Favlook – LookfavFocus: silver metallics


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Favlook – Lookfav Focus

High gloss or matt finish

make a shimmer and shine style injection

with silver metallic fashion pieces.

(image from aliexpress.com):

silver metallics, shoes, acne studios

High shine footwear

from Acne Studios

(from stylehive.com):

silver metallic knee high boots, juicy couture

Space Age

knee high boots with full-length back zipper detail

from Juicy Couture

(image from lyst.com):

silver metallics, converse high tops

High top trainers

from Converse

(image from whowhatwear):

silver metallic heels,

Mirror image

high heeled loafers with tassels

(image from stylist.co.uk):

silver metallic, ankle boot

Ankle boot with textured finish

(images from whowhatwear):

silver metallic bag, mansur gavriel, opening ceremony

Backpack with drawstring closure

from design duo, Mansur Gavriel for Opening Ceremony

silver metallic bucket bag, mansur gavriel for opening ceremony

Bucket bag

from design duo, Mansur Gavriel for Opening Ceremony

(images from asos.com):

silver metallic dress, gemma goldstone

silver metallic dress back, gemma goldstone

Choker collar dress

by designer Gemma Goldstone

silver metallic skirt set by YAS

Skirt set

loose fit tee and skirt with side ruching

from Y.A.S

(image from shopjessicaburman.com):

silver nail varnish

Nail artistry

metallic foil stick-ons

(image from lyst.com):

silver trench, gareth pugh

Liquid mercury

Wrap trench with shawl collar

by designer Garth Pugh

(image from the urbanspotter):

leather jacket with silver details

Moto wear

Leather jacket with quilt detail to sleeves

and silver metallic panel detail

‘Tache’ fashion and the Victorians


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As the month of ‘Movember’ draws to a close-

with its emphasis on men’s health concerns

and the moustache as rallying symbol-

the question of isolating when the moustache became

facial hair fashion begs an answer.


A whisk down whisker way


Dating back to classical antiquity of Greco-Roman times,

men sported facial hair.

For the Greeks, facial hair was a symbol of

masculinity, virility, strength, manhood.

A clean shaven face was considered an indication

of effeminacy and weakness.

The militaristic Spartans marked cowards

by shaving off a part of their beards.

(image from listverse.com):

moustache, full beard, greek, hippocrataes

Famed Greek physician (Classical Athens), Hippocrates

featured with full facial hair

Yet, seemingly in an effort to distinguish themselves

from the Greeks, the Romans favoured a clean-shaven look:

noble, fearless and facial hairless seemed more the Roman norm.


(image from biography.com):

moustache, clean shaven, roman, ceasar

Roman emperor, Julius Ceasar

The Romans regarded facial hair

as a sign of slovenliness

The debate on points for or against the fashion of men’s facial hair

has been contested through millennia.

Leonardo da Vinci, the esteemed Renaissance polymath

also weighed in, voicing an opinion in defense of facial hair.

He once stated, “Hair is essential to a face as a frame is to a picture.”

Indeed, as is evident from his many self portraits,

da Vinci proudly sported an abundance of hair,

which more than simply outlined his face.

(image from bbc.com):

moustache/beards, da vinci

Consummate thinker and doer

Renaissance man, Facial hair enthusiast

Leonardo da Vinci


Yet, although Western civilization of Greco-Roman culture,

was divided on the facial hair issue,

there is evidence that an ancient Eastern culture demonstrated

a moustache – only appreciation.

There is an image of a Saka horseman from the Pazyryk

culture of ancient Iran, which shows a mustachioed warrior-horseman.

The depiction dates back to 300 BC.

However, it will be a considerable length of time

before the moustache comes into its full glory.


The Victorians: Innovators of great and small

The Victorian era spans the reign of the

British monarch, Queen Victoria, 1837 – 1901.

During this period, Britain was the world superpower nation.

To this day, we remain indebted to the Victorian Achievement,

which chronicles an impressive list of firsts:

advancements in engineering, communication, steamship and rail travel.

Yet, one area of accomplishment is often overlooked-

the establishing of the moustache as facial fashion feature.



Victorian  Era tache types

(image from estsy.com):

moustache, victorian, etsy.com il_340x270.553011263_8x1u

A Victorian gent sporting a walrus moustache

During the Victorian period, the moustache became a

well-placed fashion accessory.

An unadorned upper lip was simply unacceptable.

Some men went to great lengths to ensure that their moustaches

kept its shape, even using wooden frames at night

to secure the desired result.

(image from liverpoolmuseums.org.uk):

moustache, victorian, liverpoolmuseums.org,uk dmorr4-mylechreest-pilot

Moustache wax was used to sculpt and

to keep every hair in place

moustache, victorian, the famouspeople.com sir-arthur-conan-doyle-1

Writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

(image from top10films.co.uk):

moustache, victorian, edward-elgar, composer top10films.co.uk_moustache_movember_top10films

Composer, Edward Elgar

a bushy trim

(image from todaysengineer.org):

moustache, victorian, Alexander Graham bell 1876 , todyasengineer.org AGB1

Alexander Graham Bell

inventor of the telephone

(image from arthurlloyd.co.uk):

moustache, victorian, JamesFernandez, actor, arthurlloyd.co.uk 1883

Actor, James Fernandez

Victorian men took great pride in coiffing their moustache,

to create distinct style structures.

(image from paradoxplaza.com):

moustache, victorian, silvestro marconi, italian politican paradoxplaza.com 132836988.nOsXialL

Italian politician, Silvestro Marconi

well turned out, then up: a handlebar moustache

(image from victorianfanguide.tumblr.com):

moustache, victorian, victorianfanguide.tumblr.com 5954818612_80aba00279

M & M:  moustache and mutton chop whiskers

(image from express.co.uk):

moustache, victorian, george clarke, met police police inspector, express.co.uk277971_1

Metropolitan police inspector, George Clarke

a neatly done lampshade moustache

(image from cnn.com):

moustache, victorian, peter jackson, boxer, cnn41001155408-peter-jackson-black-chronicles-vertical-gallery

Boxer,  Peter Jackson

wears a pencil tache

(image from victorianweb.org):

moustache, victorian, Sir john tenniel, illustrator alice in wonderland, vicotrianweb.org

Sir John Tenniel

Illustrator, Alice in Wonderland

upper lip covered


Like all fashion trends, the moustache eventually fell out of popular favour.

By the late 1880s, early 1890s the cult of the clean-shaven face

began its resurgence.

Yet as during the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans,

men’s facial hair fashion continues to be influenced by several factors.

The ultimate determinant is a matter of personal taste:

which is far from a “hairy” situation.


Is all as it seems? : ‘A Dream Within A Dream’, a poem by Edgar Allan Poe


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The dream hypothesis has been pondered by great thinkers

from ancient philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle

to the Enlightenment mind,  Rene Descartes.

It poses an existential query on whether the senses can be wholly

relied upon to distinguish what is true and therefore assuredly to navigate life.

Yet, within this framework of  thought,

life is more a characterization of an illusion:

fleeting, momentary, almost dream – like.

Are life experiences a layering of illusions, a composite of

“dream(s) within a dream?”

In his acclaimed short poem, A Dream Within A Dream,

Edgar Allan Poe seems to consider such abstract notions.




A Dream Within A Dream

by Edgar Allan Poe

Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow-
You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand-
How few! yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep- while I weep!
O God! can I not grasp
Them with a tighter clasp?
O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?

by Edgar Allan Poe


(image from nytimes.com):

edgar allan poe, portrait

 Edgar Allan Poe, 1809 –  1849


DVF: knowing the woman you want to be


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I recently had the pleasure of attending

a talk with designer Diane von Furstenberg in which she discussed

her remarkable career in conversation with Claudia Croft,

style editor of the Sunday Times (London).

The event was held at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.


(photos by meappropriatestyle.com):

V and A event, DVF

Designer Diane von Furstenberg (r)

in conversation with journalist Claudia Croft (l)

V and A, DVF event

An impressive turn out

V and A, DVF event

Ms. von Furstenberg (seated)


This year marks the 40th anniversary of the iconic wrap dress-

the garment created by Ms. von Furstenberg

which is a universal:  for every shape, for every size, for every woman.


(images from dvf.com):

 wrap dress, green print, dvf.com canvas

jersey wrap dress

green / white graphic print

wrap dress, trousers, dvf,dvf.com  canvas

wrap dress / trouser combo

Speaking at length, candidly and in detail, Ms. von Furstenberg

discussed a key individual who and a key determinant which

were of profound life influence:

1.  her mother,  a Holocaust-Auschwitz concentration camp survivor

who instilled in her daughter the steely power of fortitude and

2.  her set decision to be a self-sufficient woman

After her first marriage at 18 to German Prince Egon of Furstenberg,

she was styled Her Serene Highness Princess Diane of Furstenberg

Yet, she was never content to simply marry her prince and

live in golden bliss, happily ever after.

She studied, worked,  trained and eventually created a wardrobe masterpiece.

DVF, wrap dress, purple

jersey wrap dress

solid colour, solid statement

The immediate success in 1974, of her jersey wrap dress

and its lasting impact has established Ms. von Furstenberg

as one of fashion’s design greats.

Today, she oversees a thriving business concern.

Presently, Forbes magazine ranks Ms. von Furstenberg

as the 68th most powerful woman in the world.

She is also involved with several philanthropic projects.


At the conclusion of her conversation with journalist Claudia Croft,

Ms. von Furstenberg graciously answered queries.

I was struck by the focus of the questions posed and comments made.

All wanted to know more about how to become

a ‘Diane-type empowered woman’.

Ms. von Furstenberg’s design legacy is the wrap dress- for all women.

Her legacy of indelible spirit is also for all women.

It can be summed up in a statement

which she reiterated throughout the talk:

“I did not know what I wanted to do,

but I KNEW the woman I wanted to be.”


(image from dailymail.com):

DVF, thumbs up

DVF:  two thumbs up!

End of runway show, s/s  2014

It appears that Ms. von Furstenberg achieved all she intended.


Power to the moustache: it’s the month of ‘Movember’





Wearing a moustache:  much more than a sartorial statement


‘Movember’ is a portmanteau word,

a blending of the words moustache and November.

It is the name created by the Movember Foundation,

an internationally recognised organisation

whose aim is to raise awareness of men’s health issues-

particularly that of prostrate and testicular cancers,

as well as mental health concerns.

November is a key public awareness period on

the Foundation’s calender


Moustache + November =  Movember



The Movember Foundation sprouted in Melbourne Australia, 2003.

It began as a wisp of discussion between two fashion-loving friends;

then initially grew to a group of about thirty.

Today the Foundation has expanded worldwide to over 4 million members-

the “Mo Brothers and Mo Sisters”.


(image from elsenglish.com):

movember poster

Through various fundraising events, the Foundation finances

research, treatment and educational programmes.

In 2013, the Movember Foundation, U.K. singularly raised £20.4 million.

The month of November, re-styled ‘Movember’ is a key period

for the Foundation’s fund-raising  and public awareness efforts.

For more details on The Movember Foundation visit:


Boot fashion: taking it to the streets


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As an accessory, footwear is key to solidify a style intent

in creating a signature look.

The current boot fashion options offer

a wide range of possibilities for autumn dress.

What is your boot fashion selection(s) for Fall ’14?

Consider a few choices, which were noted -

Out and about

(photos from the urbanspotter):

boots, shoe boot animal print motif

Shoe boot with animal appeal

boots, street, ankle, stiletto heels, urbanspotter ParisSS15Day4-2640

The business:  pointed toe , stiletto heels

boots. thigh high

At the knee cap

(photos by Yu Yang):

boots, street style, ankle, peep toe, zipper detail

Peep toe

boots, street, burgundy, buckle, snake, yu yuang tumblr_ncs6dheFrr1sszpmyo1_1280

Monk shoe inspired

 flat heel, single buckle ankle bootie in ox-blood red

(images from whowhatwear):

boots, street, red, ankle

Colour injection:  red ankle boot, pointed toe

boots, street, over knee, reptile


boots, street, fringe, suede

 A little bit country:  3 – tiered fringe

boots, street, moto

Moto boots

boots, street, cut outs

‘Cut it out’

boots, street, shoe boot

A class act

boots, street, thigh high stiletto

Thigh high stiletto

boots, over the knee, black, suede

Chunky heel, over the knee, black suede

Boot fashion and a music blast from the past: Nancy Sinatra sings, These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ (1966)


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American singer/actress Nancy Sinatra

is the only daughter of the late crooner, Frank Sinatra.


(image from motleynews.net):

nancy and frank sinatra

Nancy Sinatra and her father Frank Sinatra

She is widely known for her 1966 recording hit,

These Boots Are Made for Walkin’

(image from youtube.com):

Long before the advent of  iTunes …

"These Boots are Made for Walkin' 45 play

… There was vinyl

These Boots Are Made for Walkin’

7 inch, 45 rpm (revolutions per minute)

SP (single play) vinyl record

Bust out a ’60s move in your favourite pair of Fall ’14  fashion boots.

The Jerk  (popular dance step)  or The Twist will do!


‘Boot up’ for autumn / winter ’14


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Ease of shoe transition from summer to fall/winter wear

focuses on the perfect pair (or pairs) of boots.

Whatever the footwear objective:

cozy comfort, utilitarian ready, sassy stepping, modern edge;

Whatever the fashion / style objective:

classic cut, distinctive lace-ups, bad-to-the-bone biker

saddle-up cowboy, riding to-the-hounds, ready for combat;

Whatever the height profile:

ankle, mid-calf, to knee, over knee, thigh-high -

there’s a boot pairing to satisfy any en vogue-set  footwear requirement.

Consider a few possibilities for a/w  2014:

Boot Fashion 2014

Some of these boots are made for walking


(images from style.com):


To the ankle

boots, ankle, leather/fabric

Mixed fabrication:  leather / textile

from Custo Barcelona

boots, exposed toe, ankle

Asymmetric top, peep-toe

from CUT25 by Yigal Azrouel

boots, ankle, fur lined

Faux fur lined, corrugated sole

from Coach

boots, top turned down, ankle

Platform, cork sole, turn-down top

from Coach

boots, ankle, corrugated sole

Black patent leather shoe

white corrugated sole

by Derek Lam

Go West-ern

boots, ankle, suede, cowboy-styled

Brown suede

by Calla Haynes for  Calla

boots, Calla ankle, suede a14 style_017_1366.1366x2048

Black suede with a bit of fringe

by Calla Haynes for Calla

boots, urban cow-girl

Urban cow-girl

black, leather, silver-tip toe

by Dion Lee

boots, modern cow girl white/black sides

‘Home on the range’ of  city streets

white, pointed-toe, black side detail

by Dion Lee

Mid-calf keen

boots, calf

Simplicity:  to go with any look

by Cedric Charlier


boots, alexander wang a14, calf high open back style_ARC0178.1366x2048

Back-less  and movement-full

by Alexander Wang

boots, mid calf, caramel

Caramel -brown, round toe

by Christian Wijnants

boots, calf

Cranberry red, up-turned pointed toe

by Wes Gordon

Fit for Combat / Style Ready

boots, rugged

At attention

from Belstaff


boots, calf, lace up

Favlook – Lookfav Favourite!

Lace ups with definite cool factor

to anchor a skirt/ jacket knitwear outfit

 by Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein

boots, alexander mcqueen a14, over ankle lace up ._ARC0238.1366x2048

Chunky lace-ups

by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

boots, lace up, to knee

Of modern ties

by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

Short and sexy:  shoe boots

shoe boots, animal print

Leather scales, stiletto heels

from Bottega Veneta

boots, shoe boots, platform front lift

Chocolate brown front,  back and front platform lift in cardovan burgundy

by Charlotte Olympia

At Knee – high

boots, knee , animal print

Animal print

from Acne Studios

boots, knee, camel, suede

Camel, suede and just a bit baggy

as part of a vibrant colour story

olive green (dress) and violet blue (gloves)

from Acne Studios

boots, v-cut front, black

Of the avant garde:  V-cut front, ‘Lady Gaga’ sole cue

by Iris van Herpen

The ‘thighs’ have it

boots, thigh high,

Thigh high in black leather

by Guillaume Henry for  Carven

boots, thigh, burgundy red

Deep burgundy red

by Cedric Charlier

Tally – ho!

boots, thigh high riding boots

Thigh high riding boots with brown / black colour contrast

by Alexander Wang

boots, over knee, riding

Saddle up!

MM6, Maison Martin Margiela

(image from debenhams.com):


Easy rider


boots, biker, leather, black

Has what it takes

biker boots:  black, leather, buckles, zips

from Dune

Complete comfort, a hint of the sensual for Fall ’14 : meet designer, Carin Rodebjer


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Designer, Carin Rodebjer creates pieces for

the woman who desires a look of casual comfort

with a element of subtle sensuality.

Her design perspective is involved and considers

a look, a feel, an attitude of being a woman.

She describes her aesthetics as a recognition of

“…how it feels as a woman. There have always been more dimensions to it than the actual look. It’s the feel … it’s holistic in a way.”   (quote from nymag.com)

(image from elle.se):

carin rodebjer, designer, portrait,

designer, Carin Rodebjer


Born in Sweden and now based in New York City,

Ms. Rodebjer launched her line in 1999.

Her collections are pitched to the mid-fashion range:

fabulous clothing at a price point achievable for most customers.



For her a/w  2014 collection,

Ms. Rodebjer remained true to her design objectives:

casual, sexy, comfort.

The outfits were anchored by sneaker fashion wear

which I loved-   Absolutely!




(images from style.com):


Rodebjer,  a/w  2014

The Collection



Rodebjer, a 14, patchwork culottesAAG28892.1366x2048

Culottes:  patchwork perfect

rodebjer, a 14, sheer panel skirt AAG28910.1366x2048

A little peek:  skirt with sheer panel

rodebjer, a 14, knit twin skirt setAAG29032.1366x2048

Knitwear:  jumper / skirt matching set

rodebjer, a14 LBD, style AAG29040.1366x2048

LBD:  with design details

rodebjer, tux inspired, a 14 AAG29197.1366x2048

Lux tux inspiration

rodebjer, a 14 orange ensemble, AAG29085.1366x2048

Seasonal hues:  autumnal orange

rodebjer, a14, textural outfit, AAG29001.1366x2048

 My Favlook – Lookfav outfit from the collection

All in: texture, layering, fabrication, cool elegant vibe

trainers (yes!)

  rodebjer, a14 fur button front gilet with cap sleeves, style AAG28986.1366x2048

Faux fur gilet with cap sleeves and red colour accent

Runway presentation: Jamie Wei Huang, a/w 2014 – an up and coming talent!


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View the runway show

Jamie Wei Huang

autumn / winter 2014



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