Madonna and Child, reminiscent of Renaissance works

(image by wsimag.com):

Nelly O Brien by Joshua Reynolds 1762-64, wallace collection

Miss Nelly O’Brien,  1762 -1764

Mary Nesbitt, 1781 by joshua reynolds

Mrs. Mary Nesbitt, 1781

Socialite and courtesan

(image from the wallacecollection):

mary robinson by joshua reynolds

Mrs. Mary Robinson

Actress, writer, poet

early mistress of George IV while he was still Prince of Wales

Joshua Reynolds, Experiments in Paint

at the Wallace Collection, London

until 7 June 2015

For additional details, visit:


Musical interlude: B. B. King sings the blues : ‘Three O’Clock Blues’ and ‘Baby, You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now’


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B. B. King (1925 – 2015)

BB king, b/w portrait

musical storyteller, sings the blues:



Three O’Clock Blues

his first commercial hit (1950).



Baby, You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now (1961)

(image from alabamatheatre.com)

The ‘King’ is dead. Long live his music. Famed blues singer , incomparable guitarist Riley B. King (B. B. King) dies at age 89


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Born in Mississippi in 1925 to farm labourers,

Riley B. King began performing in the 1940s.

A guitar virtuoso and eolquent singer,

his style was an offering of stirring, soulful blues, which joined

voice and instrument in an emotive, musical language.

Considered one of the greatest guitarist of all time,

B. B. King was an innovator-

blending characteristics of blues and jazz

to create a unique, deep,  lyrical tone.

His guitar was his musical partner.

His was a semi-acoustic Gibson ES- 355 electric guitar,

which he endearingly called “Lucille”.

His first commerical hit

Three O’Clock Blues (1952)

topped the R & B charts for an incredible 15 weeks.

This achievement established the trend of his success

and influence in a career which spanned over 65 years.

Ever the musical risk-taking adventurer

B.B. King collaborated with younger talents in the rock -n- roll genre such as

English musician singer/songwriter and guitarist, Eric Clapton

and Irish rock band U2.

Starting in the 1980s, these partnerships help to introduce B. B. King

to a new generation of appreciative audiences.

For his contributions to the music industry,

he was inducted into the Blues Foundation as well as the

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Playing and making music was his life love.

As recent as 2009, he received his 15th Grammy Award for his album

One Kind Favor.

B. B. King was always quick to credit those muscians who came before

and whose genuis inspired his own.

He will be remembered in the annlas of history

as the man who singularly defined the blues-

an amazing accomplishment for an amazing, yet modest man.

B. B. King

16 September 1925   –  14 May 2015

BB King, portrait

(image from showbiz411)

A message for positive anticipation: ‘There is another sky’ a poem by Emily Dickinson


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There is another sky

by Emily Dickinson (1830 – 1886)

(image from gardeninggonewild):

sunlight garden,

There is another sky,
Ever serene and fair,
And there is another sunshine,
Though it be darkness there;
Never mind faded forests, Austin,
Never mind silent fields –
Here is a little forest,
Whose leaf is ever green;
Here is a brighter garden,
Where not a frost has been;
In its unfading flowers
I hear the bright bee hum:
Prithee, my brother,
Into my garden come!

A poem whose meaning is open to some interpretation-

There is another sky by Emily Dickinson

has an effortless quality of expression

evoking imagery of nature’s beauty in a garden scene.

Though simple, the poem sparks an element of quiet mystery.

At a glance,  it seems an address

that the poet directs to her brother William Austin Dickinson

known as Austin.

The poem seems to serve a purpose

of comforting him

in the wake of some unfortunate occurence;

of advising him

to consider a perspective of positive outlook;

of reminding him

that as a loving sister, she can offer solace in his time of need.

The cause of the unrest unknown; yet this little matters.

It is the effect which is of importance.

Though it may well be a poem with Austin as specific audience,

the poem resonates with the wider, general readership.

Its message seems to be one

of looking to the future

for new beginnings / opportunities and

of leaving to the past

memories of disappointments /  heartaches.

On trend! : moda española para primavera / verano 2015 (Spanish fashion, s / s ’15)


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For spring / summer 2015, Spanish labels-

Sefra and Aldomartins

offer differences of dress style and fashion attitude choices:

minimalist versus colour graphics.


Both design options are meticulously constructed.

Both design options are modern and on trend.

The decision is yours!

Yet, why chooose?   Go for both looks.

It all depends on your fashion sway on any given day.





(images from vogue.es):




from Sefra

by Sefra retail chain

clean lines, subdued hues, understated elegance

footwear fashion:  gladiator sandals


sfera, s 15, vogue.es_primavera_verano_2015_839923024_1200x sfera, s14. vogue.es _primavera_verano_2015_56661011_1200x sfera, s15, vogue, textural _primavera_verano_2015_789872239_1200x

sfera, vogue.es, s15_primavera_verano_2015_445339580_1200x

sfera, s15, vogue.es, shift dress_primavera_verano_2015_677594392_1200x sfera, s15, vogue.es, white dress, black details_primavera_verano_2015_203328903_1200x


Colour graphics

from Aldomartins (label)

by Nuria Bisbal (designer/artistic director)

floral inspired prints, colour coded, fun patterns, sport lux vibe

footwear fashion:  trainers


aldomartins, s15,  vogue_primavera_de_verano_2015__351961301_800x aldomartins, s15, vogue.es, _primavera_de_verano_2015__737963889_800x aldomartins, s15, vogue.es_primavera_de_verano_2015__360551350_800x aldomartins, s15, vogue.es, _primavera_de_verano_2015__999661233_800x aldomartins, s15, vogue.es_primavera_de_verano_2015__847635837_800x aldomartins, s15, vogue.es,_primavera_de_verano_2015__917574227_800x


Musical interlude: ‘Express Yourself ‘, 2012 cover by Labrinth (“whatever you do, do it good”)


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The music composition and lyrics to the song

Express Yourself

was originally written by Charles W. Wright (b. 1940) –

a multi-talented musician:  pianist, guitarist, singer, songwriter

and leader of the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band.

Formed in the early 1960s, the eight member band from Watts, Los Angeles

started out performing in small local clubs

would later tour and collaborate with noted musicians of the era.

Theirs was up beat soul, R and B, funk style

illustrative of the ’70s, the height of their fame.

Express Yourself (1971)

was their most popular song.

Over the years, it has been covered by other artists.

In 2012, English song writer and musician

Timothy Mckenzie, aka Labrinth

recorded his lyrics variation and instrumental version

of Express Yourself on his debut album Electronic Earth.

(image from capital fm):

express yourself, album cover, labrinth-electronic-earth, capitalfm-album-artwork

Released as the fourth single from the album

Labrinth’s lyrics rendition

further articulates the original sentiment

as put forth in the song’s title-

of staying true to self for:

“… being myself is something I do well.”

It is the interpretive changes in the instrumental feature

which gives Labrinth’s piece its modern edge and

it’s readily recognisable sound.

It’s now Spring, the season referenced for

fresh beginnings

renewed energy and creativity

a time to –

express yourself and do it well!

Express Yourself

studio video

by Labrinth

(lyrics from metrolyrics.com)

Express Yourself

by Labrinth

(original by Charles William Wright)

I say the same thing twice, I’m awkward when I speak
Ain’t got the perfect smile, don’t turn heads on my street
Trying to be a superstar like everybody else
But being myself is something I do well
Whatever you do,
Do it good
Whatever you do do do lord lord lord
do it good (yeah)
Express yourself
Express yourself
(oh do it)
See it’s not what you look like when you doin’ what you doin’,
Express yourself
(oh do it, here we go now)
I don’t make the papers, I’m far from JLS (JLS)
Ain’t got the X-factor, I’m not what they expect (listen)
But it won’t be long before my turn is next, to express
now with all due respect
See whatever I do,
I do it good
So whatever you do do do lord lord lord
do it good (yeah)
Express yourself
Express yourself
(oh do it)
See it’s not what you look like when you doin’ what you doin’,
Express yourself
(oh do it)
(switch it up for me)
Lose my shirt and tie
There ain’t nothing too high,
Show them what you’ve got (wooooooooow)
There’s nothing wrong with perfect, perfect
Now it’s your time to shine
Express yourself
(click your fingers now)
Express yourself
(come on) (oh do it)
See it’s not what you look like when you doin’ what you doin’,
Express yourself
Express yourself
Express yourself
See it’s not what you look like when you doin’ what you doin’,
Express yourself
come on now (x6)
come on now (x6)
(fades out)

Favlook – Lookfav Focus: Gents, get prints fit and ‘colour-clothed’ ready for Spring!


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Sunshine bright.

Weather warmth.

Nature in bloom.

It’s Spring time!

Set your ‘wardrobe watch’ to prints and colour mode.

It’s time for a Spring style cue:

Go on,  express yourself!

(images from style.com):

Favlook – Lookfav Focus

Prints fit and ‘colour-clothed’

menswear , Spring ’15

by designer,  Kean Etro

for Etro

Joggers on colour point

(t) sweatshirt/joggers in shades of turquoise and deep pink trench

 (b) mustard yellow bottoms and teal green ribbed polo

ETRo, men , s 15, pink: turquiose_0448.1366x2048

ETRo, men, s15, mustard joggers, green polo_0383.1366x2048

by Yusuke Takahashi

for Issey Miyake

(t) tie dye ombre affect in hues of red, orange, pink

(b) colour wild psychedelic print

spring colours, men, issey miyake, tye dye ombrespring colours, men, 15, issey miyake, psychedelic print

by design duo, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim 

for Kenzo

Melon hues: cantaloupe orange top and galia green trousers

 cross-over strap plimsolls in turquoise blue

 spring colours, men, 15, melon- orange/green colours. Kenzo

by designer, Siki Im

(t)  silvery brown, striped oversized trousers

khaki brown sleeve-less jacket with zipper details

with an under hint of tie dye strawberry swirls 

(b) tie dye pink explosion tee and oversized pink trousers

spring colours, men, 15, siki im tie dye, oversizing,_LKV7893 spring colours, men, 15, tie dye, shirt siki im _LKV8048

by designer, Daiki Suzuki  

for Engineered Garments

Mixed prints combo:  over load on florals, stripes and paisley

spring colours, men 15, Engineered_Garments_001_1366.1366x2048 spring colours, men 15, Engineered_Garments_005_1366.1366x2048 spring colours, men 15, Engineered_Garments_009_1366.1366x2048


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